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Pennzoil Platinum vs. Mobil 1 (Pros & Cons Of Each)

If you’re a car enthusiast or even someone who likes driving around in cars a lot, then chances are you have been confused about Pennzoil platinum and Mobil 1 motor oils at one point of time or the other. There’s frequent debate about the functioning of both of these oils in the automotive community, and you may not always find it easy to decipher which motor oil will be best suited for your automobile needs.

Motor oil is a specific component of oil that you need to survive in your car. Good motor oil could be the difference between running your car peacefully and running your car with a lot of effort.

Your engine should not be subjected to the engine and motor oil which isn’t worth it. The right kind of motor oil will clean up your engine, improve its functioning, ensure that it remains cool, lubricate the engine and help it consume less fuel.

All of these are great options that they must indulge in. If you feel like you can afford to switch to synthetic oils, you should be doing at the moment. However, you should also bear in mind that you might face many bad choices that you will have to sort through for yourself in the synthetic motor oils department.

Pennzoil and Mobil 1 are two of the most prominent motor oil manufacturers globally. In the article below, we will discuss all the two motor oils and which of the two you should consider opting for the next time you go in for an oil change.

Pennzoil Platinum vs. Mobil 1

Pennzoil Platinum

Pennzoil Platinum is a motor oil that’s a powerful combination of synthetic base oils and other effective motor additives that increase the engine’s performance. We found that there’s no give on the quality that this oil presents. It has stood the test of its quality and can show up in many ways.

The quality it offers is so amazing that the price that the company asks for is relatively normal compared to the rest of the options you have available in the synthetic motor oil market.

Many people who have used Pennzoil platinum motor oil for a long time attest to its performance and how well it can clean its engine.

Engine oil is a component that people want to ensure works in their favor at all times. Pennzoil platinum allows for a more clean engine, improving your fuel economy. It has superiorly active cleaning agents in the motor oil that stand out and transform the motor oil.

Pennzoil Platinum Pros:

  • Better Mileage
  • It makes pistons 40% cleaner
  • It helps in maintaining the horsepower and torque of your engine.
  • Removes impurities from the oil
  • Helps with wear and tear in the engine
  • Quiets engine noise

Pennzoil Platinum Cons:

  • Incorrect disposal can harm the environment

Pennzoil Platinum Features:

Many significant features that will help you decide whether or not your want to invest in a Penzzoil oil are as follows:

  • It helps eliminate sludge from the oil. It gets rid of impurities that may exist due to oil cycling.
  • Filled with superior cleaning agents
  • Protects the engine from damage caused by any friction in the mobile parts.
  • Good for extreme weather situations
  • Enlists good mechanical prowess
  • Can have better gas mileage

Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

Mobil 1 is one of those motor oil companies that has been around for a very long time. The company has spent a lot of time building its image and brand since it’s been around for so long. The Mobil 1 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil is what people have been talking about for a while now.

All the major dealers in the automobile departments ate using this product, including companies like Chevrolet, Mercedes, and Porsche. Mobil 1 has been a leader in its brand, and we can see this in the fact that all these major brands are using it as their factory filling oil.

The oil is good at performing even in conditions of extreme weather. It can prevent dirt and gunk from persisting in the pipes. The oil acts as a cleaning agent for your engine. It ensures that everything is cleaned and well-maintained. It ensures cleanliness by creating a thick layer of lubricant in between the moving part of the engine to ensure that friction doesn’t affect the moving parts as intensely.

Your engine’s lifespan then rises as you find that the wear and tear are no longer as much as you think they would be. Many dealerships worldwide only work with Mobil 1 as it has massive protection against overheating, and the engine is unlikely to go kerplunk. The oil tends to absorb any extra heat that may occur.

Mobil 1 Pros:

  • Can work on extremely high temperatures
  • Not prone to freezing
  • Maintains engine cleanliness
  • Lubricates the engine and reduces friction
  • It helps provide long-lasting protection
  • Fortifies against wear and tear
  • Oil isn’t prone to vaporization
  • It doesn’t have many impurities

Mobil 1 Cons:

  • Cannot work with diesel or aviation engines

Mobil 1 Features

There are many reasons that Mobil 1 Oil tends to stand out compared to the rest of them or a Pennzoil Platinum. The major features are as follows:

  1. Better technology has better long-term and engine car effects.
  2. It comes with better anti-aging technology, which means you don’t have to indulge in frequent oil changes, and less frequent oil breakdowns will occur.
  3. It can help create wear protection so your car can perform well even in horrible temperature conditions.
  4. It restricts the build-up of sludge that may harm your engine and affect its longevity.
  5. Allows for the flow of oil even in extremely cold conditions

Should You Buy Pennzoil Platinum Or Mobil 1

The oil you buy is your choice. If you’re someone who needs a lot of reputation and is interested in years and years of history related to motor oils, then Mobil 1 is the one you should fill your engine with.

It has a massive name and reputation, and all the big brands use it.

If that’s important to you, Mobil 1 is your choice. However, if you want something better on the budget, then you should go for the Pennzoil Platinum, which has many of the features of Mobil 1 but not the higher prices.