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Monroe Roadmatic Vs. Quick Strut (Similarities & Differences)

Shock absorbers are an essential component of a car as they have a significant impact on the car’s functioning. It’s also an important part as it helps maintain the safety of the driver. The roads you’re driving on are never completely flat, so you need shock absorbers that can absorb any bumps and tremors from the uneven roads.

Two of the most common shock absorbers are Monroe Roadmatic and Quick Strut. Both of which we will be discussing today.

The shock absorber is very important to the car because if you don’t have one, sooner or later, the road bumps can significantly damage your vehicle. The article below will discuss the shock absorbers Monroe Roadmatic and Quick Strut.

Monroe Roadmatic

Monroe is a very popular brand in automotive accessories today. It is especially important because of all the details it can impart in a car’s shock absorbers. The brand itself has many years of experience in building shock absorbers, and they pride themselves on producing quality products with great finishes.

The great number of years in production can make you feel secure when using products like the Monroe Roadmatic.

Monroe Roadmatic is a shock absorber connecting the strut and spring. It also has a solid structure, which means it can perform immeasurably well to protect vehicles and highly durable items. If you want something more stable and secure, then the Monroe Roadmatic is the device for you. Otherwise, you may look into other shock absorbers.

The Roadmatic series can provide a top-quality service until it reaches a point of 50,000 to 60,000 miles after which, it will start to wear out.

Quick Strut

The Quick Strut is a similar shock absorber that helps convert kinetic energy into other types of energy to cancel out any forces that can cause harm to the car or vehicle. Monroe not only produces Roadmatics on the regular, but it also produces the Quick Strut, another shock absorber that people tend to use for their vehicles.

The Quick Strut is different than the Roadmatic in many different ways. It is a device that represents the common mechanical shock absorbers with its potent springs and solid struts. It is also extremely cost-efficient, making it a popular option among consumers.

Even at a relatively low cost, however, the Quick Strut’s performance is better than the rest. You can also assemble it with relative ease, so you don’t have to spend too much time worrying about how to install it in your car.

The Quick Strut is a bulkier option than the Roadmatic; however, its weight means it can handle larger shocks.

Similarities Between The Roadmatic & Quick Strut

The Roadmatic and the Quick Strut are similar in many ways. We have mentioned some of the most common similarities below.

1. Assembly

You must be able to assemble and replace parts easily, and for essential parts such as shock absorbers, it’s highly preferable to have an easy replacement solution. Initially, the shock absorbers were difficult to access, and they required a great number of steps to be replaced.

However, that’s no longer a problem anymore. The assembly for both the Roadmatic and Quick Strut is now much easier, as Monroe has made it easy for consumers to replace the shock absorbers.

2. PSI

The PSI informs you how much kinetic energy the shock absorbers can absorb. Both the Roadmatic and the Quick Strut can absorb about 150 PSI to optimize the working of any vehicle. When you combine the shock absorbers with the right kind of vehicles, you will find that the transport performance will also increase just as much.

3. Lack Of Springs

You can use either of these shock absorbers without a spring. This entire ability makes it much easier for the shock absorber to absorb energy and also cuts down on costs.

Differences Similarities Between The Roadmatic & Quick Strut

Conversely, the Roadmatic and Quick Strut also share many differences. We have listed some of the differences below.

1. Dimensions and Weight

We have mentioned this before, but the Roadmatic is generally a softer and lighter coil than the Quick Strut. The Quick Strut easily weighs around 22.5 ounces, whereas the Roadmatic weighs 5.95 ounces. Because of the nature of the mechanical product, the Quick Strut has rings that are much thicker than the Roadmatic.

The thickness and frequency of these rings make them weigh more.

2. Structure

For the Roadmatic, the brand has used air pressure technology to create this product. The technology is why the Roadmatic is as light as it is. It can still give extremely good performance while being lighter than the Quick Strut.

The Quick Strut is more traditional with its design. This fact means that you will find it has a larger size and thicker rings. The thicker rings make it quite heavy and thus able to absorb the shocks as best that it could.

3. Reliability

The Monroe Roadmatic is better in its performance due to the fact that it can perform well in all sorts of conditions. It is wonderful in terms of its durability and can also perform well in high-pressure conditions. Certain studies show that the Roadmatic can maintain a consistent performance up to 50,000-60,000 miles.

After this, it will go down, whereas, if we consider the Quick Strut, it starts deteriorating after 40,000-50,000 miles of driving. With a Quick Strut, you may have to replace the shock absorber a bit sooner.

4. Price

The Roadmatic is more expensive even though the weight is less. The Roadmatic is constructed using special air technology, unlike the Quick Strut, which uses a normal mechanical process.

The difference in technology makes the Roadmatic cost a whole lot more than its counterpart.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still wondering about which of the two shock absorbers you should buy, you have to gauge what requirements you have. You must also look at your budget and see which of the two lands within it.

If you’re someone who likes more traditional products, then the Quick Strut will serve you well. Otherwise, Roadmatic is the one for you.