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Can You Mix Mobil 1 Oil With Other Oils?

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Oil travels through the engine, lubricating the working parts to minimize friction and avoid overheating of the components. Motor oil also collects deposits and contaminants, allowing them to be filtered out for your engine to function smoothly and cleanly.

A question that gets asked often is “Can you mix synthetic and conventional oil?”. It suggests that there are only two kinds of oil. But the truth is that things are a lot more complicated. The four basic types of motors oil are conventional motor oil, synthetic motor oil, synthetic blend motor oil, and high-mileage motor oil. It means that you need to consider more than two types of synthetic oils when trying to answer the question above.

These oils have all been carefully formulated. Blending them will not increase your engine’s power or efficiency in any way. Combining will also not improve the oil’s performance. But that is not the question here. The question that needs answering is if it is safe to mix Mobile 1 with other oils.

Mixing Mobil 1 with other oils should not harm your engine if you do it only once in a while. Let’s say you just need to top off your oil to keep you going until your next planned maintenance session. If you use the quantity (or viscosity) of oil specified in your owner’s manual, mixing Mobil 1 with other oils should be fine.

Can I Mix Different Brand Engine Oils?

You’re essentially looking for an answer to this question when you want to know if it is okay to mix Mobil 1 with other oils.

Mixing oils, whether brands or viscosities or minerals and synthetics, is not an issue. It is done regularly. When you replace your oil, 15 to 20% of the old oil lingers in your engine, so mix viscosities or brands, or mix synthetic and minerals, without any issues.

You can safely combine one oil brand (i.e. Mobil 1) with another (i.e. AMSOIL), or regular oil with synthetic oil (which is exactly what a synthetic blend is). The majority of synthetics are now perfectly compatible with regular oils and can be blended safely.

What happens if you combine different oil brands? Changing brands is safe for your engine as long as you pick an oil with the same API donut level, such as API SN. However, if you move from high mileage or synthetic oil to traditional oil, engine performance may suffer.

Mixing oils is acceptable, as per Mobil Oil itself. Many oils are made up of a combination of synthetic and natural oils. If you’re running low on oil, don’t be scared to add a quarter or so of synthetic oil if you’re using conventional oil, or even conventional oil if you’re using synthetic.

Is Mixing Mobil 1 Oil With Other Oils Safe?

It is important to answer the question of safety when it comes to mixing Mobil 1 with other types or brands of oil.

You can blend one Mobil 1 with another brand or synthetic oil with conventional oil without any problems. The majority of synthetics are now completely compatible with traditional oils and can be combined safely.

While you can mix Mobil 1 with other oils, you should think long and hard about the outcomes before doing it.

Even though Mobil 1 motor oils are completely compatible with synthetic and regular engine oils, combining them with other oil brands or types would lower the oil’s life span and performance levels. Prolonged drain periods where oils have been combined are not supported by Mobil 1.

The base oils and additions that constitute an ‘oil formulation’ are carefully chosen by oil businesses and mixed in such a way that the final product accomplishes the desired effect. The various ingredients in the ready-formulated oils are balanced correctly and are coordinated with one another.

For each of its numerous brands, varieties, and levels of oil, each oil manufacturer has its own ‘patented oil formulation,’ which is distinct from another company’s oil composition for its different brands, varieties, and levels of oil. Any tampering with this recipe has the potential to be dangerous.

When oils with different ingredient packages are combined, the purpose of additives mixed for certain properties can be countered. Why? Since many of those additions are synergistic, which means they mix and work together to provide a benefit that is greater than or equal to the sum of their separate effects.

Because one ‘oil formulation’ may have different base oils and additions than another, mixing and matching different oil brands or oil kinds is usually not a smart idea; you’ll merely upset the critical ratio (chemical equilibrium) of the mix.

The bottom line is that adding more chemicals to a perfectly made motor oil is not only unnecessary, but it might also react unfavorably with the additives that the oil producer has already meticulously blended in. So, do yourself a favor and avoid mixing Mobil 1 with other oils until it is necessary.

Final Word

Blending Mobil 1 with other compatible motor oils will not cause your vehicle to “blow up”. Your engine is unlikely to notice the difference and will continue running normally. However, lubricant quality and lifetime are likely to suffer.

It’s always a good idea to use the same oil (brand and composition) when filling your engine during oil changes for best performance.

If you’re going to combine Mobil 1 with other motor oils, try to use oils from the Mobil Company that have the same composition and API Service Classification Rating (e.g. API SN) to minimize the impact on the final product’s efficiency and longevity.