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Valvoline Vs. Pennzoil Synthetic Oil (Which To Choose)

Motor oil is typically used as a lubricant in an assortment of cars, generators, engines, along with other vehicles. The oil has an indispensable role in ensuring that your car’s engine runs smoothly. Valvoline is one of the most reputable motor oil brands today. It is synthetic engine oil that was manufactured in a first-rate engine lab.

At the same time, Pennzoil synthetic oil is a motor oil from the same company which can give the best performance and provide the best protection.

These oils are two of the top motor oils, and people often have a tough time comparing Pennzoil vs Valvoline High Mileage synthetic oil. In the article below, we will talk about some of the features of each and what sets them apart.


These high mileage synthetic oils can provide significant fortification to engines against any corrosion and wear and tear. Valvoline has a variety of motor oil blends, such as the Valvoline durablend oil, which guards against slush, friction, and breakdown of oil.

It has many other products that you can use in old cars and vehicles with higher mileage to enhance the performance and protection of your engine. If your engine is starting to get worn out, you will find that adding the right oil is necessary, as if you add the wrong variety of motor oil, it will do cause more damage rather than providing utility.

There are also other blends of motor oil available in Valvoline’s range. The Valvoline Synpower lets your car be completely protected even in unfavorable weather conditions. It can survive being extremely hot or infinitely cold while also handling everything in between.

However, you have to be careful at extremely high temperatures, as they can make the oil leak out, which is the last thing you want. You may also find that it cannot vaporize at too high a temperature, so there are some pros and cons to the entire operation.

If you’re looking for other factors in your motor oil, such as fuel efficiency and affordability, then you can look at this option. It is cost-efficient, making it accessible and affordable for many people. Every bottle has around 4 liters of oil which is more than enough for at least a month, and it is also recyclable, meaning you can use it all over again.

It is manufactured in the US, which is also an advantage for the Valvoline engine oils compared to the rest.

Pennzoil Synthetic Oils

Pennzoil high mileage synthetic oils have great quality and also exceptional performance. Pennzoil synthetic oil is manufactured in a way that protects your car against all sorts of high temperatures, high stress, and other demands of a conventional engine.

In the Pennzoil range, its most effective product is perhaps the Pennzoil Platinum Motor oil. The people at Pennzoil specially designed it for cars which are used more often. You will find that cars with more than 70,000 miles of running can benefit from this motor oil.

Pennzoil is a worthy option as it has considerable fuel economy and wear protection, while also having good performance for any weather.

Valvoline vs. Pennzoil

There are many differences between Pennzoil and Valvoline high mileage oils. We have listed some of the features of both of these oils below:


  1. The weight of Valvoline is 29.9 lbs
  2. The Valvoline motor oils are better suited for newer vehicles.
  3. They have a superior sludge and extreme varnish protection
  4. They can also have an impressive high-temperature protection
  5. They can help reduce the engine wear at high temperatures and thus have better stability about their viscosity.
  6. The company designed this motor oil to be used as high-performance gasoline in light-duty engines.


  1. It is lighter at 11.9 lbs
  2. Older vehicles can use the Pennzoil motor oil in older vehicles. It is generally used in vehicles that have a greater mileage.
  3. There is greater control over viscosity even when there’s an extreme oxidative.
  4. They have excellent viscosity even at low temperatures. If you’re living in an often cold place, this may be helpful.
  5. It helps protect you under conditions of extreme wear. You will find greater stability in these products overall, which is beneficial.
  6. You can use it for extra efficient gasoline in new vehicles. They can also be useful in light-duty diesel engines.

Which is Better?

You may still not know which of these popular high mileage motor oils is better for you. However, before you decide, you must understand that it depends on what you’re looking for and what kind of car you have. If you want to have the best protection for your car, generally a high-performance one, you can opt for a Pennzoil Motor oil.

Pennzoil is the better option because it works better with high-performance vehicles. Pennzoil Synthetic motor oils are better products.

They have been created using better, more technologically tested methods. They can also withstand high-pressure conditions and ensure that engines are clean. Pennzoil Synthetic motor oil is derived from natural gas. Thus, it doesn’t have as many impurities as other oils based on crude oil. It has been specifically designed to be used in power settings.

However, if you’re looking for something more generic, you can opt for Valvoline.

Regardless of the motor oil you go for, you want to ensure that it works according to your car’s requirements. You may want to go through the user manual for your car so you can ensure which motor oil works best for you.

Final Thoughts

We have tried to list out all the reasons you may opt for Pennzoil and all the reasons you may want to opt for Valvoline. There are features and explanations for both the oils that will make you want to opt for either.

Before making a decision, you will want to conduct a thorough analysis of your car’s requirements are, and once you’re done with that, you can opt for the kind of motor oil you wish to choose.

Motor oil is essential in the easy running of your car. Without the right kind of motor oil, you will find that your car can’t function at its maximum potential. Thus, it’s necessary to pick the right one.