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About Us

Hi, my name is Matt (and that is my wife Hannah) and I am the owner and writer for this website. I have been working on cars since I was a kid along side my dad (at least holding the flashlight) and one thing that I felt like was truly needed in this world was an unbiased site that will answer as many questions as possible about all sorts of brands and types of vehicles without actually being owned by a car company!

The information on many car company’s sites can sometimes be good but it can also quite simply be lacking in depth since they will only talk about their models.

I wanted this site to be different so I set out to build a site entirely dedicated to answering people’s questions that currently don’t have an answer (or a good one) anywhere online.

This site is not owned by any car companies and there are no posts sponsered by them either so all you will get is the straight information as I see it with no stone left unturned. If I don’t personally like a brand or something that a specific model has or doesn’t have I will certainly tell you unlike many sites about vehicles.

I love taking road trips with my wife and kids or going to special events with them. And with our family spread all across the USA we often spend many days in the car driving to see them every single summer. So with so many miles put on our vehicles over time I think I’ve learned a thing or two.

Now I’m far from an expert on all things cars, however I have done a lot of my own car repairs over the years as well as purchased, driven, and sold many different makes and models over my lifetime. With the first car I ever drove being a 1986 Ford Escort Station wagon (with a manual transmission) I’ve seen (and driven) my fair share of vehicles.

This site is all about one thing… to simply help people make the best possible decision when buying, renting or repairing their cars!

I will do my best to make every article as helpful as possible and so if one of them has helped you learn something new about your current vehicle or your next one then I will call it a success. Ultimately, I’m just here to help you along your vehicle journey in some way shape or form.