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Will A 75 Inch TV Fit In A Minivan? (Tips To Move It)

When it comes to entertainment, television sets in our homes undoubtedly play a major role. For those planning on purchasing a new 75” TV, they will, of course, be looking for ways to transport it. Many people who own a minivan will want to know if it’s possible to actually fit a 75in TV inside of a minivan. 

A 75” TV surprisingly will fit inside the back of a minivan if the 3rd row seats fold into the floor. The second row seats will also either have to be folded into the floor, slid forward or removed to fit the TV inside. 

A 75” TV box will typically be around 45 inches tall so it can be laid on its side and will still fit between the two sides of the rear of the minivan as it is 48” wide. However, it is recommended by the manufacturer to keep the TV in an upright position so you will have to turn it at an angle to fit it through the back door and then set up upright once it’s passed the door. 

The inside ceiling on a minivan is typically just tall enough to fit a 75” TV standing upright. 

A 75” TV box will also be about 73 inches in length which will fit in all minivans with either the seats removed, folded down, or slid forward. 

In a Dodge Grand Caravan or Chrysler Pacifica/Voyager you will simply have to fold the 2nd and third row seats into the floor (assuming your vehicle has this option) and the TV will slide right in on its side. Standing it up is also an option as the height on the interior of these models is 45 inches but you will have to turn it at an angle to put it through the back door. 

For most people laying it flat is easier and safer however according to the manufacturer when a TV is being transported it should be done upright and not laying flat. 

In a Toyota Sienna you will have to lay the 3rd row seats down and then slide the 2nd row all of the way forward or remove them (if they don’t slide forward). For the models that slide forward you get right at 74” of length which is just enough for the 75 inch TV to fit inside the back of the minivan. 

In the Kia Sedona you will have to lay down the third row and then either slide the second row forward, use the “walk in” functionality to move the second row seats vertically, or remove the second row seats entirely. Which of these you need to do to fit your new 75” TV inside will depend on the model and which features your Kia minivan has. 

The dimensions for virtually all 75” TV boxes are: 

  • 44 inches high 
  • 73 inches wide
  • 9 inches deep

So if you have a different model of minivan then break out your tape measure and start measuring. 

Is the weight of the TV a problem in a minivan? 

You probably know that nowadays, television sets are actually incredibly lightweight especially when compared to the monsters of years gone by. 

So, you don’t need to worry about the weight-bearing capacity of your minivan when it comes to carrying a 75” TV inside of it. 

A minivan can easily carry over 1,000lbs of cargo (with some minivans being much higher) and a 75” flat panel TV will typically only weigh 60-70lbs (although this varies by model). 

Even though a 75” Tv isn’t that heavy it is quite bulky so it would be a good idea to have two people to load and unload the TV from your minivan. 

Tips to carry a 75-inch TV in a minivan

Of course, flat panel TVs these days are lightweight but, it is better that it is not lifted by a single person. 

Have your friend, your better half or a family member give you a hand not just while carrying the TV from the store to your minivan but also when you unload it from your vehicle. When you have one more person with you, he/she can help with opening the door and lifting the TV in and out of the vehicle safely. 

If you choose to have the TV standing up instead of laying flat on the floor they can also help to make sure it doesn’t fall over while you are driving home. 

Can you lay a TV flat in the box? 

According to the manufacturers TVs should not be transported when they are flat as the pressure from bumps etc. can end up damaging the screen. 

That being said, many people have done it without any issues including myself. A few years ago I moved cross country and had the back of my minivan stacked almost to the ceiling with boxes. The last thing I put inside was my two flat panel TVs wrapped in blankets on top of the boxes. They sat that way for 3 days as we drove from the Midwest to Arizona and both TVs continued to work just fine afterwards! 

Best practice it to keep them upright but if you don’t have a choice you shouldn’t have any issue laying a flat panel TV flat in your minivan if it’s too big to fit standing up (such as if you get a TV that’s 80+ inches). 

Unpack with care

Of course, you might be excited to watch your brand new television and want to get it out and working immediately, but you should not be carried away by the excitement. Carefully unpack the new TV from the box so as not to accidentally drop it while trying to pull it out. You should also be careful not to accidentally damage the frame or screen when cutting off the box. 

It’s also a good idea to have a couple of people to help as often the styrofoam will be a tight fit in the box and you will need one person to pull on the box while two people pull on the TV. 

Save the box

Yes, a giant 75” TV box takes up a lot of space but if you ever move from your house or apartment you will be thanking yourself for saving it and the styrofoam inside. The only safe way to transport a large TV like this is inside of the box that is designed specifically for it. 

Without that box you are risking damaging your TV even if you are only going a few miles away. 

A couple of years ago I moved from one house to another and I hadn’t saved the box for my 55” TV. I posted on Facebook asking friends if anyone had a box and I found someone who had theirs for a 65” TV. It fit fine (was a bit large) but I thought it was great.. up until I took out the TV at my new house and it had come off the larger styrofoam and the corner of the TV had been crushed. 

The picture slowly got worse and worse and eventually the TV went out entirely and I had to replace it. All of that money could have been saved if I simply had not thrown away the original box! 


A 75 inch TV will fit inside the back of your minivan without any issue no matter if you are transporting it on its side or standing up (as recommended by the manufacturers). 

You will have to turn it at an angle as it goes through the rear door and then you simply have to set it back upright or lay it flat once inside. 

No matter which minivan you own you shouldn’t have an issue fitting a 75” TV inside as long as the seats fold down, slide forward, or are removed.