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How Much Does A Minivan Weigh? (How Much Weight Can It Carry?)

Minivans are practically designed to transport 7-8 passengers as well as the cargo behind them. They will typically have three rows of seats which are quite comfortable to sit on and are often used by larger families or people going on a vacation. 

Since minivans are quite large they are also quite heavy but how heavy are they exactly? 

The following are the weight of the current model of the minivans on the market. 

  • Chrysler Pacifica 4,521- 4,883lbs
  • Chrysler Voyager 4,330lbs
  • Dodge Grand Caravan 4,321- 4483lbs
  • Honda Odyssey 4,398- 4,603lbs
  • Kia Sedona: 4,443- 4,517lbs
  • Mercedes- Benz Metris 4,222- 4,850lbs 
  • Toyota Sienna: 4,430- 4,750lbs

It is important to note that these are the curb weights of each of these vehicles so that is their weight with all of the needed fluids to run (such as oil, gas, etc.) but do not include the weight of any passengers or cargo. 

The weights vary slightly depending on which model you choose as that changes or adds some features which can in turn add some additional weight to the total. 

Overall, virtually all minivans weigh slightly over 2 tons without any passengers or cargo inside. 

How much weight can you put in a minivan? 

If you are wanting to know how much weight you can put in the cargo area of a minivan then you are in the right spot. Often it’s important to know the actual weight of a vehicle (mentioned above) so you can figure how much weight the vehicle can hold (the payload). 

However, rather than leaving it to you to figure out on your own I went ahead and did the math for you. 

The average weight that you can put in a minivan is 1,609lbs across all 7 of the currently made minivan models. This is the average payload of a minivan. 

What this means is that you can put an average of 1,608 pounds in a minivan and still be within the manufacturer’s recommendations. That means you can put 8 people who are 200lbs each in a minivan without any problem. 

However, that is only an average so if you want to know exactly how much a specific model of minivan can carry then you will want to keep reading as I have those specifics below. 

How much weight can a Chrysler Pacifica (minivan) hold? 

The Chrysler Pacifica is a relatively new minivan model as Chrysler called it the Town & Country up until 2017 when they started using the name Pacifica on their minivan model. 

The Chrysler Pacific minivan can hold/carry a total weight of 1,725lbs. That weight includes both passengers and cargo. 

The weight can vary slightly depending on the year but the payload capacity for the 2020-2021 Pacifica is 1,725 pounds. 

How much weight can a Chrysler Voyage hold? 

In 2019, Chrysler resurrected the Voyager name and put it in the cheaper models of the Pacifica. So rather than having cheaper and more expensive Pacifica models they now have the cheaper Voyager minivan and the more expensive Pacifica. 

The Chrysler Voyager can hold/carry  up to 1,725lbs inside of it in cargo and passengers according to Chrysler. That means that 1,725 pounds is also the payload capacity of the Chrysler Voyager minivan. 

How much weight can a Dodge Grand Caravan hold? 

The Dodge Grand Caravan has been around for ages but Dodge finally stopped producing them in May of 2020. However, many people still own a Dodge Grand Caravan so I didn’t want to leave it out of this list. 

The Dodge Grand Caravan can hold/carry between 1,567lbs and 1,729lbs. The weight that this minivan can carry varies based on the specific trim that you purchase as trims with extra features will weigh more which also lowers their payload capacity. 

The payload capacity of the Dodge Grand Caravan is also the 1,567 pounds to 1,729 pounds, again, depending on the trim. 

How much weight can a Honda Odyssey carry? 

The Honda Odyssey is one of the more popular minivans currently on the market so knowing how much it can carry/ its payload capacity is vital information for many people. 

The Honda Odyssey can hold/carry between 1,416lbs to 1,621lbs. The difference in weight that it can carry is based on some specifics that you can choose such as the type of motor, and many other features. 

That means that the Honda Odyssey has a payload capacity of 1,416 pounds to 1,621 pounds. 

How much weight can a Kia Sedona hold?

The Kia Sedona isn’t as popular as some of the other minivans on this list but I still wanted to include it for those people who own one of these models. 

The Kia Sedona can hold/carry between 1,568lbs to 1,642lbs depending on which trim and other features your vehicle has. 

This means that the payload for the Kia Sedona is also 1,568- 1,642 pounds. 

How much weight can a Mercedes Metris carry?

The Mercedes-Benz Metris is probably the least popular minivan on this list (at least in the USA). However, it has by far the highest weight carrying ability of any minivan so if you are looking for a minivan with a high payload then the Metris is for you! 

The Mercedes Metris can hold/carry up to 1,896lbs which is a few hundred pounds more than most of the other minivans on the market today. That number is for the Metris passenger van so the cargo Metris can actually carry up to 2,500lbs in it. 

This means that the payload capacity of the Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger minivan is 1,896 pounds. The Metris offers the highest payload capacity of any minivan currently available. 

How much weight can a Toyota Sienna hold?

The last minivan on our list is the Toyota Sienna. This model is incredibly popular for its reliability and longevity as well. 

The Toyota Sienna can hold/carry between 1,245lbs and 1,565lbs. This weight varies depending on the specifics of the model that you own. 

This in turn means that the payload capacity of the Toyota Sienna is between 1,245 pounds and 1,565 pounds. 


I know that I put out a lot of data in this article but I hope that getting the exact weights as well as the weight that these minivans can carry or hold in them has been helpful to you. 

Many people get a minivan not thinking about how much weight that it can hold but all minivans do a pretty good job of giving you plenty of payload capacity where you can easily move furniture or other cargo with them as well when you aren’t hauling around 7 or 8 passengers.