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Is The Chrysler Pacifica A Minivan Or Suv? (What Features Does It Have?)

Have you recently been looking for a new vehicle and came across the Pacifica? Maybe you were looking for a minivan and saw the Pacifica minivan but thought it was an SUV or vice versa? 

The Pacifica is actually an SUV and a Minivan! Chrysler made the Pacifica as an SUV from 2004-2008 but then repurposed the name for its minivans beginning in 2017. 

So you absolutely aren’t crazy as the Pacifica is both a minivan and an SUV/crossover. For some reason Chrysler decided to reuse the name for a different vehicle type after about a decade of the name not being used rather than coming up with a new name for their minivan when they stopped calling it the Town & Country. 

Any Pacifica that was made from 2004-2008 will be an SUV/crossover while any Pacifica made between 2017 and now will be a minivan instead. 

Is the Pacifica the same as the Caravan? 

Although many people get confused in regards to the Pacifica that was an SUV and is now a minivan, there are many others that also get confused by the Pacifica vs Caravan. Afterall Dodge and Chrysler are pretty much the same company so it would make sense that their minivans are the same… but are they? 

Both the Chrysler Pacifica and the Dodge Grand Caravan are similar in engines, size, and even design however, where they are different is the features. The Pacifica offers many high end features that the Caravan doesn’t so the Pacifica is geared more towards the more affluent clientele while the Caravan is geared more towards budget conscious consumers. 

That isn’t to say that the Caravan isn’t a good minivan or doesn’t offer many great and helpful features, however, the Pacifica has more features and is considered much more of a luxury minivan than the Dodge Caravan is. 

Does the Chrysler Pacifica come at an affordable price? 

When it comes to affordable pricing, it really does depend on what you consider affordable. The first minivan that I remember my family buying cost right around $16,000 so when compared to that price the 30-35k for the Pacifica would likely not be seen as very affordable. However, when you compare it to all of the other minivan models currently on the market whether it’s affordable becomes a little easier to determine. 

Compared to all of the other minivans currently available the Chrysler Pacifica falls right in the middle of the pack. It isn’t as cheap as the Kia Sedona or Dodge Grand Caravan but it also isn’t as expensive as the Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey. 

The Pacifica minivan provides almost all the features that the more expensive minivan models do while also not being as expensive. 

This vehicle provides all the family-friendly options with a bunch of extensive features that are incredibly helpful in long road trips or when simply driving around town. . 

When compared to all of the minivans currently available, the price tag of this vehicle is quite affordable, 

From the cargo capacity to its capable engine, everything on the Pacifica justifies the price and makes it a great minivan for the people who want maximum comfort but don’t want to spend as much on the Toyota or Honda. .  

What are some of the features of the Chrysler Pacifica?

The Chrysler Pacifica has all the important features that are needed to make it an excellent minivan. Minivans are manufactured explicitly for providing ultimate comfort, space, and also a multifunctional approach. 

There are a few different features that make this minivan a popular choice which I will go into next.  

First of all, the cargo space is an incredible feature in all minivans but this is especially true in the Pacifica. Since the Pacifica offers the Stow and Go system you can easily fold the seats into the floor to give you a flat area to transport virtually anything. Even with the seats up you have tons of room for cargo behind the third row in the deep well trunk and there is also additional storage under the floor of the second seats that allows you to stuff blankets, pillows, or even small suitcases in there! 

All of this additional cargo space is what makes the Pacifica stand out from the rest of the minivans on the market! 

Secondly, the Pacifica offers great safety and entertainment features. Having a built in backup camera, blind spot detectors, as well as a giant screen for your stereo/entertainment needs makes this model a great choice for road trips. 

Finally, one of the most important features that the Pacifica offers is comfort. The seats are incredibly comfortable on this minivan which is really helpful when you are going on long trips. It also offers tons of leg room no matter where in the minivan you are sitting so whether you are driving or “stuck” in the back you won’t feel cramped or squished at all! 

Is the Chrysler Pacifica an all-terrain vehicle?

Minivans are generally used for a city commute or traveling across the country on the highway, though the extensive functionalities make it quite useful for other things as well. 

If you plan on taking a family picnic to a remote area, then the need for a vehicle with a lot of space is important. The availability of space makes it quite comfortable for all the passengers and helps to store the luggage or food as well

The Pacifica certainly meets the requirements for passengers and cargo but what about for handling terrain? 

The Pacifica can handle a wide variety of terrain but isn’t really considered an all terrain vehicle as it can easily get stuck or rocks or uneven ground because of its low ground clearance. 

The dual powertrain of the Chrysler Pacifica helps to not get stuck if you are going “off road”  but if you will be climbing mountainous terrain or going a place with many different ground heights then you should choose a truck or SUV and not a minivan. 

What are the best functionalities of the Chrysler Pacifica? 

The Chrysler Pacifica has all the relevant features that make it a frontrunner in the minivan segment when it comes to functionalities. The space of this minivan makes it quite comfortable and when you fold down the back rows, you can get a total of 140.5 cubic feet of space that is able to be used for moving or hauling anything from luggage to furniture. 

The Chrysler Pacifica is also equipped with a power liftgate and power sliding doors which makes getting in and out of the vehicle much easier for adults and children alike. One of the worst parts of minivans from years gone by was having to slide the massive heavy doors but now there is a motor that does it for you and simply pulling the handle or pushing the buttons will open and close them!  

Apart from the above features, the Pacifica is also a three-row minivan that can help you seat up to a maximum of eight people. The cloth upholstery and eight-way power-adjustable driver’s are also some of the best features of this minivan. If you upgrade to a nicer trim, the leather upholstery makes it classy and helps in making your minivan look a little more stylish. 

When it comes to the significant functionality of a minivan, only a few of them fit the bill. From the dual powertrain to the ultimate comfort that the Pacifica offers it is certainly a good choice for many people.

The above information makes it clear that this minivan is capable of providing massive benefits to its owners while also not breaking the bank too badly.