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Are Toyota Supras Reliable?

With quicker reflexes, aggressive style, advanced safety systems, and modern entertainment technology, the Toyota Supra has returned to the market after a two-decade absence. 

The Supra has a rewarding driving experience, a pleasant cabin, and sensible features, but its engine is not nearly as powerful as its top competitors. The BMW DNA is evident in this fifth-generation coupe, which has many features inspired by the Z4 roadster and the German automaker’s parts bin. 

However, because of Toyota’s unique tuning, the Supra outperforms its European counterpart.

According to the reliability tests done on the Toyota Supra it should be a very reliable car. Since the Supra is made by Toyota this shouldn’t come as a shock since most of their vehicles have extremely high reliability scores. 

The Toyota Supra has received a mixed bag of reviews. The 2021 Toyota Supra is an entirely new model. Some critics value its convenience and power; however, a few critics have complained about the lack of power plant options available. 

As for expected reliability, though, the Supra might surprise you.

Toyota Supra Reliability Tests

According to Consumer Reports, the Toyota Supra passed its first few reliability tests with flying colors. When it came to overall performance, the Supra received a 91 out of 100. 

Acceleration, braking, and fuel economy were all excellent scores for this Toyota. On the other hand, Consumer Reports pointed out that the Supra’s excessive road noise is a disadvantage.

Supra NHTSA Recalls

Consumer Reports rated the Supra an average score for projected reliability, despite performing well in the road test. According to the organization’s research, redesigned/new models are less reliable and have more recalls. 

Despite this, the Toyota Supra is currently only subject to five National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety recalls.

Initial recalls on the Toyota Supra focused on potential issues with the front seatbelts and the backup camera, which were both recalled. Two of them have to do with the outside lights of the car. Also, the rod assembly could be a problem. 

Despite the NHTSA’s actions being worrying, the Supra is still holding up well.

Is The Toyota Supra A Good Car?

The Toyota Supra is a fantastic premium sports car. Speed, agility, and responsive steering combine to make the Supra a delight to drive on winding roads. 

It’s seats give enough comfort and space for passengers of all sizes in an attractive and well-designed interior.

As a sports car, the Supra is also surprisingly functional. It has a large trunk, many safety features, an easy-to-use infotainment system, and gets high gas mileage, among other things.

If you’re in the market for a luxury sports car, you should definitely check out Toyota Supra. For the price, it’s hard to beat. 

It’s the least costly luxury sports vehicle in the class, starting at a little over $43,000, at which the new entry-level Supra 2.0 is available. 

It costs around $8,000 more to get a Supra with an inline-six engine, but it’s still far less expensive than several rivals, like the Chevrolet Corvette and Porsche Cayman.

2021 Toyota Supra vs. 2020 Models

The 2021 Toyota Supra and 2020 models have a few critical differences that are worth noting. 2020 marked Toyota’s debut of the fifth-generation Supra. It was the first Supra in two decades, which had a 335-horsepower six-cylinder engine.

As of 2021, Toyota has offered a 255-horsepower four-cylinder engine to boost the output of the 382-horsepower six-cylinder engine. Toyota has also introduced a limited-edition Supra A91 Edition, which has replaced the 6.5-inch entertainment standard screen with an 8.8-inch unit.

Toyota Supra Engine

Both the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six engines are available on the 2021 Toyota Supra. Because of this, the base 4-cylinder engine feels much more powerful than its 255-horsepower rating.

Fast acceleration, solid passing power on the freeway, and quick response to throttle inputs make it an excellent choice for the Supra. 

The eight-speed automatic transmission provides quick and smooth gear changes, which complement the engine. It’s a great engine in general, but it doesn’t rev as quickly or roars as loud as a six-cylinder. 

With a bit more money to spend, this is the engine to get. It accelerates at a rapid pace and continues to pull firmly even at a high rpm.

Speed & Mileage

The Toyota Supra 2.0’s city mileage is 25 mpg, and its highway mileage is 32 mpg, which are among the best in the luxury sports car class. According to the manufacturer, the six-cylinder Supra 3.0 achieves 22 mpg in the city and 30 on the highway.

It takes just five seconds for the four-cylinder Toyota Supra 2.0 to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. In under 3.9 seconds, the Toyota Supra 3.0’s six-cylinder engine can reach 60 mph. The top speed of both Supra versions is regulated electronically at a rate of 155 miles per hour.

Driving the Toyota Supra

When it comes to driving, the Toyota Supra is second to none. There is minimal body lean during heavy driving, and the steering is precise. The car feels agile through corners, and the steering is sharp and responsive. 

Moreover, its brakes allow the vehicle to stop with confidence.

It’s worth noting that there is a difference between the 2.0 and 3.0 models when it comes to riding comfort. Adaptive suspension allows the Supra 3.0 to absorb bumps and dips without compromising its handling. 

There is no Supra 2.0 in this configuration however so, you’ll feel more jitters and jolts when driving on rougher roads without these adaptive dampers.

Warranty & Safety

A limited warranty of three years and 36,000 miles and an extended warranty of five years and 62,000 miles covers the Supra’s drivetrain

The 2021 Toyota Supra has not been crash-tested by either the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

High-end sports cars and luxury cars are prone to this.

All in all, the Toyota Supra has nothing to be hated for. In terms of luxury sports cars, it checks off all the boxes. While it’s swift and fun to drive on gorgeous twisty roads, it’s also convenient for everyday commuting.  

An easy to use infotainment system and plenty of standard tech and safety features are available on the Supra. Aside from that, it’s a relative bargain compared to both its predecessor and its Porsche rival.