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Are Land Cruisers Sold in the US? Spoiler Alert: They’re Not on Safari!

The Toyota Land Cruiser, an automotive icon synonmous with durability and off-road prowess, has had a tumultuous relationship with the U.S. market. Fans of this rugged vehicle were left crestfallen when Toyota discontinued sales of new Land Cruisers in the U.S. after the 2021 model year. This decision came as a surprise to many, considering the vehicle’s cult-like following and storied history of tackling rough terrain around the globe.

However, the tables turned when whispers of the Land Cruiser’s stateside return began circulating the internet. Indeed, these rumblings were confirmed, and the Toyota Land Cruiser made its comeback to the American market. This news was met with much fervor among enthusiasts, signaling a new chapter for this tried and true vehicle. The anticipation of the revamped Land Cruiser has since been stirring up the automotive community, as people eagerly await to see how it will stack up against the modern competition.

Key Takeaways

  • The Toyota Land Cruiser ceased U.S. sales after the 2021 model year.
  • Joyous uproar ensues as the Land Cruiser makes its heralded return to America.
  • Automotive aficionados keenly anticipate how the latest model will fare in today’s market.

Historical Highs and Lows: A Tale of Toyota’s Tank

Toyota’s Land Cruiser has rumbled through history, leaving tire tracks on both the peaks of popularity and the valleys of critique. From its humble origins to controversial engine shifts, this tale is nothing short of an automotive rollercoaster.

Origins and Off-Road Antics

Once upon a time, in the era of Elvis and poodle skirts, a rugged beast called the 40 series Land Cruiser stumbled onto the scene. Toyota engineered this body-on-frame bruiser as a response to a captured US military jeep during the early ’40s, spawning a legend on wheels adept at conquering untamed terrains. It’s said that the Land Cruiser could climb a tree if you asked nicely—or at least that’s what its fanatics claim.

Key FeaturesDescription
EngineRobust enough to scare a mountain goat
DesignA boxy charm that only a mother could love

Farewell V8, Hello Efficiency!

Fast-forward a few decades, and the beloved V8 found in the Land Cruiser becomes an endangered species—cue the collective gasp from off-road enthusiasts. In rides the new age of efficiency, and Toyota swaps out the grumbling V8 for something that wouldn’t offend the environment on first meet. This pivot to more fuel-efficient engines, and eventual inclusion of diesel options, showcases Toyota’s move with the environmental tango while still sporting that iconic Land Cruiser toughness.

Land Cruiser Prado vs. Big Brother

Then there’s the Land Cruiser Prado—the cheeky sibling in the Land Cruiser family. Some might argue it’s the more suave cousin to the original, equipped to handle the urban jungle just as deftly as the literal one. And while the Prado ducks and weaves in the shadows of its big brother, it’s worth noting that Lexus sauntered in with the luxurious Lexus LX, wearing the Land Cruiser’s capabilities like a tailor-made suit. This branch of the family tree proves that roughing it doesn’t have to be rough on the rear.

The Financial Frontier: Pricing and Sales Scoop

When it comes to the Toyota Land Cruiser, the wallet doesn’t cruise; it takes a serious trek. Brace yourself for the price tags and the sales saga that follows these vehicular beasts.

Land Cruiser Lifestyles: Fully Loaded Finances

They say money talks, and in the case of the fully loaded Land Cruiser, it’s more of a yell. With a heart-stopping MSRP starting in the mid-$50,000 range, the Land Cruiser wasn’t just a car; it was a statement. But for those coveting every bell and whistle, the price ballooned to around $85,000, which generally elicited a “gulp” from interested buyers. The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser definitely meant serious business – and by business, we mean an emptying of the pockets at an alarming rate.

Sales Speak: A Lexus in Land Cruiser’s Clothing?

So, if the Land Cruiser’s price tag made you think about selling a kidney on the black market, what happened on the sales front? Well, as it turns out, the Land Cruiser tipped its hat and bowed out of the U.S. market, paving the way for its luxury-clad cousin, the Lexus LX. This neatly dressed sibling offered a similar package with a sparkly Lexus badge and a taste for the luxury market. Despite the familial ties, the Lexus LX didn’t just ride on the Land Cruiser’s coattails – it tailored its own, boasting sales numbers that justified giving it a premium parking spot. It seems that for a sizable chunk of the market, the Lexus LX proved to be a Lexus in Land Cruiser’s clothing, indeed.

Toyota’s Tech Territory: Gadgetry and Gizmos Galore

When one thinks of a Toyota Land Cruiser, they might imagine a rugged beast ready to tackle unforgiving terrain. But beneath that brawn, a heart of high-tech gadgetry keeps pace with contemporary connectivity and mechanical innovation.

Connectivity on the Climb

For those who imagine off-roaders as tech-averse, the Toyota Land Cruiser stands to surprise. It now boasts full integration with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making the smartphone-vehicle handshake as seamless as a glove. Adventurers can stream their favorite tunes, navigate uncharted territories, and send hands-free messages—all while their smartphones play co-pilot.

Under the Hood: The Mechanical Marvels

Underneath that intimidating exterior, the Land Cruiser is a symphony of mechanical excellence. Featuring a robust TNGA-F platform, it meticulously merges a turbocharged V6 engine with a sophisticated transmission system, ensuring power delivery is as smooth as butter on breakfast toast. With four-wheel drive and locking differentials, our vehicular hero dances across dunes and dirt tracks alike. And amidst all the muscle, it still winks at the eco-conscious with an eye on fuel economy, because who says a mighty cruiser can’t be a friend to the environment?

Rival Rendezvous: Sizing Up the Competition

With Toyota’s time-honored Titan absent from the U.S. modern Colosseum of SUVs, one might wonder how the former king’s competitors stack up. Here’s a cheeky peek at who’s flexing in the automotive gym.

Homegrown Heroics Vs. Foreign Fancies

In the red, white, and blue corner, we have the indomitable Ford Explorer, flexing its sales muscle as the best-selling SUV in the U.S. Across the pond, the Land Cruiser has been pining for a comeback, but alas, 2022 wasn’t the year. The clash of these titans is more a question of “what if” rather than a toe-to-toe battle on American soil.

Luxury Leviathans: Range Rover and Beyond

When it comes to high-end haulers, the Range Rover sits atop its throne with a crown of comfort and a scepter of status. For those craving luxury with a hint of off-road heritage, the Range Rover is the go-to goliath. Without the Land Cruiser playing in the luxury league, the European emblem of extravagance has less competition to worry about, cruising the luxury SUV lane with fewer challengers.

  • Luxury Factor: Range Rover
  • Off-Road Heritage: Land Cruiser
  • Presence in the U.S.: Range Rover

Can the Sequoia Sprout Above its Kin?

Offering a domestic alternative to the Land Cruiser’s legacy, the Toyota Sequoia aims to fill the void with its own brand of brawn and bravado. Rising from the same family tree that includes the rough-and-tumble Tacoma and the adventure-seeking 4Runner, the Sequoia swings into the large SUV fray with a V8 heart and a cabin that’s as spacious as its name suggests. Yet one ponders if it can truly overshadow its kin, the Lexus GX, and claim its own slice of the off-road pie.

  • Family Resemblance: Tacoma, 4Runner, GX
  • Sequoia’s Edge: V8 power, cabin space
  • Off-Road Appetite: Satisfiable, but can it out-hunger the GX?