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Is the Toyota Land Cruiser Expensive to Buy and Maintain?

Purchasing a new or used vehicle is a big investment for anyone. Because of advancements in engineering and engine technology, vehicles get pricier every year and the cost is sometimes so high it leaves us wondering what in the world is so great about that expensive car?

Toyota Land Cruisers are expensive 4×4 SUVs compared with other competitive SUVs on the market. They are, however, inexpensive to maintain and are designed in such a simple way that you could learn to maintain and refurbish minor repairs yourself.

When a vehicle manufacturer puts it out into the world that a vehicle is designed to last a minimum of 25 years, you probably shouldn’t expect it to be a cheap car. Toyota’s goal with the Land Cruiser is just that and they haven’t shown us otherwise yet. Read on below to find out why the Toyota Land Cruiser isn’t the cheapest vehicle on the market and why it’s worth every cent.

Is The Toyota Land Cruiser Expensive?

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a pricey 4×4 SUV on the market but compared with other similar vehicles the Land Cruiser is not a more expensive option.

The difference is that Toyota Land Cruisers are worth the extra cost because of how they’re built. They are built for durability, reliability, and they are built to last.

In 2020 the cost of a Land Cruiser was approximately US$85,315, while the cost of a similar vehicle, such as the 2020 Range Rover, had a suggested retailer’s price of approximately US$90,900.

For the Land Cruiser and Range Rover fanatics out there, please do not mistake that last line to mean we are comparing Cruisers with Rovers. We wouldn’t want to insult anyone.

If you want to compare the Land Cruiser with other vehicles on the road today, the average new car price is US$41,000. So, the Land Cruiser is a more expensive option than many other cars on our roads today.

The average price of a used vehicle in 2020 was usually US$22,000 and the average price for a used Land Cruiser in 2020 is around US$53,500.

We’re seeing some pretty high numbers here as far as averages and costs go, so let’s talk about why the Land Cruiser is so expensive!

Why Are Land Cruisers More Expensive than the Average Vehicle?

Land Cruisers have been manufactured for over 60 years and are hard-working and hard-wearing vehicles that are used in numerous rugged and hard to get to places all over the world.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is commonly used by worldwide organizations like the United Nations (UN), and the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) for humanitarian efforts in countries where tough vehicles like the Land Cruiser are necessary for the harsh elemental conditions and climates.

Aside from the above-mentioned extra-curricular activities that Land Cruisers are designed for, they do have numerous other reasons for being a more expensive car on the market.

Here are a few reasons why the Toyota Land Cruiser is a little bit more expensive than other vehicles:

  • They are made to handle any terrain, sand dune, jungle cruise, etc.
  • They’re built almost like tanks and have a thicker body which provides additional safety
  • Land Cruisers have been known to last over 600,000 miles and 40 years
  • Land Cruisers are classified as a “Luxury Vehicle” and in terms of life, luxury will always have a larger price tag
  • Reliability is an understatement in the Toyota Land Cruiser. If there’s another word that you can think of that’s better than reliable, jot it down next to the Land Cruiser. Stable and dependable are other words to describe this epic machine
  • They can go anywhere. Seriously, anywhere. Land Cruisers are one of the most popular vehicles in Australia because they can handle the rough Australian outback like no other vehicle can
  • The word “indestructible” is used frequently when discussing the Toyota Land Cruiser
  • They’re spacious and can seat up to seven people so they’re a great family vehicle too
  • Their payload capacity is a huge 1895lbs (860kg) and they can tow up to a whopping 6613lbs (3000kg) so you don’t have to leave anyone or anything behind on your off-road adventure

Although Land Cruisers are a simple design without too much fancy technology, they have been specifically designed to manage and maneuver any obstacle and terrain it comes across.

How does the Land Cruiser do this? With optimal attention to detail in engine performance and body build, by Toyota manufacturing.

Here are a few reasons why the Toyota is “unstoppable”:

  • The windshield and exterior body are thicker than other vehicles, including the brake rotors
  • Shock and suspension are planned for any environment
  • Waterproof materials are used for most of the vehicle including the exhaust
  • Simple, yet effective, engine build

Are Toyota Land Cruisers Expensive to Maintain?

Although the Toyota Land Cruiser has been around since the early 1950s the Land Cruiser is a vehicle that Toyota got right the first time they made it. This means they have only had to make very few and limited changes over the years to keep up with luxury trends and comfortability.

Because there have been so few changes over time, the Land Cruiser has become fairly inexpensive to maintain.

Depending on your area of residence and the possible maintenance required will determine the average cost of repairing and maintaining your Land Cruiser. However, Your Mechanic averages the annual costs of a Land Cruiser to approximately US$305pa.

This sounds so cheap! But the reason why is because the Land Cruiser rarely has any mechanical issues reported and any maintenance requirements for a Land Cruiser are generally common issues that mechanics see so regularly, they are quick and easy to fix.

Another reason for cheaper maintenance costs in a Toyota Land Cruiser is that there are so many Land Cruisers on the roads today that Toyota makes it easy to get parts needed for repairs and parts are always available on demand.

A study conducted in early 2021, shows that Toyota is among the car manufacturers that have the lowest maintenance costs around with an average of only US$24.00 servicing fees for the first three months of owning a new vehicle. Brands like Chevrolet, Ford, and GMC have some of the highest average maintenance costs of over US$50.00 for the first three months.

Although built to withstand and endure any hardship, the simple design of a Toyota Land Cruiser is also well known for being easy to maintain. In fact, it’s so easy to maintain that if you know a thing or two about engines or want to learn more about engines, Toyota Land Cruisers are one of the easiest vehicles to repair and maintain yourself without the need for a garage.


Unfortunately, 2021 will be the last year that the Land Cruiser makes its way to the American Market. Other, more luxurious, and comfortable, vehicles have taken over the popularity of the Land Cruiser in the US and Toyota will focus more on providing for what the American Market is searching for in a vehicle.

If you want to get your hands on the last year of the Land Cruiser, sales have increased dramatically so you’ll want to get in fast. The other option, of course, is to look into used Land Cruisers.

Land Cruisers are relatively cheap to maintain and if you’re in the market for a vehicle that will last years and save you financially in the long run, consider a used Land Cruiser. They’re basically unstoppable and their cheap maintenance costs are easy to stay on top of.