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Buying A Toyota Land Cruiser? Is It Worth It?

Have you recently been thinking that it’s time to buy a new car? We all know shopping around for a car can be a time-consuming and daunting process. It is, after all, a large investment and you want to know you’re going to purchase a car that’s “worth it”.

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been a popular Toyota car for 70 years and has been worth the expensive cost every year since its original development in the early 50s. The Land Cruiser is one of the oldest Toyota vehicles on the market today and is the perfect vehicle for off-road enthusiasts.

Researching the best vehicles to suit your needs before going out car hunting is a great way to start. If you’re a Toyota fan then we’re just going to give you a quick reminder of their engine efficiency and award-winning vehicles, like the Land Cruiser, developed by Toyota.

Read on below for your friendly reminder.

Is Buying a Toyota Land Cruiser Worth It?

If you’re in the market for a tough, reliable, “unstoppable” 4WD SUV that will take you on thrilling off-road adventures and that is almost guaranteed to last well over 300,000 miles in its lifetime, then yes, it is worth buying a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Here is our definition of the words “worth it”:

  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Tough
  • Can go the extra distance
  • Dependable
  • Hard-wearing and able to drive on any terrain
  • Unfailing
  • Consistent
  • Low in maintenance costs
  • Spacious and luxurious

We could go on for a while, so we’ll calm down here and just add that the Toyota Land Cruiser is all the above and more.

Although Land Cruisers are being discontinued in America, they live on in many other countries like Australia, China, Japan, and Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon and Qatar. A study conducted in early 2021 showed that the Land Cruiser is still the most popular car in 10 different countries.

You might want to consider a used Toyota and if so, you’ll probably still get more miles out of that than any other vehicle you’ve considered.

Toyota Land Cruisers are famous for lasting unimaginable miles on the road, are known as the king of the overlanders, are inexpensive in repairs, and are spacious enough to fit up to 9 passengers in some of their trims. Can you try and give us a reason why it’s not worth it to buy a Land Cruiser?

Are Land Cruisers worth Their Price Tag?

Toyota Land Cruisers might sound expensive when they come with a starting price of approximately US$85,000, but when you see how they’re made and how long they last, and why they’re so reliable, you’ll understand that they’re not exceptionally expensive after all.

Especially when compared with other similar vehicles on the market today that just don’t last the miles and come with larger price tags.

Land Cruisers are built to last, and they are almost entirely built by hand. Yes, by hand, not a machine. The materials used are stronger, thicker, and tougher than other cars on the road, and are basically designed to handle any terrain and environment you put this monster through.

  • Much of the Land Cruiser is also made with waterproofed metals and parts
  • The popular Toyota engine used is a simple, yet hard-working and efficient engine known to last over 500,000 miles
  • According to owners in the Vehicle History forum, their Land Cruisers have lasted over 500,000 miles without needing any major repairs or maintenance work done
  • Land Cruisers are also built specifically for government purpose
  • Land Cruisers have every off-roading accessory available for extreme off-road adventures

Land Cruisers are also heavily relied on by Government and security agencies around the world and especially in countries like Africa where the terrain and environment are too harsh for other cars to handle.

Companies like Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings sell Land Cruisers specifically for being able to absorb impacts of landmines in war-torn countries and to aid agencies like the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and the United Nations (UN) in administering assistance in humanitarian projects in developing countries like Africa.

Purchasing a used Land Cruiser isn’t a terrible investment either with their reputation for longevity, durability, safety, and lower maintenance costs than other manufacturers, considering buying a used Land Cruiser could be one of the best ideas you’ve had today.

Land Cruisers are worth their price tag because they are by far one of the most capable vehicles on the road. The Land Cruiser has a luxurious interior, and a hard exterior, that is built to take you literally anywhere while in a luxurious interior environment.

Imagine being in a comfortable, leather-trimmed, air-conditioned, interior, while trekking through sand dunes or muddy lake lands and forests with the peace of mind that your trusty 4WD is going to get you through any type of terrain you come across. It sounds pretty good to us!

Here are a couple of other features we love about the Toyota Land Cruiser and think you will too:

  • The engine that is used is the type of engine used for vehicles built to last longer than the average mileage and lifespan of a car
  • Toyota keeps their design simple, even in their modern Land Cruisers, because the simple features won’t break – they can last forever without needing constant repairs
  • Land Cruisers are practical and functional
  • The safety features are modern with radar cruise control, automatic braking in newer models, airbags, auto climate control including in the seats, crawl control, safety cameras, and so much more

Ready for an epic weekend of 4-wheel-driving?

Why is the Toyota Land Cruiser Being Discontinued?

The Toyota Land Cruiser is being discontinued on the American market because popularity has decreased over the years and the everyday family is becoming more interested in smaller SUVs that are cheaper on fuel and cheaper to purchase outright.

The Land Cruiser might not be the most expensive 4WD SUV on the market, but it still comes attached with a hefty price tag and American’s just aren’t willing t pay those prices anymore when off-roading isn’t a priority.

Here are a few reasons why the Toyota Land Cruiser will no longer be on the American car sales scene:

  • Sales decreased drastically in 2019 with only one-fifth of buyers than its usual demand
  • People aren’t searching for a vehicle that can climb mountains
  • Toyota hasn’t regularly updated the vehicle to match today’s luxurious standards
  • The Land Cruiser is not marketed much in the US
  • American families don’t have much need for hard-wearing vehicles like the Land Cruiser
  • Other Toyota vehicles are more popular in the US, like the Tacoma mid-size pickup truck and the Toyota 4 Runner
  • Toyota also make smaller SUVs for half the price of a Land Cruiser

If you’re concerned that the Land Cruiser going off the market in the US is a reason not to buy one because of a shortage of parts and the necessary equipment to have it maintained regularly, Toyota has released a statement that parts will still be readily available globally and that Toyota services will still repair and maintain Land Cruisers.


Toyota is one of the most respected vehicle manufacturers in the world and is famous for providing some of the most efficient, good, reliable, and dependable cars we see on our roads today.

The Land Cruiser has been available every year since its release in America in 1958 and has had a strong reputation as being one of the best-selling brands of vehicle in the states since. The Land Cruiser is the reason why Toyota has such a good name today.

It is a crying shame that it has been discontinued in the US but we’re certain the Land Cruiser, which is well and truly “worth it”, will live on for a long time with its used models still being some of the most popular vehicles bought every day.