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Toyota Land Cruisers: How Long Do They Last?

Vehicles used to have an odometer that only went up to 99,999. Does anyone else remember those cars or am I showing my age here? Regardless, engine and vehicle technology has come a long way since then and cars, especially cars as reliable as the Toyota Land Cruiser, are lasting a lot longer than they used to.

Toyota representatives have stated publicly on occasion that the Toyota Land Cruiser is built to last a minimum of 25 years. According to the average road miles driven by Americans every year, 13,500, this means the Land Cruiser is almost guaranteed to last at least 337,500 miles in its lifetime.

Purchasing a car is a large investment so you want to be sure you’ll get your money’s worth right? Let us put your mind at ease if the Land Cruiser is on your list of possible new and/or used vehicles to investigate further. If you read on below you’ll find out all you need to know to be sure that adding the Land Cruiser to your driveway is a well-planned investment.

How Long Do Toyota Land Cruisers Last?

Toyota Land Cruisers are designed and built to last a minimum of 25 years.

  • The average lifetime mileage of a Land Cruiser is approximately 300,000 miles
  • Land Cruisers will drive approximately 38mpg (combined city and highway driving)
  • The average city miles are 31mpg
  • The average highway miles are 45mpg

It’s hard to find the average lifetime mileage of a Land Cruiser because most forums online have people advising their average miles, before needing any sort of engine or framework maintenance, is well over 500,000 miles.

If you check out some reviews on the Vehicle History forum, you’ll see some pretty fanatic Land Cruiser fans who have had their Land Cruisers for generations and have clocked hundreds and thousands of miles without having any engine problems.

One review event states his father’s 60 series almost has a record 1 million kilometers (well over 600,000 miles) on the clock and only needs the occasional oil top-up/change and minor fixes. The 60 series was built between 1980 and 1990 and not many other manufacturers had the right technology and equipment to be making their cars so durable back then.

You may find some Land Cruiser owners get offended if they hear the Land Cruiser only has an average of 200,000 miles!

Toyota Land Cruiser owners keep their trusty beasts for approximately 15 years or more. Reports from Vehicle History show that almost 20% of Land Cruiser owners are still driving their vehicles after 15 years! This is one of the highest ratings we’ve seen.

While we’re on the subject about how long car owners keep their vehicles, Toyota leads the way by a long shot with having the top longest-kept vehicles on the road today! 7 out of 10 to be precise, and the top 5 are all Toyota. The other 3? Also, Japanese brands.

How Does the Land Cruiser Compare in Miles with Other Vehicles?

The average lifespan of a vehicle according to Auto Trader is around 11.4 years or approximately 150,000 – 200,000 miles. Auto Trader has also calculated that the average length of time drivers keeps their vehicle for is only around 6 years due to accidents, expensive maintenance issues, or simply want an upgrade.

Now consider the Land Cruiser compared with those statistics. Land Cruisers are almost guaranteed (by Toyota themselves!) to last a minimum of 25 years or approximately 337,500 miles. Now you might understand why some Land Cruiser owners get slightly offended when people say their land Cruiser will only last an average of 200,000 miles.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is rated number 1 on Forbes’ list of the top five longest-last vehicles.

Here is a quick recap:

  • The average vehicle lifespan in miles is approximately 150,000 – 200,000 miles
  • The average Land Cruiser lifespan in miles is over 300,000 miles
  • The average vehicle lifespan in years is 11 and a half years
  • The average vehicle lifespan of a Toyota Land Cruiser is a minimum of 25 years
  • The average amount of time drivers keeps their vehicle for is just over 6 years
  • The average amount of time drivers keep their Land Cruiser is over 10 years

You can find these averages at for more information.

How Do Toyota Land Cruisers Last So Long?

Toyota has a way with engines and the Land Cruiser is a perfect example of simple yet pristine engine technology.

Most Toyota vehicles are some of the top-rated vehicles in the history of cars in dependability, versatility, safety, and definitely in reliability.

Toyota has won numerous awards for its innovation in safety and engine technology and the Land Cruiser itself has had plenty of fame.

Here are some of the awards and accolades the Toyota Land Cruiser has received throughout its 70 years of manufacturing:

Sustainability meaning in long-lasting technology whereby purchasing a Land Cruiser means you can limit your vehicle purchasing, maintenance, and over-consumption by purchasing a car designed to last many years longer than others – which is better for the planet.

  • 2021 4×4 of the year award
  • 2014 IntelliChoice Highest retained value
  • 2014 IntelliChoice Excellent value
  • 2014 Kelley’s Blue Book Best Resale Value

Here are a few reasons why the Land Cruiser lasts so long:

  • The metal on the exterior body is thicker than others to provide for extreme off-road capabilities
  • The windshield is also made thicker than most vehicles and is also to provide for off-road 4×4 adventuring
  • The engine build is simple, and Toyota use many waterproof materials for most of the car parts, including the exhaust pipe
  • Toyota vehicles are purely built to get you there, get you home, and give the driver peace of mind through their reliability and durable power
  • Land Cruiser axels are bigger, inners and outers are bigger, the frame is taller and wider, the drivetrain has bigger components, all to suit off-road driving and assisting in making this an “indestructible” vehicle
  • Land Cruisers are largely hand-built, and shock and suspension systems are designed for excessive off-road adventuring
  • The front-engine 4WD SUV has a simple engine build that’s easy enough for anyone to learn how to maintain this engine themselves with minimal tools required
  • Parts are always readily available on a global scale and are inexpensive
  • Maintenance and repairs are not costly because of the straightforward design is so simple to fix and because Land Cruisers have been around for 70 years, mechanics are very familiar with its engine and body design

Most problems that have been reported with the Toyota Land Cruiser are minor issues and easy fixes. With a near-perfect reliability rating throughout the lifetime of the Land Cruiser, minus a few recalls, the Land Cruiser remains one of the most durable and reliable vehicles ever designed.

If you want to buy a car once in your life, buy a Toyota Land Cruiser.


Toyota Land Cruisers are one of the first vehicles manufactured by Toyota and have been on our roads for 70 years. Land Cruisers are depended on in countries with rugged landscapes and owners claim the legendary Toyota still drives and handles itself as if brand new after 200,000 miles on the odometer, even after heavy driving use and off-road adventures.

Land Cruisers are known for their longevity and are famous for being indestructible in body and engine technology. If you get yourself a Land Cruiser, you might find yourself unable to ever let it go. The great thing about that is that you might not ever have to with how long they last!