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15+ Best Toyota RAV4 Mods for Performance, Capability, Style, and Interior

The Toyota RAV4 is a top pick among SUVs because it’s dependable, good on gas, and has lots of space. But some RAV4 owners want to kick it up a notch. That’s where add-ons come in handy.

Upgrading your RAV4 can make it run better, do more, and look cooler. With many add-ons to pick from, customizing your RAV4 to meet your wants and budget is simple.

There are all sorts of add-ons you can get for your RAV4. Some are just for looks while others make the car run stronger. For boosting how your RAV4 runs, you can go for things like a new air filter, computer chip tuning, or a better exhaust pipe. These tweaks help your car use air better, get more power, and can even save you some gas money. If you want to take your RAV4 off-road, there are add-ons to help with that too. Tough tires, a lift kit, and a metal plate on the bottom will make your RAV4 handle rough ground easily.

So, a lot of different add-ons are available. They let you tune your RAV4 just how you want it. You can give it a fresh look, make it run better, or get it ready for the great outdoors.

In this article, I’m going to show you the best RAV4 mods for 2023. I’ll cover a wide range of mods, from simple changes to major performance upgrades.

Different Types of RAV4 Mods

Performance Mods

If you want your RAV4 to go faster, handle better, and save on gas, performance mods are the way to go. One of the top picks here is a cold air intake. This helps your car breathe better and ups the power a bit. An ECU tune tweaks your car’s computer to make it run better. You can also upgrade your exhaust system to get more power and maybe even better gas mileage.

Capability Mods

If off-roading or tough driving is your thing, these are the add-ons you’ll want. The first big one is all-terrain tires. These give you the grip you need on any road.

Skid plates protect the underbelly of your RAV4 when you’re driving over rough stuff. You might also want to add a winch.

If you get stuck in mud or a ditch, a winch can pull you out. These upgrades make sure your RAV4 can handle all sorts of tough spots.

Style Mods

If you’re all about the looks, style mods are what you need. You can swap out your standard wheels and tires for aftermarket ones that look way cooler. Blacking out your emblems also adds a sleek touch. Light bars not only look cool but can also be pretty useful when you’re driving in the dark.

And if you’re looking to turn heads, you can add a body kit for an entirely new look. These are all about making your RAV4 catch eyes and look like no other out there.

Interior Mods

For better comfort, seat covers and new floor mats can make a big difference. They also keep the original seats and flooring clean. Cargo organizers help you keep your stuff sorted in the back, so it’s not just thrown all over the place. And for long drives, upgrading your entertainment system can make the journey a lot more fun. These tweaks make the inside of your RAV4 just as good as the outside.


Intercooler, XH-ZL011-SL Universal Intercooler Front Mount Intercooler Car Modified Turbo Heat Radiator Engine Cooler 2.5in Inlet

Adding an intercooler to your Toyota RAV4 is like giving your engine a breath of cool air, making it stronger and more energetic. This gadget chills the air that the turbo pushes into the engine. Colder air means more oxygen for the engine’s fire. This makes the engine more powerful without needing extra fuel, which not only boosts the strength and push of your car but can also help you save on gas.

It’s a smart move for those who want to feel a bigger kick when they press the pedal and enjoy a smoother ride while using less fuel.

cold air intake

Rtunes Racing Short Ram Air Intake Kit + Filter Combo BLUE Compatible For 00-03 Toyota Rav4 2.0L / 04-05 Toyota Rav4 2.4L …

Switching to a cold air intake is another way to make your Toyota RAV4 more powerful. This mod swaps out the standard intake setup for one that pulls in colder air from outside the car. Cold air has more oxygen, which helps fuel burn better and gives your car more zip. RAV4 fans often go for this tweak because they want their ride to pack a stronger punch.

After you fit this new intake, you should drive around for a bit so the car’s computer can adjust to the changes. This helps your RAV4 get used to the new part and perform at its best.

ECU Tune

ECU tuning is all about tweaking your car’s computer, known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This computer controls things like how much fuel goes into the engine and when the spark plugs fire. A tuned ECU can make your car more powerful, efficient, or even cleaner.

To get this done, you’ll need a pro with special software to change the computer settings. First, they’ll check how your car is running now. Then they’ll change the computer’s rules to make it run better.

Performance Exhaust System

Front & Rear Converters Full Exhaust System Replacement Part For 06-08 Toyota Rav4 2.4L

Switching out your exhaust system for a performance one can make your RAV4 better in several ways. The new pipes let air flow out of the engine easier, which can make your car more powerful and save gas. They can also make your car sound better.

Performance exhausts are usually made from strong materials like stainless steel. They have bigger pipes and are built to work better than the one your car came with.

You can install this yourself at home with basic tools. But keep in mind, you might need to make some changes to the back of your car, like the bumper, to make it fit.

A new exhaust is a solid choice if you’re after a good mix of more power and a cooler sound, especially if you’ve already added other upgrades like a cold air intake or ECU tune.

Suspension Parts

Detroit Axle - 8pc Suspension Kit for 2006-2012 Toyota RAV4 [2.4L/2.5L] Complete 2 Front Struts with Coil Spring 2 Rear Shock Absorbers 4 Front Rear Sway Bars 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Replacement

Changing your RAV4’s suspension can make it handle better, feel smoother, and be more off-road ready. Popular changes include new shocks, struts, springs, and sway bars.

New shocks and struts help control the up and down motion of your car. They make the RAV4 steadier, reduce wobbling, and make the wheels stick better to the road.

Springs hold up your RAV4 and set how high it rides. Better springs can make your RAV4 steadier in turns and make it respond better when you steer.

Sway bars help keep your car flat when you’re turning by shifting weight from one side to the other. Better sway bars make your RAV4 steadier in turns and help it respond better to steering.

You can put in these upgrades at home with a few simple tools. Just note, some of these parts may need you to change some other parts of your car too.

Lighter Wheels and Tires

source – wikimedia

Lighter wheels and tires can make your RAV4 faster, handle better, and use less gas. Less weight on the wheels and tires means your car can speed up and slow down easier. It also turns better because there’s less weight dragging it down.

There are many types of lighter wheels and tires. Wheels are usually made of aluminum or other light metals. Tires often use special rubber that performs well.

You can install these wheels and tires yourself at home with basic tools.

Stronger Brakes

PowerSport Front Rear Brakes and Rotors Kit |Front Rear Brake Pads| Brake Rotors and Pads| Ceramic Brake Pads and Rotors |fits 2006-2018 Toyota RAV4

Stronger brakes make your RAV4 stop better. These brakes are usually bigger and stronger than the ones that came with your car. They’re a good choice if you want your RAV4 to stop faster and more safely.

If you’ve already made your RAV4 faster with other upgrades, better brakes are a smart addition. You can put these in at home too, using simple tools. Just know, you might have to get new wheels and tires to fit the bigger brakes.

Extra Turbocharger

Lirufeng RHF5V VB13 turbocharger 17201-0R020 Replacement Parts fits TOYOTA RAV4 D-4D Corolla Avensis Auris 2AD-FHV 2.2L 17201-0R022 172010R022 17201-0R021 172010R021 17201-440FP

An extra turbocharger makes your RAV4 way more powerful. It forces more air into the engine, making your car accelerate faster and reach higher speeds.

This is a job for a skilled mechanic and can be costly. You might also need to change other parts of your engine, like getting better fuel injectors or a new exhaust.

Adding a turbocharger is a big move but it can really boost your RAV4’s power. Just be sure you know all the costs and work involved before you go for it.

Lift Kit

ReadyLift 69-5320 ReadyLift 2" SST Toyota RAV4 Lift kit

A lift kit makes your RAV4 sit higher off the ground. This is cool for people who like to drive on rough trails. It lets you fit in even bigger tires.

You can install a lift kit at home with simple tools. But remember, a lift kit might make your car handle differently and ride less smooth. Some lift kits also need you to change parts like the axles.

Under-Car Shield (Skid Plate)

Koolzap Compatible with 06-12 RAV4 Front Engine Splash Shield Under Cover Undercar TO1228143

A skid plate is like armor for the bottom of your RAV4. It helps keep the underside safe from rocks and bumps, especially if you’re driving on rough paths.

It’s simple to bolt on a skid plate at home with a few tools. Just be aware, some types might need you to make changes to the car’s frame.

Pull Yourself Out with a Winch

Longsun Front Bumper Compatible with Toyota Tacoma 2nd Gen 2005-2015, Textured Black Pickup Truck Bumper for 2005-2015 Tacoma, with Winch Plate, Lights and D-rings

A winch helps you pull your car out of sticky spots like mud or snow. This is handy if you go off-road often or live in places with a lot of snow or rain.

You can attach a winch to your car at home using basic tools. Just note, some winches might need you to change the front part of your car.

Stronger Bumpers

BUMPERS THAT DELIVER - Painted To Match, Front Bumper Cover Fascia for 2019-2023 Toyota RAV4 Adventure/TRD/Trail with Park Assist 19-23, TO1000454

Aftermarket bumpers are tougher than the ones that come with your RAV4. They’re made from stronger stuff and can save your car from bigger hits. You can also put winches and other tools on them.

You can fit one of these bumpers at home, using easy-to-find tools. However, you might have to make changes to your car’s frame to fit some types.

Better Lights for Dark Trails

AUTOWIKI Fog Lights for 2019-2023 TOYOTA RAV4 (Not fit ADVENTURE; TRAIL and TRD OFF-ROAD models) OEM Fog Lamps Replacement 1 Pair Clear Lens with Switch and Wiring Kit

Off-road lights make it easier to see when you’re driving in the dark or in low light. You can add different kinds of lights like headlights, fog lights, and bars of lights.

You can put these lights in yourself with a few basic tools. Just know, some lights might need you to change your car’s wiring.

Blacked-out emblems

Genuine Toyota RAV4 LE Blackout Black Emblem Overlays PT948-42194-02

Dark logos are an easy and cheap way to make your RAV4 look tougher. You can swap the shiny logos for dark ones or just paint over the ones you have. Lots of RAV4 drivers like to do this for a small but cool change to their car’s look.

Body kit

Stripes Decal Sticker Vinyl Compatible with Toyota rav4 2019- Present SUV Hybrid - Black

A body kit can make your RAV4 look fast or tough. These kits usually come with new bumpers for the front and back, side pieces, and a thing for the back that helps with speed. They’re made from different stuff like hard plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. If you want your RAV4 to stand out, this is a way to do it.

roof rack

TUNTROL Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Toyota RAV4 2019-2023 LE XLE XSE Limited Hybrid, Aluminum Top Rail Cargo Accesorries Rooftop Luggage Carrier Set

An extra rack on top lets you carry more stuff like bikes, boats, or big boxes. It also makes your RAV4 look ready for adventure. Lots of people add these to get more use and style out of their cars.


All these changes can make your RAV4 look cooler and work better. They can help you with off-road driving, bad weather, and carrying more stuff.

If you want to drive in rough spots, go for special tires, a lift kit, underbody shields, and a pulling gear. If you want your RAV4 to drive faster or better, get a new air system, engine tweaks, and a better exhaust pipe. If you’re looking to make your RAV4 look good, get dark logos, a style pack, a better roof holder, and a cool front grid. For making the inside better, seat covers, mats, and back storage helpers are the way to go.

Now, here are the top 3 changes I like for the RAV4:

  1. New Air System: This replaces your regular air system with one that brings in colder air. This helps your engine run better and can make your RAV4 faster while saving gas.
  2. Engine Tweaks: You can change the car’s engine computer. It manages things like the mix of air and fuel, when to fire the spark, and other stuff. Tweaking it can make your RAV4 run the way you want, like being faster or saving more gas.
  3. Better Exhaust Pipe: This is a new pipe that lets air out of the engine better than the regular one. It can make your car sound and run better.