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7 Best Rav4 Roof Rack: Top Picks for Your Adventure Rides

Roof racks are an indispensable accessory for many vehicle owners, particularly if you are like me and always seem to have way more stuff than what you can fit inside of your vehicle. The Toyota RAV4, with its robust features and ample cargo space, is a prime candidate for a sturdy roof rack, letting you maximize your vehicle’s utility by transporting additional gear such as bikes, kayaks, or luggage.

Roof racks not only enhance the storage capacity of a RAV4 but also make for a much more organized travel experience.

Selecting the right roof rack for a RAV4 is about balancing durability, ease of installation, and the capacity to handle various loads. The materials used, typically steel or aluminum, play a pivotal role in the rack’s longevity and weight.

Aluminium is lightweight and generally resistant to rust, making it a popular choice, whereas steel is stronger but heavier and may require additional anti-corrosive treatment.

When shopping for a RAV4 roof rack, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the weight limit, the compatibility with your particular RAV4 model, and the type of items you plan to carry. The installation process should not require substantial modifications to your vehicle, and the design should complement the aesthetics of your RAV4.

We understand the significance of these factors and have dedicated our efforts to evaluating a range of roof rack options to find the best match for your RAV4. Our goal is to guide you through this selection process, ensuring that your adventures are well-equipped and your travels are smooth.

Top Picks for Rav4 Roof Racks

We’ve scoured the market to find the best roof racks for your Rav4, perfect for expanding your cargo capacity on those epic road trips or outdoor adventures. Our curated list includes top-rated, durable options that will make hauling gear on your SUV a breeze.

Whether you need to transport bikes, luggage, or any bulky items, we’ve got you covered with the choices that blend quality, ease of installation, and security for your belongings.

1. Autekcomma Cross Bars

Autekcomma Roof Rack Cross Bars for Toyota RAV4 2019-2023 (Not Fit Models for Adventure/TRD Off-Road). Anti-Theft Lock Mechanism Black Matte Aluminum Anti-Corrosion crossbars

If you own a RAV4 and love hitting the road for some adventure, these roof rack cross bars are a must-have for your trips.


  • Upgraded lock system for enhanced security
  • Corrosion-resistant with a powder-coated finish
  • No-drill, easy installation process


  • Included wrench may be of low quality
  • The arc design might not support laying items flat
  • Installation instructions could be clearer

Just got back from a road trip with the Autekcomma Cross Bars fitted on our RAV4, and honestly, they’re a game-changer. The installation was a breeze; we had them clamped on and ready to go in no time – no drilling, no hassle.

They attached seamlessly to the existing roof rails, which means we were out the door minutes after unboxing.

During our travels, we noticed a significant advantage of these bars was how secure they felt. The new metal mechanism lock that’s been added to this model gives an extra sense of security that our gear was safe up there, even when we hit some bumpy backroads.

Plus, their heavy-duty aluminum build held up admirably with no signs of wear or corrosion – a testament to the premium construction.

But no road trip’s complete without some challenges, right? We tried hauling various gear, and while the sleek design cut down on wind resistance (a seriously nice bonus), some of our flatter items didn’t sit as snug because of the bar’s arc shape.

And a piece of advice – you might want to ditch the included wrench and grab a proper ratchet to make things easier.

In short, these Autekcomma Cross Bars are a solid pick for any RAV4 owner who loves a little (or a lot) of adventure. They expand your cargo capabilities, feel sturdy, and blend into the car’s aesthetics as if they were factory-installed.

Just double-check your gear compatibility with the arc, and you’re all set to hit the road.

2. Wonderdriver Roof Rack Cross Bars

Wonderdriver Max Loading 260lbs Lockable Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for Toyota RAV4 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 LE XLE XSE Limited Hybrid Aluminum Crossbars Rooftop Cargo Bag Luggage Carrier

We found these roof racks to be a game-changer for our RAV4, especially when it comes to hauling our outdoor gear securely.


  • Locking mechanism provides added security against theft.
  • Low profile design substantially reduces wind noise at high speeds.
  • Installation is a breeze with clearly labeled parts and directions.


  • Not compatible with RAV4 Adventure/TRD Off-Road models due to raised side rails.
  • Limited compatibility largely exclusive to the 2019-2024 RAV4 models.
  • Weight capacity is capped at 260lbs, which could be limiting for heavier loads.

We recently got our hands on the Wonderdriver Roof Rack Cross Bars, and we have to say, they’re a solid investment for your Rav4 as long as it’s year is from 2019-2024. The metal lock and key feature had us feeling confident about leaving our car unattended with gear on the roof.

There’s no denying the sense of security that comes with knowing your cargo is locked down.

Most roof racks can be noisy, but these are designed to cut down on wind noise, which was a real plus for us. Driving on the freeway is a whole new experience without the usual whistle and hum that we had become used to.

It’s a small change, but one that makes long trips a lot more enjoyable.

The part we were most dreading – the installation – turned out to be ridiculously simple. Each piece was marked, and the instructions were crystal clear, saving us the usual hassle and confusion.

It was almost as if the racks wanted to jump onto the car by themselves. After a short while, we were all set and ready to hit the road.

In brief, the Wonderdriver Roof Rack Cross Bars have proven to be a reliable addition to our RAV4, enhancing our adventure readiness without the usual fuss.

3. FengYu RAV4 Cross Bars

FengYu Roof Racks Cross Bars for Toyota RAV4 2013-2018 with Side Rails, Aluminum Crossbars Luggage Rack Rooftop Cargo Snowboard ski Luggage car Bike Carrier

We found that these roof racks from FengYu are a solid choice for RAV4 owners looking to expand their cargo space efficiently.


  • Custom-fit for various RAV4 models ensures a snug and reliable fit.
  • The installation process is user-friendly, thanks to clear instructions and included tools.
  • The strong aluminum construction confidently handles the stated load capacity.


  • There may be some minor adjustments needed for a perfect fit, particularly with the rear bar.
  • Additional accessories are advised for specialized cargo like surfboards or skis.
  • The durability of the rack in extreme weather conditions over time is not clear from current use.

When we set out to install the FengYu roof racks on our RAV4, we were immediately pleased with the straightforward nature of the assembly. The package included everything we needed, down to the Allen wrench, making the setup a breeze.

Once installed, the racks felt sturdy, and we had no trouble loading up our typical camping gear.

During our first trip with the racks, we noticed how well the cargo stayed in place. The soft rubber pad in the clamp design added an extra sense of security, ensuring our load remained harmlessly affixed to the vehicle.

The black matte coating also added a sleek, rugged look to our RAV4 that did not go unnoticed.

Our biggest takeaway from using the FengYu roof racks was the versatility they provided. We didn’t have the chance to test them with super heavy loads or specialized equipment like kayaks, but for standardized cargo and sports equipment, they performed admirably.

However, be prepared for some DIY adjustments, as the fit might not be perfect straight out of the box for every vehicle.


BrightLines Aero Roof Rack Cross Bars Compatible with Toyota RAV4 2013-2018

If you’re looking to enhance your RAV4’s cargo capabilities, the BRIGHTLINES Aero Bars are a go-to due to their blend of aesthetics and functionality.


  • Sleek aero design minimizes wind noise
  • High load capacity, holding up to 150lbs
  • Straightforward installation process


  • Limited rear bar adjustability for some models
  • Potential gasket mismatch for car rails
  • Installation may be tricky for novices

We recently got our hands on the BRIGHTLINES Aero Bars and the experience was quite positive. The installation was a breeze, which says a lot since we’re not all mechanics here.

Everything needed was in the box, and within minutes, the bars were securely attached to our RAV4.

Having used them on a cross-country trip carrying various gear, we noticed the noise reduction was as advertised; nothing like having a quiet ride when you’re loaded up.

The 150 pounds weight capacity came in handy when we had to load up some heavy camping gear.

Although the bars paired nicely with the RAV4, we did face some hiccups. We found that the rear bar adjustment wasn’t wide enough for all positions we wanted. However, it wasn’t a dealbreaker.

New users might find the lack of detailed instructions a spot of bother, but we managed fine, and so could you with a bit of patience.

Overall, the BRIGHTLINES Aero Bars delivered on their promise. They not only enhanced the look of our vehicle but also provided a reliable and sturdy base for our cargo without any annoying noise. The cons are minor blips that do not overshadow the value these bars bring to your RAV4’s utility.

5. KINGGERI Roof Racks for RAV4

KINGGERI Heavy Duty 260lbs Lockable Roof Racks Cross Bars for Toyota RAV4 2019-2024 Accessories, Aluminum Rails Crossbars Anti-Theft Metal Black (Not Fit for Adventure/TRD Off-Road)

If you’re in the market for a sturdy and sleek roof rack for your RAV4, this KINGGERI set is an excellent pick.


  • Enhanced durability with die-cast aluminum brackets and 2.4mm thick bars
  • Designed to custom-fit 2019-2024 Toyota RAV4 models
  • Simple to install with clear instructions and no drilling required


  • Not suitable for Adventure/TRD Off-Road models with raised side rails
  • Aftermarket parts can sometimes have fitment quirks
  • The rubber sealing on one support might extend slightly, affecting the finish

Our recent road trip really put the KINGGERI Roof Racks to the test, and they exceeded expectations. Mounting the racks onto our 2023 RAV4 was a breeze, with all tools provided and the pieces well-labeled.

There’s a palpable sense of security once installed; these racks sit snugly and don’t budge, even when we’re cruising down the highway at speed.

In contrast to some other racks we’ve tried before, these don’t whistle or hum; it’s pretty silent up there even with a cargo box in tow. The matte black finish gave our ride an instant upgrade in looks, feeling much more expensive than it is.

Having additional storage up top has been a game-changer for us. We managed to offload so much from the backseat and trunk, making the cabin more spacious and comfortable for passengers.

The lockable feature adds a layer of theft protection, giving us peace of mind when we have to leave the car unattended.

Despite being a third-party accessory, it’s satisfying when car upgrades feel like they were made just for your vehicle, and this one fits the bill perfectly. With the KINGGERI Roof Racks, we found that not only do we have a reliable way to haul extra gear, but we also maintain the sleek look of our RAV4 without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

6. FLYCLE Rav4 Roof Racks

FLYCLE Roof Rack Cross Bars Compatible with 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Toyota RAV4 LE XLE XSE Limited Hybrid, Rav4 Roof Rack Low Wind Noise Rooftop Cargo Carrier with Flush Roof Rails

We found these racks perfect for anyone needing to boost their RAV4’s cargo capacity elegantly and efficiently.


  • Simple installation with no need to drill or modify your RAV4.
  • Aerodynamic design leads to minimal wind noise, even at high speeds.
  • Excellent load capacity of up to 160 lbs, suitable for everything from kayaks to cargo boxes.


  • Absence of a T-slot for accessories which might require a workaround like additional clamping or drilling.
  • The wind noise issue can arise when the moonroof is open.
  • Compatibility concerns for models outside the specified range, so double-check your RAV4’s year.

The FLYCLE Roof Rack Cross Bars settled snugly onto our 2023 RAV4 without a hitch. The installation was a breeze, and all the hardware we needed came right in the box.

We didn’t have to hunt down any extra tools, and the instruction manual guided us through each step.

Heading out onto the freeway, we noticed how quiet these bars are. There’s an undeniable peace of mind knowing that your gear is secured on an aerodynamic rack that’s designed to cut through the wind rather than battle against it.

We threw on a couple of kayaks for a quick jaunt to the lake. The racks held firm, no groans or creaks, just solid performance. It’s reassuring to see that they walk the talk on load capacity and doesn’t wobble even with substantial weight.

But remember, if your RAV4 model doesn’t fall within the 2019-2023 bracket, do check compatibility before you click buy.

7. Richeer RAV4 Cross Bars

Richeer Roof Rack Cross Bars Fit for 2013-2018 RAV4, Aluminum Cross Bar for Cargo Racks Rooftop Luggage Bicycle Roof Bag

If you’re in the market for a roof rack for your RAV4, these Richeer Cross Bars are a sturdy and affordable choice.


  • Enhances cargo capacity with a strong load bearing design
  • Intuitive installation process without needing to drill
  • Aluminum construction offers both strength and lighter weight


  • Potential wind noise, which can be noticeable inside the cabin
  • Provided instructions could be clearer for easier set up
  • May not match the aesthetics and fit of OEM options for some users

We recently fitted our RAV4 with these Richeer Cross Bars and were quite impressed with their robust build; aluminum really does give you the strength without the heft. Carrying everything from bikes to kayaks for our weekend escapes become easy, and we handled the setup without any drilling or fuss, even if the instructions had us scratching our heads for a moment.

On the road, the Richeer Rack held up well. It dealt with the weight of our luggage effortlessly, proving its worth with a generous 160 lbs capacity. We felt confident enough to recommend these to any fellow RAV4 owner with regular cargo hauling needs.

One caveat was the wind noise. It wasn’t a deal-breaker for us, but it could annoy those who prefer a quieter ride. And while they may not have the OEM look, these cross bars do their job without demanding the price tag of factory options.

Overall, they’re a worthy investment for outdoor enthusiasts and frequent travelers alike.

Buying Guide


First things first, we have to check the roof rack’s compatibility with our RAV4 model. Manufacturers provide a list of compatible vehicles for their roof racks.

We’ll want to match our car’s year, make, and model with the product specifications to ensure a perfect fit.

Load Capacity

We need to consider what we’ll be hauling. Different roof racks have different weight capacities. It’s essential to choose a rack that can handle the load we’re planning to carry, whether it’s bikes, skis, or camping gear.


We’re looking for a rack that’s sturdy and built to last. This means materials that resist rust and corrosion, like aluminum or powder-coated steel. A durable rack will ensure our gear remains secure in all weather conditions.

Ease of Installation

Here’s where we value our time and peace of mind. Some roof racks require no tools for installation, while others might need a bit more work. We’ll look for a rack that we feel comfortable installing ourselves, which usually comes with clear instructions.


To save on fuel and reduce noise, we’ll opt for a roof rack with an aerodynamic design. It minimizes drag and doesn’t disrupt the sleek look of our RAV4.

FeatureWhat to Look For
CompatibilityMatch to vehicle’s make and model
Load CapacitySufficient for our hauling needs
DurabilityResistant materials like aluminum
InstallationPreferably tool-free setup
AerodynamicsDesign that reduces drag


Lastly, we’d want to secure our belongings. A rack with locking mechanisms will help deter theft and give us peace of mind when we leave our vehicle unattended.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions about RAV4 roof racks to help you gear up for your adventures with confidence.

What are the steps for installing an OEM roof rack on a Toyota RAV4?

To install an OEM roof rack on a Toyota RAV4, start by checking the manual for any specific instructions. Generally, we’ll align and attach the mounting feet, secure the crossbars, and tighten all components per the recommended torque settings.

How much weight can the Toyota RAV4’s roof support safely?

The Toyota RAV4’s roof can typically support a dynamic weight of about 165 pounds. Always refer to the vehicle’s manual to confirm the exact weight limit, ensuring we remain within the vehicle’s safe load capacity.

Can I mount a rooftop tent on my RAV4 without any issues?

Yes, we can mount a rooftop tent on a RAV4, as long as the combined weight of the tent and occupants doesn’t exceed the roof’s weight limit and the rack system is rated for that use. We should opt for a lightweight tent and confirm the roof rack’s capacity before installation.

Which brands offer the best roof racks for off-roading with a RAV4?

For off-roading with a RAV4, brands like Thule, Yakima, and ARB are known for their durable roof racks. We’ll want to choose a rack that can withstand rough terrain and that is compatible with our specific RAV4 model.

What options are available for carrying kayaks on a RAV4?

To carry kayaks on a RAV4, we can use J-cradles, stackers, or saddles. These accessories attach to the roof rack and secure the kayak during transport. Make sure to pick one that supports the kayak’s weight and size for safe travel.

Are Rhino-Rack crossbars a good fit for the RAV4’s roof rack?

Rhino-Rack crossbars are a popular choice for a RAV4’s roof rack system. They’re known for their strength and compatibility with various accessories. It’s important to select the correct model that fits our RAV4’s roof to ensure a proper and secure fit.