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Toyota Rav4: How Long Will It Last?

When purchasing a car do you think about how long you might own it for? Is this a car just to get you from A to B for a little while or is this a car that can get you from A to Z and back again for years down the line? With the Toyota Rav4, you’ll get option two.

The Toyota Rav4 has an average lifespan of 250,000 miles or 16 years which is considerably longer than the average lifespan of other vehicles on the roads today. If your Rav4 is well-maintained and serviced regularly, you can expect to get more than 250,000 miles in its lifetime.

Are you searching for a reliable investment in a vehicle that you can enjoy the comforts of for years to come and possibly even give to your children when they’re old enough to drive? Consider the Toyota Rav4 for its compact design, efficient cargo space, exceptional safety features, and for its longevity.

Read on below to find out more about the Toyota Rav4, how long it lasts, and how.

How Long Does a Toyota Rav4 Last?

The Toyota Rav4 is known to last up to 250,000 miles and more and has an average lifespan of approximately 16 years.

The average lifespan of a car in America changes between platforms and has been estimated anywhere between eight years and 150,000 miles according to Cascade Collision or around 12 years and up to 200,000 miles according to Car and Driver.

Either way, neither of those estimates comes close to the expected lifespan of a Toyota Rav4 at 16 years or 250,000 miles and more, according to Motor Biscuit.

Ponder the Toyota Rav4 as the right compact SUV for you and your family and continue reading to find out how the Rav4 lasts so long and what current owners have to say about its reliability and longevity. Do you think a Rav4 can last over 20 years? Let’s find out.

How Does the Toyota Rav4 Last So Long?

The Toyota Rav4 is designed for driving on most terrains, depending on the trim level bought, and is designed to last. You can depend on your Toyota Rav4 to get you where you need to be and to continue getting there for as long as you maintain and treat your Rav4 right.

Maintenance is key to any vehicle’s longevity, and this can be said for the Toyota Rav4 too.

Here are the main reasons why a Toyota Rav4 lasts so long:

  • It’s all in how the Rav4 is constructed and made with aluminum panels and in-built safety designs
  • The Rav4 is a crossover SUV, meaning it is a unibody SUV which is known to last longer
  • The robot-welded panels are all double-checked for reliability before moving to the next stage of production
  • The Toyota Rav4 engine is designed by quailed engine technicians in America and goes through extensive testing and checks before being sent to the manufacturing factory
  • Toyota has award-winning engines that are well-known for their longevity and resilience

Regarding Toyota as a business, there are also some business models and structures in place that help to make Toyota a great company that keeps putting out great designs and reliable, long-lasting vehicles.

  • Staff turnover is low, including management positions
  • Toyota plan ahead
  • Toyota has a philosophy that focuses on quality rather than profit. We see this in the Toyota Land Cruiser design which is rarely altered or changed over the years because the quality is too good to need to change

Here’s a Toyota fun fact, the manufacturing model of Toyota is based on the Japanese word “Kaizen” which translated means “change for the better” and is implemented within Toyota manufacturing for continuous improvement.

Can a Toyota Rav4 Last 20 Years?

If you ask Rav4 owners, they’ll gladly tell you that yes, your Toyota Rav4 will last up to, and over 20 years with proper care and maintenance.

Check out this Quora review on the Toyota Rav4 by used Dealership worker Wesley Schmidt. Wesley states in his answer to the question “Can a Toyota Rav4 last 20 years?”, that Toyotas, even 20-year-old Toyotas with up to 350,000 miles on the clock are some of the best cars he sees coming through the dealership.

The Rav4 with 350,000 miles on the odometer still had its original engine and transmission!

Another reviewer on Quora has a 1996 Toyota Rav4 that has only needed minimal repairs over the last 24 years but is still running fine.

In fact, there are many more comments and reviews from Rav4 owners and drivers who all agree the Rav4 can last over 20 years and can have more than 350,000 miles on the clock, and still be a great car to drive. It’s all in the maintenance and upkeep.

How to Make Your Toyota Rav4 Last Longer

We’ve mentioned maintenance a few times, but other than the obvious maintenance, there are a few other ways you can ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

Most of these tips you can do yourself, but if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, the Toyota Rav4 is well-known amongst mechanics and the costs are low.

  1. Drive sensibly, this isn’t just for the maintenance and longevity of your car but is also for your own and for others’ safety on the road.
  2. Always have your fluids filled up and use good-quality liquids
  3. Have uncommon noises and dash-lights checked by a mechanic asap
  4. Have a major service completed at least once a year
  5. Have your car serviced for minor wear and tear once to twice a year
  6. Never let your gas or oil run low, this can lead to needing major repairs down the line
  7. Store your car appropriately to keep it from weather and elemental damages
  8. Replace parts before they cause more issues to your car
  9.  Keep an eye on the tread and grip of your tires. We recommend having your tires replaced at least every 6 – 8 years to be safe. Although the Rav4 is designed with superior AWD abilities, your car and your tire work hand-in-hand and both need to reply on the other to handle the terrains

What Was the Best Year for the Toyota Rav4?

When you look up the best and worst years for a car that has been around for over 20 years, you’ll usually find a long list of the years to be avoided.

With the Toyota Rav4, however, the list of Rav4 years and models to avoid is small and is only relevant because it has years that are better.

Some of the best years for the Toyota Rav4 are:

  • The latest 2021 models of the Rav4 are rated highly in safety and reliability
  • Based on consumer reviews and ratings on Four Wheel Trends, the Toyota Rav4 2016 is one of the best years for the Rav4
  • The 2021 Rav4 Prime and 2021 Rav4 Hybrid have great fuel economy and are planned to last for 41 city and 38 highway miles per gallon.


Not only does the Toyota Rav4 offer drivers the opportunity to purchase an affordable vehicle with some of the skills of a full-size AWD or 4WD SUV, but Toyota rewards its customers with durable, resilient cars that are built to last and that are built not to need regular maintenance.

The Toyota Rav4 is a money-saving machine in more ways than one and if you want to depend on your safe, efficient, and reliable Rav4 for over 20 years, look after your car and get it repaired and maintained when needed. Your Toyota Rav4 will last over its average 250,000 miles and you’ll never look back.