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Is The Dodge Journey A Minian Or SUV? (What’s The Difference?)

People often get confused when they hear someone talking about the Dodge Journey. Many people seem to think that it is an SUV while other people argue that instead it is a minivan, but which is it? 

The Dodge Journey is a SUV/crossover that was sold beginning in 2009. The vehicle was designed to replace the Chrysler Pacifica (SUV not minivan) that was discontinued in 2008. 

The confusion often arises because Dodge/Chrysler often repurpose their vehicle names multiple times and even for different types of vehicles (as is the case with the Chrysler Pacifica that was an SUV and is now a minivan). However, the Dodge Journey name has only ever been used for their SUV/crossover model as of now. 

Another reason that the Journey is a slightly confusing vehicle is that the style shares a lot of resemblance to a minivan and it isn’t a long way off the ground like most SUVs however, when you get closer to the Journey it quickly becomes obvious that it isn’t a minivan. 

The easiest way to tell if a vehicle is a minivan or not is by looking at the doors for the second row. All minivans have sliding doors for their second row seats while crossovers and SUVs have the traditional doors that swing open. 

When looking at this and other features it becomes quite clear that the Dodge Journey is an SUV/crossover as it has all of the expected features as other sport utility vehicles do and doesn’t have sliding doors like a minivan. 

There are some additional things that you can look at to determine if a vehicle is a minivan or SUV as well which I will mention a little bit later in this article. 

What is the main difference between a minivan and SUV? 

It is important to have some information about both of these types of vehicles so you can not only easily tell them apart but also so you know what each one offers so you can easily decide if you want to purchase one of them or neither in the future. 

Of course, no matter which vehicle you want to buy (now or in the future) it’s always good to have as much information as possible. 

Specifically, minivans are those vehicles that emphasize comfort and space over power and off-road capabilities.  Though the power available in a minivan is plenty for what they are used for they will have far less power than SUVs. 

The space factor and seating capacity are also a huge difference. You can easily fit 7-8 people inside of a minivan with plenty of legroom while most SUVs won’t be able to fit more than 6 people and the space for those 6 people is often far less in an SUV than in a minivan. 

While SUVs are certainly preferred for their massive power and all-weather driving they are also known for looking far better than a minivan as well. If you have a family but don’t want to look like your parents or grandparents then you will likely choose to buy an SUV or a minivan! 

What are the advantages of an SUV?

SUVs are equipped with a ton of amazing features that make them quite popular and also efficient. Other segments like sedans or minivans have plenty of features but they are far from being as popular as SUVs currently. 

SUVs are capable of providing tons of power for hauling trailers, campers, etc. while still providing a decent amount of comfort at the same time. 

For many people, an SUV is a great way to look good while still having the space for most families and also being able to haul thousands of pounds. SUVs are packed full of great features that make them quite useful for daily driving as well.  

What are the features of the Dodge Journey?

The core features of this vehicle revolve around the safety and engine specifications. These are really the best features of this vehicle besides the main reason that people choose this SUV/crossover, THE PRICE! 

The Dodge Journey is one of the cheapest SUVs/crossovers so it is extremely popular with those families who want to look stylish and have tons of power under the hood while still not breaking the bank. 

The Dodge Journey is equipped with multi-stage driver and passenger airbags, which helps to minimize the damage to passengers in case of any accident. Apart from this, the Journey also has front-seat side airbags and third row side curtain airbags, which helps to provide maximum safety. 

As it helps in most off-road driving, the electronic stability control also helps keep the vehicle stable at every point along the way. These features are also complemented by an electronic mitigation system and brake assist in gaining effectiveness in handling and control.

The power of the engine capacity of this vehicle is also important. It is equipped with a 2.4L four-cylinder engine capable of providing 173hp of power and 166lb-ft of torque. 

With these specs and features, you can easily get optimum performance from this SUV.  

Why do people prefer the Dodge Journey over other SUVs or minivans? 

There are a few different reasons why some people prefer the Dodge Journey over other minivans/SUVs. 

First of all, it is from the SUV segment but provides almost all of the same functionalities as a minivan does. The space provided can help you get almost the same number of people inside of one as what could fit in a much larger minivan (although with not as much leg room). 

Apart from that, the comfort provided by this vehicle is excellent as well. 

Perhaps most importantly, the safety provided by this vehicle is a virtually unmatched feature of this SUV. It has airbags at almost every possible impact point that will help the passengers in the unlikely event of a collision. Safety is amongst the best features one can get with this SUV. 

Choosing to get this vehicle can help you to fulfill the need for an automobile and also will provide plenty of safety for your family too. 

Is Dodge Journey an off-road vehicle?

Now that we have settled the fact that the Dodge Journey comes from the SUV segment of vehicles and also that it is equipped with a powerful engine let’s take a look at whether it can be used for off roading or not. 

Although the Journey has enough power to go off road, if the terrain is very uneven then it really isn’t a good choice. This is because the Dodge Journey only has a ground clearance of slightly over 7 inches (yes you read that right)! 

With only 7 inches of clearance you could easily tear up the underside of the vehicle by going over any medium sized rocks or uneven terrain. 

The Dodge Journey is a great choice for city driving or even traveling across country but for off road use it isn’t a good choice.   

What are the best functionalities of the Dodge Journey? 

The best functionalities of the Dodge Journey are its crossover features. Though many people are often confused about this vehicle’s segment, the fact that it comes with the comfort of a minivan and power like an SUV makes a vehicle that is a nice combination of both. 

Those people who don’t want to compromise any aspects of their vehicles, whether it is power or comfort, should opt for this SUV. 

Apart from the crossover part, it also contains a great level of safety consideration in the availability of the all-around airbags. It doesn’t only save you from damage but can also help protect you or those that you love from death in the event of an incredibly dangerous accident. 

The overall look and the performance of this crossover vehicle make it an excellent automobile for all kinds of different purposes. 

As per the company, it belongs to the SUV segment and is not a minivan no matter how many people claim that it looks like one or even drives like one!