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Can You Drive The Road To Hana In A Minivan? (Should You?)

Whenever you get ready to pack your bags, going for a family or friends trip becomes a major point of discussion, wandering about the best place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

A great option for you to get away and simply enjoy the scenery which will leave you awestruck with its mesmerizing and unique beauty is the Hana highway or (Road to Hana). This is one amazing tourist spot in Hawaii which is incredible in its own way.

Since people are often vacationing there with friends or family they will have a larger vehicle that they have rented such as a minivan which then brings up the question of whether you can actually drive the Road To Hana with a minivan. 

You can absolutely drive the Road to Hana in a minivan without any issues. Once you are past Hana there will be some gravel roads which could be more difficult to traverse in a minivan if it is raining or has rained that day but beyond that a minivan will be just fine. 

The Road To Hana is a 64.4-mile-long route connecting Kahului with the town of Hana on the island of Maui (located in Hawaii). It has become a favourite tourist destination because of the spectacular sites located at different stops on Hana Road. 

In the rest of this article I will mention some additional information about the Road to Hana and whether it is comfortable and safe to drive it using a minivan.

Should you drive the Road to Hana using a minivan?

If you are travelling in a group of 4-6 members, then traveling in a small car can be quite uncomfortable. So, the best means of transport to use is likely an SUV or a minivan. 

Since the Road to Hana is a narrow, long winding road, minivans are considered to be a great option. A small car can also do it but unlike minivans, they are not very spacious. Since a minivan is a “larger” vehicle you might feel a little more scared when traveling the narrowest portions of the road but you don’t need to worry as a minivan will fit just fine. 

A minivan’s cost-effectiveness can save a lot of money while going on road trips like this. It also gives tourists the freedom to drive according to their wishes and explore the places that they want to. 

Renting a minivan for the Road to Hana

If you are planning to rent a minivan, (which most tourists to the island do) then you should be aware of certain things about the rental before you head out on your trip. 


When renting a minivan the most important factor which comes in is its mileage. You will want to make sure that you don’t have a set number of miles for the rental or that you are paying by the mile. 

Most major car rental companies give you unlimited miles but if you are renting from a smaller company or from an individual then you will want to make sure that you don’t rack up a bunch of fees on your trip. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure that any vehicle that you are renting doesn’t have super high miles on it so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down while you are traveling.

Space and seats

Along with mileage, the number of seats present in the minivan and the space it offers are also of great importance. Once you have set out on the road trip which might last for a day, you need to be comfortable enough to actually enjoy the trip. This needs to be considered a bit more seriously than many people do as a lot of time might be spent on the road which can be tiresome and hectic if the minivan you rent is cramped or not large enough for everyone to fit. 

Music system

Music systems of some sort will be in every minivan but some will have better connections and options available. Playing some amazing music while you are driving this scenic highway is a great way to add some additional fun to your trip. 

This is especially true if you play authentic Hawaiian music while you are enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian countryside. 

Why is the Road to Hana so famous ?

As mentioned earlier it is famous because of its eye-catching and picturesque spots. Every year around more than 400,000 people visit this location making it the most perfect tourist destination. The Road to Hana is a long, winding, and curvy road that makes it more unique than virtually any other road in America. 

There are a total of around 620 curves along the road with different mind blowing places to stop and rest or simply to enjoy the gorgeous views.

The first stop along the road is Pai town. Apart from this, the glistening, clear water rushing over the rocks of Twin Falls and Wailua Falls is stupendous in its own way. Also, the Garden of Eden Arboretum consists of a 100+ year old mango tree and a variety of beautiful flowers blooming everywhere in the garden. 

Tourists can also explore the local art gallery situated there if they choose. 

If you are fascinated by beaches, then this trip will be great for you. One of the many tourist spots located on the Road to Hana is the Red Sand Beach. What makes it superior compared with other beaches in Hawaii is the amazing shady trees and sea cliffs. 

The most enthralling place along the road for many people is the last stop “Seven Sacred Pools” which lets guests cool off after a long and tiring journey. 

The pool, if described in one word, is simply a wonder and its beauty can be relished not just by diving deep into the waters but can also be enjoyed from above where the outlying area Kipahulu campground remains open for tent camping.


These are some of the things that need to be kept in mind to enjoy an uninterrupted journey as you might not get every facility you need on your drive. It’s a good idea to drive slowly as those roads can be difficult to navigate because of its unpaved and curvy paths. 

It might put your life in danger if you drive too fast or ignore signs near bridges. You should also make sure before heading off on the trip that you have all the items needed in your vehicle like plenty of food, water, cash, towels, hiking shoes, fuel, chargers, camera, etc. 

Despite all these challenges, just imagine a beautiful landscape silhouetting under the curvy shades of nature, a silent combination of golden-red background spreading up along with the most silent tones of simple breeze and the atmosphere showing you the most exotic version that you might have ever noticed! 

Your trip to Hana can be even more mesmerizing with some good old friends, family members, or colleagues, getting rid of the stress and hecticness surrounding your daily life.