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Does a Dodge/Chrysler Minivan Have Bluetooth? (Why You Need Bluetooth)

One of the greatest perks of going on a road trip is listening and singing along to good music on the way. Some good old country music or a Journey song or maybe a song which has a good bass will help make a good trip into an even better one. 

We used to have to plug in all sorts of adapters to play CDs, cassettes, etc. but nowadays many vehicles have Bluetooth connectivity so you can hook your smartphone right up to the vehicle and play your music from there. 

Although many vehicles have Bluetooth as an option not all of them do so the question remains of whether a Dodge or Chrysler minivan has Bluetooth on them or not. 

Many of the Dodge/Chrysler minivans do come with Bluetooth connectivity but not all models do. If the minivan has Uconnect then that means it has Bluetooth as an option. If it doesn’t have Uconnect on it then it likely doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. 

Most brand new Dodge or Chrysler minivans will come with Bluetooth connectivity but the cheapest models typically will not as they will have the base model radio which will have the AUX input and that is all. 

Minivans are great for short trips with family and friends when you just want to go and get some fresh air or for crossing the country in and being able to connect your phone to your car without the hassle of an AUX cord is especially helpful. 

If you have a newer iPhone not only do you need an AUX cord but you will also need an adapter from your AUX cord to the iPhone to be able to play your music which makes Bluetooth an even more desirable feature for your minivan to have. 

What is the advantage of having a Bluetooth connection in your minivan?

Chrysler is one of the most renowned American automakers and their minivans have set the standard for their design and functionality for many years. So if you own a Chrysler or Dodge minivan then you will likely already have some of the best features available when the vehicle was built without even thinking about them. 

But the question remains of whether or not all the features provided have enough advantages. 

Is having a Bluetooth connection in your car even worth it, or is it just a peripheral feature that you could do without? 

Well, surely it is a peripheral feature that you can do without, but if you have a Bluetooth connection it definitely makes the experience of the journey much better and will likely make the person whose phone is being used for music much happier as well. 

You can play a song or playlist that you live while still using the phone with ease. That’s something that you can’t really do without having a Bluetooth connection. 

Keeping your phone attached to the stereo via AUX cord will work of course but it’s quite a bit of hassle and can also cause problems with cords going out at the worst possible times. 

Also, even though passengers could put on their headphones or earbuds and individually listen to songs that they like, it would be highly inappropriate for the driver to do so. So having a Bluetooth connection makes a way for all the people in the car to enjoy some good music together rather than each person being in their own little world. 

Does a Chrysler Minivan have a Bluetooth connection?

Chrysler is one of the best automakers in the world. Yes, minivans are quite an old model of cars, but this famous automaker has adjusted and accommodated quite a few new features in them over the years. Virtually all Chrysler minivans will have Bluetooth that are brand new as it is a must have feature for virtually everyone. If you purchase a used Chrysler  minivan it may or may not have Bluetooth on it but that’s relatively easy to check. 

If the minivan has a big screen in between the driver and passenger seats with a backup camera on it then it will have Uconnect which means it also has a Bluetooth connection. If the stereo is just a screen with the time and a couple buttons and knobs on the right and left side then it likely won’t have Bluetooth on it (based on the current minivan designs). 

The Bluetooth connection in a Chrysler minivan is fairly easy to set up and has pretty good connectivity as well. As long as your phone has enough battery or is plugged in then you should be ready to use your Bluetooth for the entire trip. 

Is the connectivity of the Bluetooth in a minivan good?

Minivans may have come out quite a few years ago and they may not be as popular as they once were but they certainly have tons of amazing features that have been added over the years. 

These features have been upgraded in more recent years with each new vehicle release added more and better features. 

The Bluetooth connection on your minivan is one that shouldn’t cause you any issues and you ought to be able to keep a strong connection with your phone or other device without any problem. Part of the reason that this connection is so strong is that the electronics are built well while the other part is that your device quite simply can’t be far away from the minivan while you are driving down the road! 

Chrysler has accommodated various modern features in their minivans to make them a more viable choice for people. The Bluetooth connection for instance is one such feature. They are super convenient and easy enough to access. You can always put on some music that you feel would be perfect to go with the ride and enjoy it to your heart’s content. 

How can you connect your phone to the Bluetooth in your minivan?

Chrysler minivans are super easy to connect with your phone and the process is actually quite simple. You can easily learn how to connect your phone with Bluetooth as the mechanisms of the connectivity are set and made in such a way that people who are not that good with technology would also be able to handle making the connection.

I have tried to make a list of the steps required to connect to your minivan’s Bluetooth in as simple of terms as possible. 

Before you go onto the steps there is one feature that you would need to know about in particular. That feature is called Uconnect. It is because of this feature that you can enjoy listening to great music in your minivan without much inconvenience. 

It is a multimedia system that is in a Dodge or Chrysler minivan that helps you listen to your songs via Bluetooth. 

Below are the steps you need to follow to connect your phone to your minivan via Bluetooth. 

  1. First of all park your vehicle as this is not something you should be doing while going down the road. Make sure it is properly parked and not disturbing any other moving vehicle.
  2. Next you will want to activate the Bluetooth on your phone. It would not be difficult as all you would need to do is to tap on the icon that says Bluetooth and turn it on in the settings menu.
  3. After activating your Bluetooth on your phone, take a look at the Uconnect screen and then tap on the Phone Button. Then simply click on add device, followed by settings.
  4. This system is now accessible from your device. It may also sometimes show a unique pin.
  5. On your phone, tap on the device that shows the name of the Uconnect. Both the devices would then get paired shortly after. It may require some time, but it typically won’t take very long.
  6. After both the devices are paired you can now select any song that you want to listen to and keep enjoying your journey. 

One thing that must be mentioned here is that you must be cautious while driving. Sometimes if the music is too loud, it becomes difficult for the driver to concentrate on the road and other vehicles around them. It also makes it difficult to hear the essential road noises such as the horns of cars or even sirens of emergency vehicles. 

So as responsible passengers, you should keep a decent volume for the music where you can enjoy it but it won’t drown out the sounds outside of your minivan.