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How Many People Fit In A Minivan? (Can They Fit Comfortably?)

Are you tired because of your monotonous life schedule and the daily hustles and bustles of life? Travelling is one of the very few things that people love and probably no one would say NO to a vacation! If you are planning for going on a mini vacation with your group of friends or family in a minivan, then you likely will want to know how many people will actually fit in one. Afterall, you don’t want to invite too many people only to have some of them not fit! 

Minivans can hold either 7 to 8 people inside of them. Most minivans allow for up to 7 people to fit comfortably while other models (such as the Toyota Sienna) have a smaller seat that goes in between the 2nd row chairs to fit 8 people. 

Typically 7 adults is all that you can fit comfortably as that 8th seat is relatively small and really only good for a child to sit in so it’s important to keep in mind who it is that will be traveling in the minivan and not just the number of people. 

Minivans are extremely comfortable vehicles that let your big group travel together- without missing out on any of the fun! Being divided in a group of two and travelling in separate cars will spoil the mood for the perfect road trip. Therefore, minivans are here for your rescue! 

A minivan can accommodate at least 7 people with all of their luggage but if you have some adults and some children then 8 passengers will fit in virtually all models if you choose the 8 passenger optional package when purchasing the vehicle. 

Is a minivan that accommodates 8 people spacious?

The only question that will linger in the readers’ mind is about the actual space in the minivan. 

People hitting the roads would like to relax all the way through their journey and would definitely not want to hurt their backs! So can an 8 passenger minivan really fit 8 people comfortably? 

The answer is yes… and no. 8 full size adults can’t really fit comfortably in an 8 passenger minivan. However, 6 or 7 adults and a child or two can absolutely fit comfortably. The middle of the second and third rows are not exactly a comfortable seat in a minivan since you are squished between two other people. 

In an ideal world you will not have more than 6 adults and 2 children in a minivan but if the adults are smaller or don’t mind being a little squished then you technically can fit 8 adults in there (although how comfortable they are is up for debate). 

So yes, you can be rest assured about the leg room and luggage space in a minivan. 

A minivan is good and well trusted in regards to the space that it offers. It has a separate section for your luggage that is directly behind the third row and many models also have additional storage space in the floor in front of the second row as well. 

Despite being able to fit up to 8 people minivans can also fit a good amount of luggage along with those passengers as well. 

What is the luggage capacity in a minivan?

The luggage capacity of a minivan is much better than most of the SUVs that are currently available. Minivans have a separate luggage area that means you do not have to sit with the bag on your lap or worse, under your seat! 

If you have more luggage than will fit behind the third row or under the floor of the second row, most minivans also have a rack on top that allows you to carry additional luggage on top of the vehicle as well. 

They make specific luggage carriers that are strong and capable enough to carry the big suitcases of all its travellers. The carrier is usually a square shaped box that is designed to attach firmly to the rack on the minivan’s roof.  

Most people won’t need this extra storage but if you are camping out or taking a longer trip it’s nice to have it as an option. 

Are there minivans that seat more than 8 people?

Are you having a big group headed towards a great adventurous trip? Then you will likely want to know if there are any bigger minivans available. 

The largest minivans that are currently on the market will only seat 8 people. However, there are full size vans that are designed for up to 15 people so if you are going to be traveling with a larger group then a full size van will be perfect for you. 

These full size vans have a lovely seating structure and even more space that makes your road travelling the most enjoyable part of your trip! This type of van provides the ultimate comfort to its passengers and as a result, its wonderful spacing even allows the easy movement of its travellers without having to climb over or around seats like in a minivan. 

Again, the luggage system of these vans are similar as they typically offer plenty of space inside for all of the luggage that you might need to bring with you. 

How much weight can a minivan carry?

The ideal minivan is the one that has a seating capacity of 7-8 people along with their luggage. A minivan can carry around 1000-1,500 pounds or 450kg of weight (people and cargo included). 

Depending on the model of minivan that you purchase or rent the weight may vary. A 10 seater van as mentioned above will be able to carry considerably more weight than a 7-8 seater minivan. 

The more number of seats in the van, the more capacity it will have for carrying weight of passengers and their luggage. 

What are the factors that you need to keep in mind while travelling in a minivan?

As promising as it sounds, it is indeed true that you will have one of the best trips if you travel in a minivan surrounded by your favorite people! However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while going on a long road trip in a minivan.

  1. Do not forget to tie your luggage in the carrier. Undoubtedly, it is a very safe place for your luggage to be there but it can be risky at times. When there are a bunch of turns on the roads or the roads are steep, the luggage tends to move around because of the motion of the car. To avoid this circumstance and have an uninterrupted journey, tie your luggage down!
  2. If you think, you need something on the road, do not keep it in the luggage and instead keep it near you. This is because it can be a tiring and a difficult job to get down the luggage in the middle of the road to get something. Even if the luggage is in the back of the minivan it will still be annoying to try and dig it out. It’s a good idea to have a small bag that you use that has all the necessary items in it that you will need before you arrive at your destination. 


I hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions about how many people can fit in a minivan at one time as well as what vehicles you can use to take more people and luggage on your next road trip.