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When Did Land Cruiser Get CarPlay? The Tech Upgrade Timeline Unveiled!

The incorporation of Apple CarPlay into the Toyota Land Cruiser infotainment system marked a significant leap into modernity for this stalwart of rugged luxury. Originally introduced to some Toyota models in 2019, the Land Cruiser didn’t want to miss the tech party and invited CarPlay to its dashboard, transforming it into a cutting-edge command center. This leap forward allowed Land Cruiser owners to seamlessly integrate their iPhones with their vehicles, dialing up the convenience while navigating untamed roads or cruising in urban jungles.

While the earlier models of the iconic Land Cruiser required owners to dabble with aftermarket solutions for CarPlay, recent releases starting from 2020 came prepared with built-in wireless CarPlay, ensuring drivers could enjoy their playlists and podcasts without a jungle of wires. Now, Land Cruiser enthusiasts no longer have to choose between roughing it in the wilderness and staying connected to the digital world. They can have their off-road cake and eat it too, with all the connectivity toppings Apple CarPlay provides right out of the box.

Key Takeaways

  • CarPlay was integrated into the Toyota Land Cruiser’s infotainment system starting with select models in 2019.
  • Compatibility with CarPlay in the Land Cruiser aligns the rugged vehicle with the latest automotive infotainment technology.
  • The Land Cruiser’s move to include wireless CarPlay enhances convenience, marrying off-road prowess with modern connectivity.

Evolution of Carplay in Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been as adventurous as a squirrel on a caffeine buzz, but it liked to keep its dash as vintage as your grandma’s china until 2019 rolled around. That year, the Land Cruiser decided it was time to join the modern world, and with a swish of its tail, it welcomed Apple CarPlay into its life.

Before the 2019 Toyota Avalon strutted onto the stage with CarPlay, the Land Cruiser folks could only daydream of such tech wizardry. But then 2019 was the year of the great tech espresso shot when the Avalon showed that Toyota’s grizzled giants could also play the fancy screen game.

With the scene set, the Land Cruiser didn’t want to be left in the stone age, so during its 2020 facelift, it ushered in a factory installed screen upgrade that said ‘yes’ to Apple CarPlay.

In 2021, the Land Cruiser, much like a hermit crab that’s found a spiffy new shell, got another digital makeover making Apple CarPlay as standard as jokes about its thirst for fuel. So, here’s the quirky evolution broken down:

  • 2019: Toyota shines a light with CarPlay in the Avalon, Land Cruiser fans start revving their engines in anticipation.
  • 2020: The Land Cruiser gets itself a facelift and decides to invite Apple CarPlay to the party.
  • 2021: By now, the Land Cruiser is flaunting CarPlay like a badge of honor, making it a standard fitting across the range.

This rugged beast might be late to the bash, but when it shows up, it brings all the laughs and a snazzy infotainment system to boot.

How to Install Carplay in Your Land Cruiser

Adding Carplay to your Toyota Land Cruiser enhances the driving experience by integrating your smartphone’s functionality with your vehicle’s touch screen. Here’s how one might humorously marry the worlds of tech and automotives without driving off the metaphorical cliff of complexity.

Pre-Installation Checklist

Before diving into the installation, one must ensure they have all the right gear. It’s like preparing for a first date, but with your car:

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Check that your Land Cruiser invites Carplay to the party (usually models 2016-2021 are a go).
  • Equipment: Like any good chef, make sure you have your tools – a Carplay-compatible module, USB cables, and possibly a fresh set of screwdrivers.
  • Warranty: A quick email to the dealership to confirm you won’t be voiding any warranties is wise. It’s like asking a parent for permission – better safe than sorry.
  • Instruction Manual: It should be your bible; read it religiously.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

One simply doesn’t summon Carplay without the right incantations, or, well, steps:

  1. Safety First: Disconnect the battery. No one enjoys accidental fireworks.
  2. Touch Screen Access: Carefully dismantle the dashboard to reach the touch screen’s sacred abode. Patience is key.
  3. Connection Wonderland: Connect the Carplay module to the touch screen using the USB port as your trusty steed.
  4. Wiring Tango: Romance the wires into the correct positions, ensuring a strong and stable connection.
  5. Reassemble: Put the dash back together. If there are parts left over, you’ve just invented a new puzzle!
  6. Power Up: Reconnect the battery and turn on the ignition to awaken your Land Cruiser’s new brain.

Troubleshooting Post Installation

Sometimes, even when one follows the recipe, the cake doesn’t rise. Here’s what to do if Carplay is playing hard to get:

  • Inspect the Battlefield: Reopen the dashboard and double-check all connections are secure. Loose wires are the gremlins of technology.
  • Revisit the Book of Words: Review the installation guide again. It wouldn’t be the first time a step was missed while daydreaming about the open road.
  • Compatibility Recheck: Not all smartphones like to bond with Carplay. Ensure yours isn’t the antisocial type.

Remember, Carplay installation should be more “fun weekend project” and less “that time I tried to fix the sink and flooded the house”. But if you’re ever in doubt, it’s okay to call in the tech wizards (aka professional installers) to lend a hand.

Apple Carplay vs. Android Auto: The Eternal Duel

In the red corner, hailing from the land of Cupertino, is Apple CarPlay, the in-car infotainment system that operates like a loyal sidekick to anyone with an iPhone. CarPlay steps into the ring each time an iPhone is connected to the car via a USB port, bringing the might of Siri for voice commands.

In the blue corner, Android Auto emerges from the tech jungles of Mountain View, sporting a similarly impressive set of features for those wielding a smartphone with Google’s stamp. Just like its rival, Android Auto showcases its prowess through a car’s touchscreen, giving drivers the one-two punch of Google Assistant and a variety of apps at their voice’s command.

They jab and weave around each other, with CarPlay throwing hooks of seamless integration for iPhone users, while Android Auto counters with uppercuts of flexibility, offering a wider range of compatible third-party apps:

  • CarPlay’s secret moves:

    • Access to Apple Maps, with a pinch of Waze for those who like to spice things up
    • Native Siri support for hands-free texting and calling, making it a chatty companion
  • Android Auto’s combative tactics:

    • Google Maps navigation, a trusty guide through traffic tangles
    • Compatibility with an array of smartphones, not just the ones wearing the stylish apple logo

The clash between these two gives spectators a good chuckle as they each flaunt their connectivity and user-friendly interfaces. It’s like watching two superheroes decide who gets to save the world today. Whether drivers prefer whispering sweet nothings to Siri or sharing their road trip dreams with Google Assistant, the duel between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto continues to be as entertaining as a late-night comedy show.

Going Wireless with Carplay in Land Cruiser

In the digital dance of the driving domain, Toyota’s Land Cruiser finally cut the cord and waltzed into the era of wireless CarPlay. Ah, the freedom! No longer does one need to wrangle with wires to play their banging tunes or navigate the concrete jungle.

The Pivot to Wireless:

  • 2019 introduced this swanky feature – a glorious year indeed for tech-savvy drivers and their iPhone wielding companions.

How to Tell if It’s Wireless Ready:
One might wonder if their land chariot is blessed with this wireless wizardry. Here’s a nifty checklist:

  • Model Year: If the Land Cruiser has a birthday in 2020 or later, chances are it’s ready to sync up without a string attached.
  • Infotainment System: A gleaming touchscreen that accepts your finger’s dance without a physical connection? Yes, that’s the one.

For those with older models, fear not! The retrofitting market is booming. Companies like NaviPlus and Beat-Sonic can turn your vintage ride into a wireless wonder, making it hip with the times.

And for the record, going wireless with CarPlay does add a soupçon of sophistication to the rugged Land Cruiser. It’s like putting on a tuxedo and heading to the Sahara – you’re not just exploring; you’re making a statement.