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What Are Minivans Used For? (7+ Things They Are Used For)

Minivans are a category of vehicles which originated in America and were designed for the transportation of the passengers sitting in the front row with back seats which can be reconfigured. These vehicles mostly include a single box or double box body structure, an upper roof, a flat surface, a sliding door for the front passengers, and a higher seating platform. 

In comparison to a full-sized van, minivans are more closely related to the car platform and body with lesser height than a full size one. 

Minivans are incredibly useful vehicles but if you have never owned one then you might be wondering what exactly a minivan can be used for. 

Minivans are incredibly versatile as they can easily be used for hauling 7-8 people, cargo, furniture, or even sheets of drywall or plywood! Because of this versatility a minivan can be used to haul almost anything that a truck can while still being able to comfortably fit many people. 

If you have never owned a minivan you might think that I am exaggerating with how versatile it is, however, I really am not exaggerating! 

I’ve used my own personal minivan to haul 30 boxes across the country, move a complete dining room set of table and chairs, moved a full size couch, fit 4×8 sheets of drywall and plywood inside, and of course had 7 people in it many times as well. 

A minivan is honestly the most versatile vehicle that is on the market as it can be used to haul just about anything! 

Are minivans good for road trips? 

Everybody enjoys going on road trips, right? Road trips are something which lets you enjoy a good time with your family while also going and visiting some cool places. 

You can just pack up all your necessities and belongings and start the trip with your family if you own a minivan. 

Minivans offer a large amount of space for people as well as their luggage so they are absolutely perfect for long road trips.  All of your family members can fit comfortably in the minivan with plenty of leg space as well. 

For cross country trips, you really can’t beat using a minivan. 

What are the other uses of a minivan?

Minivans are excellent vehicles because of a lot of reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that they can accommodate a large family inside them with utmost safety and comfort. However, especially in recent years, minivans have become more and more versatile based on the cool features that have been added as well as the ingenuity of some minivan owners. 

With features such as stow and go (seats fold into the floor), built in entertainment systems (music and video), comfortable seats, and extra storage, minivans can be used for many things, some being more uncommon than others. 

A few other things that you can use your minivan for are: 

Fine dining

Okay, maybe not fine dining but dining at least! 

You just need to arrange a  nice table cloth, drinks as well as a nice meal and you will be all set for a perfect dining session in your minivan. When you are out on a road trip with your friends or your family, you can make the best out of it just by eating inside your minivan which will offer you a very unique experience. 

Sometimes my wife and I just want some peace and quiet but also don’t want to spend a fortune eating out at a nice restaurant so we will either make something at home or grab some take out, find a nice scenic overlook and enjoy our “fine dining” in our minivan. 

Scenic drives

Minivans can be a great choice if you want to spend some intimate time with your partner or friends while traveling through the countryside. Minivans provide tons of space and cozy room to have a great time with anyone who is along for the ride. 

The seats of a minivan are made up of nice soft materials and are often exceptionally comfortable. The room inside a minivan provides enough space for you to stack mattresses, pillows, blankets, and all other things that you may need and you can easily just pull off the side of the road and stay awhile. 

Plus, with all the windows that minivans offer, no one will ever miss the view! 

Good sleep

No matter whether you are insomniac or on a road trip that has a restricted budget, you can always choose the option to head off to sleep comfortably inside your minivan since it serves as the perfect alternative to a traditional bed. The mattress may not always be foam made, but their seats are still pretty comfortable to make sure that you have a deep sleep. 

You can also fold down some of the seats and turn the entire rear of the minivan into a bed as well! So sleeping in a minivan can be almost as comfortable as at home! 


Minivans are also incredibly popular as an outstanding choice of vehicle with which you can haul around virtually anything and everything that you like. Some examples of things that you can haul inside a minivan are: 

  • 4×8 sheets of plywood
  • 4×8 sheets of drywall
  • 85” TVs 
  • Bikes
  • King mattress
  • Couches
  • Loveseats
  • Stove
  • 7-8 people

Honestly the list could go on and on as well. With all of the rear seats folded into the floor or removed (depending on the model) you can haul almost anything inside a minivan! 

Watch a movie

We all know how expensive watching movies in a theater can be and when you buy popcorn and drinks it can be even higher. Wouldn’t it be a great option if you can get the same experience just by being in the comfort of your home or car? 

Nearly all the minivans available in the market now have some of the other categories of entertainment system in the rear of the vehicle and several come complete with high-quality audio. They often have multiple small, flat, TVs which although they are small, allow you to experience the fun of trying something new. 

Recreational Activities 

Minivans can be used for different recreational activities such as gaming, eating, playing games, and virtually anything else that you might enjoy. 

Because of its large seating areas as well as large space if you fold down those seats, you can use a minivan to play a quick game of catch with your kids or even set up a board game or two. 

It’s easy to set up a picnic in your minivan as well and you don’t even have to go anywhere!


You will be surprised to know that minivans offer great storage space. You can store a lot of things in a minivan such as a big stroller or almost anything else. There are different kinds of storage areas and compartments in a minivan too. 

Some versions of a minivan (such as Dodge or Chrysler) even have some additional storage in the floor. This space is perfect for road trips since it lets you pack the small-sized bags in the space available in the floor or you can put present, blankets, or anything else you won’t need while traveling in there. 


As you see, minivans can be used for a variety of purposes and you can get an immensely exhilarating experience from all of these activities. If you have still not made up your mind about which vehicle to buy, then you should buy a minivan and you are surely not going to regret buying it. 

There are numerous benefits offered by a minivan, which are worth the cost you pay for buying one. 

Minivans are really the best option for going on road trips while also being incredibly practical for day to day driving as well.