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Why Are Minivans So Expensive? (Are They Really?)

Minivans are one of the most versatile vehicles that exist in today’s world. They are mostly used by families where there are more than 2 children or for longer drives. However, buying a minivan can be far from cheap depending on which model that you choose. Most mid range prices for minivans are around $30,000 but you can find models that are cheaper or more expensive than that. 

So why are minivans so expensive? 

When compared to vehicles of the same size minivans actually aren’t very expensive. Large SUVs will typically cost 40-50k while a minivan of a similar size will only be 30k. 

Of course when you compare them to a small crossover or regular car they are more expensive than both of those but they are also considerably larger which means they will naturally cost more. 

Because of their larger size there are more materials that go into them, more man hours spent to build them, and also they are more expensive to transport once they are built. All of these things combined will drive up the price of a minivan when compared to smaller vehicles. 

Additionally, the higher demand for larger vehicles and limited supply keeps the prices higher. Even the companies who rent minivans have lower supply and therefore renting a minivan is also more expensive than a car.

A minivan is a practical vehicle while also being one of the safest vehicles on the road. That is why it is considered an ideal choice for a big family. It is easy for the kids to get in and out of a minivan, as they are low to the ground and the power sliding doors on newer models makes opening and closing them much easier and safer. 

Even the smallest kid can climb in and out with ease and they can also easily open and close the door with the push of a button. 

You can also store a lot of things in a minivan, which might not be possible in other vehicles. Minivans are equipped with a variety of compartments and storage spaces. With a spacious interior and large storage areas, no one has to worry about where to put their stuff while driving this car. There would be enough space for every member of the family and their cargo/luggage as well. 

Due to all of these aspects, a minivan is always going to be more expensive than a smaller vehicle with less features. 

Is a minivan the right car for your family?

Knowing whether or not a minivan is the right vehicle for you or not can be quite difficult to decide. For some people having a “mom mobile” is a huge turn off while other people love the versatility that a minivan brings. 

But is a minivan the right car for you and your family? 

Minivans are one of the most ideal cars for virtually every family. The new technology and the safest features of a minivan make it an excellent choice for a family. 

Minivans are fuel-efficient and because of the large area for cargo they can hold everything that you need for a long road trip as well! Minivans are also great for families because you will never have to worry about your kids hitting the car parked next to you with their door ever again since they will only have the sliding doors! 

These sliding doors almost always come with push buttons to open and close them as well which makes getting in and out of the vehicle incredibly easy for younger or older people as they don’t have to deal with sliding the heavy doors. 

The features on minivans are constantly being upgraded so you won’t have to worry about the technology of the car being behind either. 

Even when there are 6-7 people in a minivan, there is still  room for everyone to have plenty of legroom. The flexible seating arrangement of a minivan also allows a lot of options to help make your trip even easier. 

Minivans can also easily handle off-road travels and adventure as long as you aren’t trying to climb over large boulders. Therefore, a family can enjoy every trip together no matter where they are headed. 

Overall, the minivan is an excellent choice for a family car and no one can honestly deny it.

Are minivans safer than SUVs?

Although minivans and SUVs are similar in price there actually is one of them that is safer than the other, but which is it? 

Minivans are considered safer than many cars and that includes SUVs. Due to the tall height of a SUV, they are more likely to roll over during an accident. 

Because of this higher center of gravity that SUVs have a minivan is actually a safer vehicle to ride in than an SUV. That isn’t to say that SUVs aren’t safe vehicles but when compared to a minivan they simply aren’t as safe. 

If an SUV rolls over it can throw passengers around the cabin or outside of it if they are not wearing seatbelts and this might prove to be seriously dangerous. If the roof strength of the SUV is not strong enough to protect the passengers, there can be life-risk as well. 

Whereas, with a minivan, these issues are found significantly less since minivans have a lower center of gravity and therefore, it is easier to handle and less likely to roll. 

Minivans do not sit as far off the ground, like SUVs; hence, even if the vehicle meets with an accident, the passengers should be safe inside. Most of the modern-day minivans provide high-tech safety features and superior crash scores as well. 

You should always only buy a minivan that has extraordinary crash test ratings. 

Minivans are also ideal for driving during bad weather conditions and some of the latest models of minivans have AWD options, which makes it easier to drive off road even when the weather is not ideal. 

Minivans are robust enough to handle all kinds of travelling situations and are safer than a minivan in the event of a high speed crash. 

What is the difference between a van and a minivan?

A van is a general term that is used to describe a road vehicle that is used for the transportation of people and goods. Vans are available in various sizes which depend on the exact type of vehicle. Large vans with passenger seats are used in institutions for transporting students or groups of people. 

Vans with only front seats are manufactured with a purpose to carry equipment and goods specifically for businesses. Specially equipped vans can even act as mobile studios by television stations. 

A minivan on the other hand is designed solely for normal people to use for hauling their family or person items. A minivan is a high-roof vehicle that has a flexible interior layout and mid-sized platform. The mechanicals and engine have car-like handling and it is fuel-efficient. A minivan typically has 5 doors and hatchback body configuration with greater height than a sedan. The three rows of seating help the passengers to travel with comfort while still having room for many people inside. 


Whether you need a minivan depends on the situation of your family. A minivan is as great as a one-vehicle family car. When you ride in this vehicle, you shouldn’t feel cramped inside at all and you can travel long distances in a minivan without too much difficulty as you have the extra comfort and space required. 

Minivans are indeed expensive when compared to compact cars; however, it is worth every penny in my opinion.