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Mobil One Oil Filter vs. Wix (Full Comparison)

When it comes to engine protection and longevity, your engine oil filter plays an important role. You may use the best engine oil available, but it won’t work effectively or last long if you don’t complement it with a good oil filter.

Today, we will discuss two popular oil filters from well-known brands, Mobile One and Wix. We will assess them in our Mobil One Oil Filter vs. Wix comparison to help you understand which oil filter may suit your needs best.

Mobil One Oil Filter vs. Wix

Before we dive into the comparison of Mobil One Oil Filter vs. Wix, we want to share why we are comparing these two in the first place.

Why Compare Mobil One Oil Filter and Wix?

Oil filters are essential for cars and trucks to filter contaminants from your engine oil and, therefore, your engine. This helps protect your engine and its internal moving parts from impurities so it can function smoothly and last longer.

Both Mobil One Oil Filter and Wix are commonly available oil filters that are popular among customers; comparing them will help many understand the differences in their performance. Simply put, this comparison will help you decide which oil filter between Mobil One Oil Filter and Wix can do a better job for your vehicle’s engine.

That being said, let’s start comparing with a comparison chart.

Oil Filter BrandMobile OneWix
Key BenefitLonger oil change intervalsMore capacity for dirt filtering
Key FeatureMaintains clean and efficient oilGood engine protection
Leak PreventionNitrile GasketSealing components
Operating ConditionsNormalMost conditions
FiltrationSynthetic fiber blendHigh-capacity media
Built ForAll engine typesMedium, heavy trucks
Best Use WithMobile 1 motor oilsSynthetic motor oils

Key Features of Mobil One Oil Filter

Here are some key features of the Mobile One Oil Filter.

  • Long-Term Performance

Using the Mobile One Oil Filter with full synthetic oils, especially those from Mobile 1, can provide engine and engine oil protection for up to 25,000 km or a full year. This long-term performance is a key feature of the Mobile One Oil Filter, which is why most experts and enthusiasts recommend it.

This filter is well-known to provide almost twice the protection and oil change intervals than most other oil filters in the market.

  • Excellent Filtration Efficiency

Another key feature of the Mobil One Oil Filter is its excellent filtration efficiency. The synthetic blend filter inside it can maintain over 99 percent filtration efficiency at 25 microns. This means any particles sized 25 microns or larger have more than a 99 percent chance of getting trapped in the filter.

This helps maintain cleaner oil in your engine because the Mobile One Oil Filter can filter a lot more contaminants and dirt than most typical oil filters.

  • Durability

The reason behind the Mobile One Oil Filter’s long-lasting performance is its durable components. The materials used to produce this filter are of high quality, and the research behind the development helps the filter withstand various conditions and environments.

The durability and consequential long-term performance are why so many experts and enthusiasts prefer and recommend the Mobile One Oil Filter.

  • Enhanced Leak Prevention

The Mobile One Oil Filter uses a nitrile gasket heavy-duty canister. This particular gasket is great for leak prevention in spin-on oil filters. The heavy-duty canister is another durable component of the Mobile One Oil Filter that helps maintain its longevity.

The canister is capable of withstanding almost nine times the pressure of a typical oil system of a regular car. The more pressure it can bear, the fewer chances of a leak occurring. This enhanced leak protection is another consequence of the durability of the Mobile One Oil Filter.

Key Features of Wix Oil Filter

In comparison, here are some key features of the Wix oil filter.

  • High-Quality Materials

Wix consistently uses high-quality materials for all its products, and its oil filters are no exception. The components of their oil filter are all made with some of the best materials, and they meet all the standards of auto manufacturers.

This allows the Wix oil filter to work in a wide variety of conditions.

  • Versatile Valves

Wix oil filters are designed to meet the individual requirements of various oil systems; this allows them to function with almost all oil systems in different vehicles. This is important because if the design doesn’t complement the engine or vehicle, you cannot use the oil filter with it.

  • Latest Plastics

Oil filter manufacturers have always tried to reduce the mass of the oil filter without compromising on the effectiveness of the filtration. This isn’t always easy; however, Wix oil filters have managed to do this by substituting the metal with the latest, durable plastics.

This allows the Wix oil filter to reduce its weight and still filter oil efficiently.

  • Innovators

While not necessarily a key feature, Wix is widely known as the company that introduced spin-on oil filters to the world. Their innovation dwarfed the cartridge oil filters and has become extremely popular thanks to its ability to resist the high pressures of oil systems and convenient replacement that does not expose or contaminate the system.

It has been over 50 years since this invention came about, and today there is too much competition to say that Wix is the best at making such filters. However, being the innovators, they are quite ahead in spin-on oil filter research, and this helps improve their current offerings.


When it comes to Mobil One Oil Filter vs. Wix, there are a few things to note. Wix oil filter is a great product to use because it offers high-quality materials, good filtration, great design, and ample convenience for replacements.

It functions properly in most conditions and will last you a long time. Moreover, the Wix oil filter is typically less expensive than the Mobile One Oil Filter, although not by much. On the other hand, the Mobile One Oil Filter offers lasting performance, longer oil change intervals, and better efficiency in its filtration function.

However, you won’t be able to use it in as many conditions as you can use the Wix oil filter. While both oil filters are a good option, the ultimate choice will depend on your vehicle, its requirements, and the conditions you put it through.

If we had to choose, we would pick the Mobile One Oil Filter simply because of its synthetic filter, which does a much better job at filtration. We think that filtration is the main element that makes any oil filter better than another because it means better engine longevity over time.

However, the convenience, cost, and versatility of the Wix oil filter is no joke. Its filtration is fairly good as well, which means if you value these features, you should certainly opt for the Wix oil filter.