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Do Land Cruisers Have 3rd Row Seating? Yes, and Your In-Laws Will Fit Too!

The Toyota Land Cruiser is known for its rugged durability and off-road prowess. Whether navigating untamed trails or cruising the city streets, this SUV has gained a loyal following. A common question among families and adventure-seekers alike is whether the Land Cruiser comes equipped with third-row seating to accommodate extra passengers. The answer varies by model year: some editions of the Land Cruiser do offer third-row seating as a standard or optional feature, providing versatility for those needing to seat more than five people.

Over the years, Toyota has adapted the Land Cruiser to meet the changing demands of its customers. The decision to include third-row seating has flipped back and forth, depending on the model and the market. While some year models, like the 2021 Land Cruiser Heritage Edition, introduced the option for a third row, others, such as the 2024 model, have ditched the extra seats for more cargo space or other design enhancements.

Key Takeaways

  • Third-row seating varies by model year in the Toyota Land Cruiser lineup.
  • Design changes and feature inclusions reflect customer preferences across different eras.
  • Land Cruiser continues to balance between a people carrier and a cargo-hauling champ.

History and Evolution of the Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has evolved from a rugged military vehicle into a luxury SUV with optional third-row seating. Let’s take a quick yet amusing jaunt through its storied past.

  • 1940s: The Land Cruiser’s ancestor, conjured up during the turmoil of war, was more Jeep-like and austere, tailored for military might rather than family outings.
  • 1950s: Post-war, Toyota said sayonara to strictly military designs and introduced the Land Cruiser nameplate. They aimed the rugged SUV at the civilian market, where it began its legacy as a tough off-roader capable of conquering terrain that would make other vehicles weep.


  • FJ40: The iconic FJ40 boasts a jaunty silhouette that screams adventure. It was Toyota showing off a sportier edge while keeping the Land Cruiser’s boots firmly muddied in off-road prowess.


  • This era saw the Land Cruiser buff up with some extra muscle. The vehicles weren’t just about toughness; they had to carry more people and gear, and yes, this is where story begins for that coveted third row.


  • Fast forward to the sleeker 100 and 200 series, and the Land Cruiser becomes a symbol of luxury on wheels, complete with a leather-clad interior and the third row that families adore.

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser:

  • It’s the swan song for the beloved 200 series. Complete with modern technology that would baffle its ancestors, this Land Cruiser still loves a good dirt road but won’t complain about chauffeuring with third-row guests in tow.

Throughout its evolution, one thing remained constant for this intrepid Japanese legend: Bonding with the dirt and giving rocks something to fear, all while disarming drivers with comfort and reliability.

Design and Features: More Than Just a Pretty Chassis

The Land Cruiser is not just a vehicle for off-road adventures; it’s a symphony of design and features that combine ruggedness with luxury. Let’s dive under that shiny exterior to see what makes this chariot the choice for families, tech enthusiasts, and safety-conscious drivers.

Exterior Aesthetics and Color Choices

When it comes to the Land Cruiser, it’s like having a wardrobe with only designer labels. Choices ranging from the adventurous Heritage Blue to the sleek Magnetic Gray Metallic and timeless Black ensure that one’s Land Cruiser stands out in any valet parking situation.

Interior Amenities: Seating and Comfort

Inside, one finds a cabin that feels like a living room on wheels, with seats that could give the comfiest armchairs a run for their money. The third row is not just some afterthought – it’s a full-fledged seating area that welcomes up to three passengers, bringing the troop capacity to seating for up to eight. Luxurious leather appointments beckon families to climb in, buckle up, and sprawl out in absolute comfort.

Tech Treats: Connectivity and Gadgets

It’s a rolling tech hub on wheels. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Land Cruiser makes sure drivers stay connected, even when they’re on the road less traveled. A USB port here, a USB port there, and before you know it – every passenger’s smartphone has found its charging match.

Let There Be Light: LED and Automatic High Beams

Darkness is merely a playground for the Land Cruiser, thanks to those radiant LED headlights that could probably signal extraterrestrial life. And for those who forget to dip their beams, fear not; the automatic high-beam headlights have got your back, and the backs of oncoming drivers.

Safety First: Keeping an Eye Out

Safety isn’t taken lightly; it’s a serious matter that the Land Cruiser handles with a suite of features from a blind spot monitor to keyless entry. It keeps an eye out so well that an extra pair of eyes in the back of one’s head is no longer necessary.

Exterior ColorsHeritage Blue, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Black
Third Row SeatingYes, seats up to eight comfortably
InfotainmentApple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB ports
SunshineMoonroof for stargazing
LightingLED Headlights, Automatic High Beam Headlights
SafetyBlind Spot Monitor, Keyless Entry

So, whether one is hauling cargo, a family, or just their oversized ego, the Land Cruiser’s design and features make sure they do it with utmost style and safety. And should they choose Magnetic Gray Metallic, they’ll match the pavement—how’s that for camouflage?

Performance and Drivetrain: What Lies Beneath the Hood

When it comes to the Toyota Land Cruiser, one can expect a heart that beats with power and an appetite for adventure that’s as vast as the terrains it treads. It’s rather a brawny fellow on wheels, ready to dazzle with its might and stamina.

Engine and Horsepower: Heart of the Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser boasts an engine as robust as a sumo wrestler, without the need for a bulky diet. Under the hood, the i-Force Max engine, a muscular power unit, replaces the old V8, giving the traditional Land Cruiser a hi-tech facelift.

  • Engine: 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo i-Force Max
  • Horsepower: 409 hp
  • Torque: 479 lb-ft

Fuel Efficiency: Miles to Go Before I Sleep

They say the Land Cruiser can keep going for miles, making one wonder if it’s somehow camel-inspired with a built-in water storage—or in this case, fuel efficiency. While it may not be the sipper of the car world, it certainly takes larger strides per gallon than one might expect.

  • Estimated MPG: 22 highway, 17 city
  • TNGA-F platform: Improved weight distribution and efficiency

Off-Road Capabilities: Every Terrain is Home

The Land Cruiser laughs in the face of rocky paths and steep inclines, thanks to its Multi-Terrain Select system. And let’s not forget, this four-wheeled mountain goat arrives with 4WD, so it can nimbly navigate the uncertain paths less travelled with an Olympian’s grace.

  • Multi-Terrain Select: Tailor the 4WD’s response to various terrain types

  • Tundra and Tacoma cousins: Share rugged traits and the TNGA-F family values

    Off-Road TechDescription
    4WDTackles challenges like a knight in shining armor
    Multi-Terrain SelectMore options than a buffet for tackling terrain

The Toyota Land Cruiser’s heart pumps with energy like a turbocharged hamster, its thirst for fuel is more marathon runner than sprinter, and when it comes to off-roading, it behaves like it was raised by wolves in the wilderness.

Comparisons and Alternatives: The SUV Family Tree

When one peeks into the automotive family album, Land Cruiser’s relatives pop out, each with distinct traits catering to different branches of the SUV market. Some of them parade luxury, others brag about off-road prowess, and a few even flaunt their green credentials.

The Cousins: Lexus LX and GX

The Lexus LX is more like the Land Cruiser’s highbrow cousin, donning a fancy outfit and boasting a plush interior. They share a ladder-frame heritage and a zeal for luxury. The GX, on the other hand, is perhaps the middle child, slightly smaller but no less impressive, with off-roading skills that could put mountain goats to shame.

  • Lexus LX: A mix of opulence and power, often seen towing a boat to the family reunion.
  • Lexus GX: A robust 4X4 drivetrain for when the going gets tough; it’s ready to leave roads behind.

Siblings: 4Runner and Sequoia

The 4Runner and Sequoia are the siblings who’ve always competed in the family games. The 4Runner, the older of the two, prides itself on reliability and its rugged charm. Whereas the Sequoia is like the big brother with a penchant for more space and the ability to tow perhaps even your neighbor’s house, given its strength.

  • 4Runner: Durable and dependable, it’ll take you up the hill, down the dale, and back in time for dinner.
  • Sequoia: Seats for eight and a towing capacity that begs for a trailer or two, it’s the Herculean hauler of the bunch.

The Distant Relatives: Competitor SUVs

In the grand SUV family tree, one cannot ignore the distant relatives—competitor SUVs from other automakers. Each brings their own charm to the family gatherings with promises of more towing capabilities, advanced hybrid drivetrains, or wallet-friendly price tags. They sit at the other end of the table, eager to show off their own party tricks.

  • Towing Champs: Some can tow your house, your boat, and possibly your dreams.
  • Drivetrain Maestros: They offer more gears than a Swiss watch, making sure you stay in power more smoothly than a buttered noodle.

Hybrid Variants: The Eco-Friendly Kin

Finally, let’s not forget the eco-conscious kin, the hybrid variants. These SUVs might bring a salad to the BBQ but they also come with benefits like improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. They still haul and tow, albeit silently and with fewer trips to the fuel pump.

  • Eco Warriors: They put a green twist on the family legacy; less thirsty on fuel, more hungry for adventure.

By exploring the distinct features of each of these SUV family members—from the regal Lexus LX to the hardworking Sequoia—we gain a panoramic view of the versatile world of utility vehicles where towing might and hybrid efficiency converge amidst a jungle of drivetrain configurations.