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Can A Toyota Dealership Service Lexus?  

If you have a Lexus but don’t have a Lexus dealership nearby, you may want to try other dealerships. But obviously it can be tricky to know if another dealership is going to be able to help you. 

If you don’t want to drive hours away to the Lexus dealership you might consider using the Toyota dealership. Afterall, they are made by the same company. 

But can (and will) a Toyota dealership work on your Lexus vehicle? 

A Toyota dealership is actually able to repair your Lexus vehicle as the majority of the major systems are the same between Lexus and Toyota cars. Lexus cars will have higher end finishes but often the engines and other parts are the same or similar. 

Sure, the Lexus dealership does have its fair share of advantages, like Lexus loaners for example. But a Toyota dealership that’s not specialized in your particular type of car is still going to help quite a bit. 

They should be able to repair your car without too much difficulty and you can get regular maintenance on your Lexus as well. That’s what makes this a very good option, and a thing that will deliver plenty of benefits and great value, no matter the situation.

What you need to keep in mind is that Toyota and Lexus will share many of the same mechanical components which is why they are able to repair your vehicle. 

Of course they won’t be able to do everything that a Lexus dealer will be able to do so there are certain times when you won’t have a choice but to go to a Lexus dealer. 

Can Lexus Warranty Services Be Performed At A Toyota Dealership? 

Now that we have addressed the fact that Toyota dealerships will be able to repair or service your Lexus vehicle your next question might be whether that Toyota dealership can also provide services under warranty or fix recalls for your Lexus. 

Unfortunately warranty services and recalls can only be done by an actual Lexus dealership. These are the only services that are provided solely by a Lexus dealership so you would have to go there to get them done. 

If your closest Lexus dealership is far from close to you then it’s a good idea to call ahead and see if they have the parts on hand for the warranty or recall work that needs done. Often when there is a major recall there will be a shortage of those parts so the last thing that you will want to do is drive to your Lexus dealer only to be turned away cause they don’t have the parts. 

I currently have a recall on one of my vehicles and the part has been on order for over 4 months as of right now! You definitely don’t want to find that out after spending a lot of time driving to your Lexus dealership! 

Is A Lexus Expensive To Repair? 

If you are considering buying a Lexus (or getting a new one) you might be wondering if they are really expensive to repair. 

Afterall, the last thing you want after buying such a nice car is to spend a fortune repairing it in the future. 

While Lexus does have some expensive components, the truth is that these vehicles are not very expensive to repair. Since Lexus vehicles are made by Toyota they are incredibly reliable and are inexpensive to repair when they do break down. 

In fact, most of the mechanical components for Lexus come from Toyota so that helps keep repair costs low. Parts for Toyotas,Lexus’, and Scion (all three made by Toyota) are plentiful and common, so the overall repair costs are driven down, which is extremely important.

Another thing to note is that Lexus is quite dependable as a vehicle, so it will offer you the reliability and efficiency you want. Even their repairs won’t take a whole lot of time and effort, and that’s exactly what really makes Lexus such a good option in the first place. 

Although some people feel like Lexus is too much like Toyota cars in design or features, in the long run it will save you a lot of money. Being built by Toyota means that you get the same reliability that Toyota owners have come to love over the years while also getting a luxury car. 

Does Lexus Come With Free Maintenance? 

If you are going to be shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a new Lexus vehicle the last thing that you will want to do is spend even more money on maintenance and upkeep. 

Thankfully with Lexus vehicles this isn’t an issue. 

All the new Lexus vehicles come with complimentary scheduled maintenance services the first 2 times it is needed. The first inspection happens after 6 months (or 5,000 miles) and the second one after 12 months (or 10,000 miles). 

So essentially you won’t have to worry about paying for your scheduled maintenance (including oil changes) for the first year (or 10,000 miles) that you own your Lexus. 

These are both important, because you can check the wellbeing of the vehicle and also notify if there are any possible issues that you are dealing with. That’s the right thing to focus on, and the experience can be second to none. It’s a great approach and it will convey the benefits and value you want.

You can follow the service manual and it will tell you when you need to service your Lexus next. You can check the owner manual online and there’s a detailed service calendar in it which will tell you exactly what you need to do and how to service everything properly. 

That should eliminate any concerns you may have about the needed upkeep for your new car. 

What’s Included In The Lexus Service? 

The first Lexus service is really just a wellness check on the vehicle to make sure that it is functioning properly and that there aren’t any defects. The second scheduled maintenance checks for these issues as well but also includes tire rotation and an oil change. 

The entire process is designed to help you ensure that your car is running smoothly. All the main functions are carefully checked to ensure that there are no problems. On top of that, you will also be taught about some of the main functionalities of the vehicle, the way they work and how you can make the most out of them. 

You will also understand how to adjust settings and bring in the utmost results and benefits.

The second maintenance check focuses on checking the brakes, tire pressure, fluid levels and other similar items. It’s important to have these things under control, as you never really know what issues can appear and where they come from. 

Thankfully, the first 2 checkups are free of charge, and they are helpful because you get to receive answers about your Lexus and figure out how to solve some issues that you may have encountered while using your new vehicle. 


As you can see, if you are in a pinch and you have no Lexus dealership nearby, you can go to the Toyota dealership and have your car serviced there. You can actually do most fixes and repairs there, aside from warranty related tasks that can only be done at Lexus dealerships. 

It’s great that Toyota dealerships are able to help you whenever you encounter any type of problems on the road, as that can be incredibly important. It’s one of those things that can help you quite a lot especially since there often aren’t Lexus dealerships in many smaller towns.