Does Walmart Auto Center Do Brakes? (Who Does Them Fast?)

If you have a Walmart auto care center near you then having some mechanical things done at Walmart can save you a lot of money. This is especially true when compared to the cost of getting the same thing done at a dealership.

If you hear your brake calipers hanging up, notice some brake fluid leaking from your car, have your brake pedal go all the way to the floor, or hear your brakes grinding or squealing you will know it is time for some new brakes or brake repairs.

So does Walmart change brake pads or offer other brake services? Walmart Auto Care Centers do not currently offer any brake services at their auto centers. You cannot get your brake pads replaced, your calipers fixed, or anything else involving your brakes done at any Walmart Auto Center.

Walmart mechanics (and I use that term loosely) can only do certain repairs (even if they are knowledgeable enough to do them). The reason for this is because Walmart doesn’t want to get into the business of fixing cars and instead wants to offer the most profitable and easiest services.

Does Walmart Sell/Replace Brake Rotors? 

Not only does Walmart not change brake pads but they don’t sell brake rotors or replace them in your local Walmart auto service center either. As is the case with brakes Walmart doesn’t want to take on jobs that require a lot of knowledge for their workers as it means they would have to compete with other mechanic shops for better mechanics which in turn would raise the cost.

Can You Schedule An Appointment At Walmart Auto Centers?  Unfortunately, the Walmart Auto Center does not offer any kind of service appointment scheduling so no matter if you call ahead or not it will still be a first come first serve basis.

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