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Importance of Windshield Wipers and Washers: What You Need to Know

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A clear windshield helps you to drive safely, yet you may find yourself tending to overlook the windshield wipers that keep it clean. Not until you get caught in a rainstorm or snow falls on the windscreen while driving. Or when your car is swallowed up in a cloud of dust. Sometimes mud may get lodged in your car’s windshield forcing you to stall the car because visibility is reduced and you don’t want to run into the motorists ahead or a pedestrian.

It’s during these occurrences that you realize why you need working windshield wipers and enough washer fluid to be able to continue your journey. Neglected wipers can let you down at the time you need them most. This is why you should always look out for faults in the wipers from time to time and repair them promptly. 

Harsh Weather vs. Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers tend to deteriorate from the effects of harsh weather. The sun causes the rubber that encases the wiper blades to crack with time. It results in a rough wiper that will not work efficiently. Dirt that collects on the blades of your windshield wipers also causes them to scratch on the windscreen leading to wearing out of both the blades and the windshield.

To ensure wipers are working properly, always look for wear and cracks and replace the blades if they have reached a state where they won’t move over the windscreen smoothly. If you hear a screeching sound when you start the wiper blades, it is time to change them. To remove dirt and grime from your windscreen wipers, take a towel and wet it in water. Run it over the blades to remove any dust that may be causing friction between the windshield wipers and the windscreen.

The Washer System Is Just As Important

The washer system must also work properly. There should be a washer fluid, which should be enough all the time. To ensure it doesn’t fail, regularly inspect the nozzles. They should not be clogged with dust or other debris, and their spay should distribute evenly on the windscreen.

Regularly clean the nozzles to get rid of grime, dust or bigger particles like pebbles. Use a towel for this or an air compressor. Check to see that the washer fluid is in adequate amounts and top up if necessary. When buying the washer fluid, ensure it won’t freeze in cold weather. It should contain antifreeze to prevent it from turning solid in the winter cold and causing you a nightmare.

Never allow the washer fluid reservoir to run dry. It causes the rubber that makes the inside of the hoses that transport the fluid to crack, which may cause leaks and subsequent failure of the washer system. If you find you have inevitably emptied the washer fluid tank, avoid working it up. It will not only put a strain on the motor but will also damage the wiper blades.

Taking care of your windshield wipers and washer system can save you a lot of trouble. You never know when you will run into bad weather as you drive or when your windshield gets splashed with mud and visibility is reduced to zero. Doing simple and routine maintenance ensures the two parts are working efficiently and on standby for any eventuality.