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Does Land Cruiser Have Remote Start? Spoiler: Your Keys Might Get Jealous!

The Toyota Land Cruiser has long been the chariot of choice for those who demand luxury mingled with the ruggedness of a terrain-conquering beast. But in this era of convenience, does this stalwart SUV offer the magic of remote start, the modern-day spell that fires up your engine from afar? The answer is a drumroll-worthy yes—but hold the applause, it’s not standard on all models. For Land Cruiser enthusiasts, figuring out whether their beloved vehicle’s key fob doubles as a remote ignition wand is akin to a treasure hunt, with some models offering it and others standing stubbornly old school.

Not being able to start your Land Cruiser as you approach, laden with groceries, might seem like a first-world problem, but it’s a niggle that would make even the most stoic adventurer frown. The latest Land Cruiser models may have you covered with an accessory that can be installed, giving your fob the power to bring your vehicle to life with a sequence more simple than a child’s secret handshake. Yet, if you’re piloting an older model, you’re in for a bit of a quest to retrofit your ride with this cutting-edge convenience. Whether it’s a frosty morning or a scorching afternoon, the ability to moderate your car’s climate from a distance is one little luxury that many would not want to forage without.

Key Takeaways

  • The Land Cruiser may include remote start, but it is model dependent.
  • Accessory kits for remote start can be added to compatible models.
  • Retrofitting options exist for older Land Cruiser models without remote start.

Delving Into the Heart of Convenience

In the relentless quest for comfort on four wheels, Toyota Land Cruiser owners can revel in the joys of technology that flips the bird to traditional key turning. With a twinkle of innovation, car-starting wizardry comes to life—let’s peek under the hood of this modern-day sorcery.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Remote Start

Some say it’s magic, but they’ll find the humble remote engine starter is behind this marvel. The Toyota Land Cruiser, known for its adventurous spirit, can now start its engines from a distance as wide as the smile it’ll put on your face. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Push of a Button: With just a tap on the remote’s lock button, the Land Cruiser roars to life, even while you’re sipping coffee in your kitchen.
  • Rituals: Some models may require you to press the lock button twice then hold a third time; like a secret handshake with your car.

Befriending Your Smart Key

The smart key isn’t just a fob; it’s a pocket-sized genie for the Land Cruiser. With it, owners can perform automotive miracles without breaking a sweat or a fingernail. They unlock doors with a graceful touch, and with the remote engine starter, they can spark the ignition like a bolt from the blue. Here’s how they bond:

  • Initiate Connection: The smart key and the Land Cruiser lock eyes. The smart key whispers sweet nothings and the vehicle lights up in acknowledgment.
  • Turning Off: Parting is such sweet sorrow, but with another press, the engine sighs and goes to sleep. No need to venture outdoors—how convenient!

With the touch of a button, the Land Cruiser is more than just a mode of transport; it’s a trusty steed awaiting its rider’s call, ready to conquer the urban jungle (or actual jungle) with poise and a touch of humor.

The Quest for Compatibility

Before delving into the heart of your Land Cruiser’s technological prowess—or lack thereof—let’s get a lay of the land. Owners with a 2021 Land Cruiser might feel like modern-day explorers searching for the fabled city of El Dorado, only in this case, it’s the elusive feature of remote start compatibility that is the treasure sought. Will they unearth it with their OEM key fob, or will they face the trials of aftermarket solutions?

Assessing Your Cruiser’s Readiness

The first step in this adventure is to determine whether your 2021 Land Cruiser is equipped with the mystical ability to start from afar using the OEM key fob, thus not requiring you to brave the elements before setting off. Here’s a quick guide to help intrepid explorers check their steed’s readiness:

  • Check the manual: Look for a section on remote start features.
  • Ask the dealer: They should know if your vehicle has the built-in capability.
  • Look for the telltale signs: An additional button on your key fob might indicate remote start presence.

When Your Land Cruiser Says ‘Not It!’

Sometimes, the Land Cruiser plays hard to get, especially when it comes to factory remote start. One may find oneself staring into the abyss, asking why Toyota left them out in the cold. Here are some workarounds if your Cruiser seems to have missed the remote start boat:

  • Go aftermarket: Fear not! There are remote start systems one can install to teach their old Cruiser new tricks.
  • Dealer-installed options: Sometimes, a dealer can retrofit a factory system. If you’re lucky, they might offer it as a sales incentive.
  • Integrated solutions: For those who prefer to keep things neat and not throw another fob onto their keychain, integrating the system with the existing key fob is a must – it’s like having a secret handshake with your car.

In the quest for compatibility, some Land Cruisers are soldiers ready for battle, while others play the damsel in distress needing an aftermarket knight in shining armor to rescue them. Either way, hope is not lost for the noble owners of these valiant steeds!

Summoning Your Cruiser with Flicks and Clicks

Toyota Land Cruiser aficionados may not need to venture into the outback to experience a bit of magic. With the right incantations (dealer assistance) and a mystical object (a remote fob), one can breathe life into their steed from afar.

The Ritual of Remote Installation

One does not simply walk into Mordor, nor do they just waltz into a Toyota dealership and expect remote start to magically appear in their Land Cruiser. Here is the sacred sequence:

  • Consultation with the Oracle: Visit the dealer and express one’s deepest wish for remote start.
  • Tribute Offering: Pay homage with currency (installation cost) to secure the Toyota Genuine remote start blessing.
  • The Chant of Agreement: Agree to prices and terms, and sign the sacred scrolls (paperwork).

A Fob’s Journey: From Purchase to Action

The fob, a talisman of convenience, undergoes a remarkable transformation:

  1. The Inception: It begins its life as a simple purchase, perhaps discussed over a cup of coffee at the dealership or sealed with a hearty handshake.
  2. The Awakening: The dealership bestows upon the fob the power of remote engine start, binding it to one very specific four-wheeled creature.
  3. The Range Ritual: They then ensure that the fob’s signal can reach the Cruiser from afar, traditionally up to 80 feet, turning parking lots into stages for the fob’s newfound prowess.

Those seeking to command their Cruiser without stepping into the wild should take heed of this lore. The path to effortless ignition is paved with a bit of humor, a sprinkle of patience, and a willingness to embrace the ritualistic dance of modern automotive convenience.

The Treasure Trove of Tips and Trinkets

In the quest to enhance the noble Land Cruiser with remote start, prospective lords and ladies of the vehicle realm should pay heed to the specifics of warranties and costs.

Ensuring a Warranty as Lasting as Legends

When one summons a remote start feature to their Land Cruiser steed, they must ensure the magic doesn’t shorten the life of the Limited Warranty. Toyota’s warranty spells are known for their strength, but aftermarket enchantments could alter the pact between vehicle and verifier.

  • Limited Warranty: Typically covers a set period or mileage, whichever comes fastest on the draw (check Toyota’s tomes for specifics).
  • Aftermarket Add-Ons: Might lead to warranty woes if not sanctioned by the Toyota guild.

Unearthing the Costs Before They Bury You

Before adventurers embark on their quest for convenience, they should dig up the full chest of costs associated with the remote start rite. The MSRP is merely the starting point on your map; additional expenditures like taxes, shipping, and installation fees can quickly pile up like a dragon’s hoard.

  • Base MSRP: Just a slice of the gold coin pie.
  • Taxes and Shipping: These sneak up like silent assassins onto the final tally.
  • Installation Fees: If one opts for the dealer to perform the arcane rites, be prepared to part with additional gold.

Remember, fellow travelers, that the Sequoia and other Toyota models may already harbor the mystical power of remote start, saving one from the perilous aftermarkets.