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Will A Dishwasher Fit In A Minivan? (How To Prep The Dishwasher)

Nowadays, most apartments and homes come with dishwashers installed in the kitchens. Most of us (my family included) use our dishwashers on a daily basis so if they stop working it can be quite a shock to have to go back to hand washing the dishes all of the time. 

When your dishwasher goes out the first thing you are likely to do is head to the store to try and buy a new one but first you need a way to get it back home. Will your new dishwasher fit inside of your minivan? 

A dishwasher will easily fit in the back of your minivan if you fold down or remove the third row seats. However a dishwasher will not fit behind the third row seat if you don’t lay it down or remove it. 

Minivans are incredibly versatile and can be used to haul a variety of things from large groups of people to large appliances. One huge benefit of a minivan is that you can still put a good amount of people in them while still hauling large items. 

For example, with the 3rd row seat folded down you can still fit 4-5 people in a minivan (depending on your model) and then fit multiple dishwasher in the space behind the second row (2-3 normal dishwashers will fit depending on the model of the dishwasher and the minivan)! 

Can you imagine trying to do that with a car?!

In the rest of this article I will cover some additional information about the best way to put a dishwasher in a minivan as well as steps to take if you are moving a used dishwasher in a minivan instead of a new one. 

How to prepare a dishwasher for carrying it in a minivan?

If you are moving a new dishwasher in your minivan the process is quite simple as you just get it from the store in a box, slide it through the back door, and then head home. However, if you are buying a used dishwasher from someone locally or you are moving and taking your dishwasher with you then there is some prep work that you need to do before putting a dishwasher in your minivan. 

The first thing you will have to do is to disconnect the appliance from the water/drain and electricity in your home. To do this you will simply need to turn off the water supply to the dishwasher (typically under the kitchen sink) and then unplug it (again normally plugged in under the sink). 

Once you have disconnected the hose you will want to have a towel handy as some excess water will normally get out during this process. 

After this, remove the drainage hose from the sink drain connection, where wastewater comes out from the dishwasher. Here too, do not forget to leave a towel below to absorb any leaking water. Also, wrap the ends of the wastewater and water supply hoses in your appliance with a towel to absorb any leftover water.

Before you put the appliance in your minivan, it’s a good idea to wipe it off as the outside is typically pretty dusty. If you are going to have it off or in your minivan for a few days you will want to leave the dishwasher door open for 24 hours prior to remove any moisture from inside if it. 

Then you will want to lay some cardboard, a tarp, or even some towels down inside the back of your minivan to make sure the dirt doesn’t get on your carpet as well as to keep any leftover water from destroying it. 

Moving the appliance

Remember that a dishwasher is a heavy appliance that a single person typically will not be able to handle alone. It is always a good idea to have another person by your side to help move the appliance to your minivan. Before carrying, make sure that the wastewater hose, the water supply hose and the power cords are properly bundled and placed on the back of the appliance. Also, use a rope or tape to secure the door shut. Otherwise, there is a chance of the door opening when you are carrying it or when your minivan moves.

To safeguard the appliance from shock when the minivan accelerates, brakes, or goes over bumps, it is smart to wrap it with a blanket or something similar. Remember that dishwashers can be moved better on their back with the doors facing up or standing up as normal. 

Can you carry the dishwasher from your home to the minivan?

Always remember that a dishwasher is a heavy appliance. Of course, two or three people can carry it together to take it out from your home to the minivan. However, the best and the friendliest option for your back is to use an appliance dolly. This piece of moving equipment will safeguard not just your back but also the appliance to safely get it out to the minivan. 

When you position the ledge of the dolly, it is better to have one person by your side. Together push the dolly backward and remove your hands once the load gets balanced on the rubber wheels. With the help of the straps secure the dishwasher onto the two-wheeled dolly. That’s it you can now move your appliance out of your home.

Can you haul a dishwasher on its back? 

Whether the dishwasher is used or new people tend to want to know whether it’s ok for the dishwasher to be placed on its back when inside the minivan or if it should always be kept upright. 

According to the dishwasher manufacturers it is fine to lay it on its back or have it upright when it is being moved. A dishwasher should never be laid on its side however as that can damage it. 

Ultimately if you feel more comfortable with it laying down inside the minivan then that is the route you should choose as long as it’s laying on its back. 

A dishwasher will fit in a minivan on its back or standing up so whichever works better for you and the other passengers will work fine for your dishwasher as well. 


When you are moving a dishwasher, your main attention should be to keep it and everyone around it safe all through the move. You should also be considerate not to damage the floor in your home or minivan as that can be a costly mistake.

To ensure this, you will have to be exceptionally careful when you are moving your dishwasher through small doorways, sharp corners and narrow hallways in your home. Once carefully brought outside, load the appliance into the minivan with caution.