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Will a Box Spring Fit In a Minivan? (Twin, Full, Queen, King)

If you are wanting to buy a new box spring it’s important for you to know how you are going to get it home. Most mattress or furniture stores charge a lot to deliver one (especially if you don’t live very closeby). Of course you could easily use a pickup truck to move it but what if you don’t have one? Will a box spring fit inside of a minivan instead?

A twin or full box spring will fit inside the back of a minivan either flat or at an angle as long as you fold down or remove the 2nd and 3rd row seats. A queen or king box spring will not fit unless the box spring is designed to fold or be flexible. 

At an angle across the back door of a minivan you will have approximately 57” of clearance so as long as the boxspring is not any wider than that it will fit at an angle. 

Some larger box springs are designed separately to allow them to be moved easier so if you have a queen or king size box spring that is in two parts then you should be able to fit them inside of a minivan as long as they are under the 57” wide. If your box spring is under 48” wide that you are trying to move then you will be able to slide it in flat between the two wheel wells since the width of that space on a minivan is 48” wide. 

If you are looking to buy a new box spring but are unsure of exactly how long or wide that it is then keep reading as I will cover that in the next section so you know exactly what the average sizes are. 

However, you will want to know that these are just averages so they can vary a bit and don’t take into account the fact that some box springs are designed to be split up. 

The Average Size Of A Box Spring 

Box spring sizes vary depending on where it is sold and what the brand has to offer. However, box spring sizes in the United States will typically all be right around the same sizes based on the mattress sizing. 

  • Twin: 39×75 inches
  • Full: 54×75 inches
  • Queen: 60×80 inches
  • King: 78×80 inches

Since box springs are typically much more stiff than a mattress you likely won’t be able to fold them up or change their shape to try and get it into the back of a minivan so unless the above dimensions fit into the back of your vehicle then the box spring likely won’t fit either. 

Will A Twin Box Spring Fit Into A Minivan?

Since the twin box spring is the smallest of all of the normal mattress sizes (excluding special orders or cribs) then this box spring is pretty popular with families who are also likely to have a minivan. 

A twin box spring will easily fit inside of a minivan either laying down flat or even standing on its side. Its width is such that you can easily fit 5 twin box springs inside of a minivan at once (if you need to). 

A twin box spring will be the easiest size that you can put inside of your minivan and also allows you the most versatility since it can be placed upright instead of just lying down or at an angle. This means you can fit a twin box spring in a minivan without putting down or removing the 2nd row seats since the box spring will fit right in between them. 

Will A Full/Double Box Spring Fit Into A Minivan?

A full size box spring will be approximately 54” wide which means it will not fit in a minivan standing up or lying down and must be put in at an angle. This also means that you have to put the 2nd and 3rd rows of seats into the floor or remove them to get it to fit. 

This is because with the full box spring at an angle it will not fit in between the 2nd row of seats so they will also have to be removed or folded into the floor (depending on your minivan model). 

Also, since a full box spring has to be put in at an angle it makes it only possible to fit 1 or two box springs in the back of a minivan (depending on their thickness) whereas you can fit a lot more twin box springs in one. 

Will A Queen Box Spring Fit Into A Minivan?

As mentioned earlier in this article a queen size box spring will NOT fit inside of a minivan because it is quite simply too wide. The only way that you will be able to get a queen box spring in a minivan is if it is made to be flexible or if it is two separate pieces that are designed to be used together under the mattress. 

There are many companies that make large box springs that way so they are easier to move and set up. If your box spring is separated like that then it will easily fit in a minivan but otherwise a queen size box spring won’t fit. 

Will King Box Spring Fit into a Minivan?

As with the queen box spring a king also won’t fit unless it is designed to be flexible or is in two separate parts. There are some box springs that are stiff but can be folded some rather than being all made out of wood like older box springs were. 

If you have one like this then it might fit in a minivan but it is extremely unlikely. 


Since most box springs are not flexible or in multiple pieces then fitting them inside of a minivan if they aren’t a twin or full/double just isn’t going to happen. 

You need to get a pickup truck or strap the box spring to the top of the minivan to be able to transport it if it is a queen or king sized box spring. In most cases strapping it to the room will work just fine as long as you are careful to secure it properly and also aren’t driving too far or too fast. 

Ultimately, the easiest way is to simply borrow a truck from a friend if you are needing to move a queen or king box spring or only buy one that is designed to be flexible or can be separated while you are moving it.