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Will A 65 Inch TV Fit In Minivan? (Plus Important Transporting Tips)

When people are buying a TV, there are many factors they need to consider before making the purchase. One of the things they might want to check, other than the features, the size and the price of the TV, is how to transport it. 

Transporting your brand new TV back to your home is an important step in the purchasing process as the last thing you will want to do is damage your brand new TV. 

Many people who don’t own a truck will turn to a minivan to transport their new 65” TV but will one fit inside a minivan? 

A 65 inch TV is about 64” long and 38” high which means it will easily fit in the back of a minivan while standing up as long as you fold down(or remove) the third row of seats. It will slide right between or next to the second row of seats so those don’t have to be moved or folded. 

Many people prefer to move a TV with it laying down flat; however, that is not recommended by the Tv manufactures as they say to keep it upright during transport. 

If you want to lay your new 65” TV flat to transport it then you would have to lay down the third row seats and also slide forward, lay down, or remove the second row seats (depending on your minivan model). 

Now that we know it is indeed possible to fit a 65 inch TV inside the back of a minivan, let’s look at some factors that you should be sure abd consider when doing so.

What should you do when transporting a 65 inch TV in a minivan?

There are a few things you need to make sure of before you try fitting any size TV in a minivan and transporting it. 

  • Make sure the TV is properly boxed up. If the TV is not in a box or not packed properly, it might lead to some damages while transporting it with a minivan.
  • Before you decide to pack the TV into your minivan, it is always better to check the size of both your minivan and TV. Make sure it will fit and the best way for it to fit before deciding to transport it.
  • The TV has to be properly secured in the back of the minivan or wherever it is placed. If not, it might move during the journey and get damaged. And that is not something you would want!
  • Always make sure you go through the manufacturer’s instructions for transporting the TV. Do not disregard them because if you fail to follow the instructions and if some damage is caused, later on, any sort of warranty on the product could be denied because you did not follow the instructions.
  • One of the easiest things that you can do is fold the rear seats down, and slide the TV right in that is packaged properly- length, breadth and height wise.

These tips will help you make the whole process easier.

Do TVs need to be transported upright?

It is always advised to keep the TV upright/vertical while you are transporting it in any vehicle no matter if that is a truck or minivan. This is the safest position and will help to prevent a lot of damages from taking place. 

There is an increased risk of damaging the TV if it is not kept in an upright position.

If your TV is a flat screen, you might have fewer issues when it comes to putting it inside the minivan. With flat screens, you might not have to do any tilting. But it is always better to be careful. A TV laid horizontally could increase the risk of it bouncing during the journey which in turn could cause the screen to crack. 

There is also a bigger risk of things falling on top of it.

But if the TV is kept upright, it won’t move much at all especially if it is between the two front seats and in the original box. If you don’t have the original box you can use blankets, pillows, etc. to protect it while you are moving the Tv. This will ensure that your TV does not move around much while you are driving.

Now that you know how and what to do while fitting and transporting a 65 inch TV in a minivan, let’s discuss some of the things you will want to know about once the TV reaches your home.

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

The easiest way to place a TV is to simply put it on a flat surface. This is why stand mounting is so popular as it’s incredibly easy. You can put a TV on a dresser, TV stand, or virtually any other flat topped furniture that you have. 

All of the flat-screen TVs will come with a base stand in the box which is used to help it stand on top of the furniture. The stands are extremely easy to install and can be put together with basic tools you will have at home.

Now let us talk about wall mounting of TVs. This means you attach your TV directly to the wall. One main advantage of this is that it allows you to keep your TV anywhere you want because all it requires is some space on a wall.

It is also considerably safer once the TV is mounted as there is no danger of someone roughhousing and knocking it off (assuming the mount is into a stud or two). 

Though wall mounting your Tv is not as easy as stand mounting, it is safer, much more steady and requires less space. 

If at all possible you should always make all mount your TV to keep it and everyone else safer. 

How high should a 65 inch TV be mounted on the wall?

This is a question you might ask once you get your TV home. As per the manufacturers, it is advised that you mount your 65 inch TV at around 65 inches from the floor at the center of your wall.

This helps the TV to be at the perfect eye level when standing on the floor and is a great viewing angle from a couch or chair. This is also high enough that no young children will be able to reach it or easily damage it as well. 


By now, you know how to fit your 65 inch TV in a minivan. It will all go great if all the necessary precautions are taken. Make sure you follow any instructions you get from the manufacturer of your TV to help keep it as safe as possible. 

If you can, try choosing a less bumpy path while travelling with a TV in your minivan.