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What Minivans Does Enterprise Rent? (Can You Choose?)

Road trips are one of the best getaways from the city lives that most of us lead and for that, you need a vehicle that has extra room for the luggage and passengers. If you don’t already own a minivan then a popular place to rent one from is Enterprise but what minivans can you expect to get when you rent from there. 

Enterprise doesn’t let you choose which minivan you will be renting but all of their minivans are only a couple of years old and you will typically get a Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica or Chrysler Voyager. 

Sometimes you will also see a Toyota Sienna but those are much more rare at Enterprise as you will typically get a minivan made by Dodge or Chrysler. 

It’s important to note that no major car rental company will allow you to reserve a specific vehicle. So if you are wanting to rent a Toyota minivan and only a Toyota then you will need to rent from an individual (using services like Turo) or from a small regional car rental company that allows specific vehicles to be reserved. 

Minivans are incredibly eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and comfortable so it really is the perfect vehicle to rent when you are taking a trip with family or friends. Many vacationers find it advantageous to rent minivans for conventions, destination weddings, or any long road trips. 

All of the newer minivans have decent gas mileage and are convenient for people to get in and out of and are also comfortable for long hours on the road. 

The best part of minivans is really the leg space, configurable setting, and easy storage layout. Minivans are generally considered to be a good deal since you can pack so many people or stuff inside which saves your money as you go on trips. Both children and older people can spread out freely in minivans as they are very spacious too. 

Advantages Of Renting A Minivan

When you are renting a vehicle there are many things to keep in mind such as the space needed for people and luggage as well as how much it will cost to rent. If you are going to be taking a lot of people or items on your trip then a minivan is a perfect choice. 

Besides that, what are some other advantages of renting a minivan? 

One place, several people

Minivans are spacious and are perfect vehicles for sporting events, wedding parties, school trips, or vacations. When there is a limited number of chaperons then renting a minivan is the best way to keep large groups in one place. 

It also helps to save money in fuel since you can fit so many people in one vehicle. 

Eco friendly

Traveling in a minivan is actually quite fuel-efficient even when compared to smaller cars. A large group renting multiple vehicles is not only expensive for fuel consumption but also emits more toxins into the atmosphere which is the main cause of global warming. 

Minivans are better than smaller vehicles as it is cost-efficient, eco friendly, and spacious.

Storage space and legroom

When there’s a large group it is important to have plenty of legroom for a comfortable journey. In minivan rentals, there is extra space for your legs, luggage, and plenty of storage too. It is the perfect choice for a long trip because of these reasons. 

No wear and tear on your car

Road trips with any large group can be hard on your own car as driving depreciates your vehicle’s value and if you break down it can be incredibly expensive. Also, you need to change the oil before and after your trip if you are traveling on a long journey. 

When you rent a minivan you don’t have to worry about any of that. The minivan that you rent will typically be very new so you won’t have to worry about maintenance issues and you also don’t have to pay to change the oil or do anything else besides putting gas in the tank. 

You also have the peace of mind when renting a minivan that if anything goes wrong you simply have to call the rental company and they will take care of it for you! 

Entertainment is included

The standard infotainment features in minivans keeps passengers occupied and makes sure that the drivers stay focused on the road and do not get distracted by the activities of passengers. Being able to play music, movies, etc. will help the passengers not to get bored and all of the available charging ports means the electronics won’t run out of juice either! 

Interior space versatility

Minivans all have low ground clearance along with wide doors and sometimes automatic sliding doors as well.  They also come with high roofs which makes it easier for kids and elderly to move in and out of the vehicle. 

Almost all minivans have the feature to remove the center console so that long large items like skis or snowboards can be kept inside. All minivan models will also have removable or folding seats that help in making a huge flat area for any hauling needs that you may have. 

Types Of Rental Vans

You can find a huge range of minivans and even full size vans for rent at Enterprise or other car rental companies.  You can choose which size that you want to get depending on how many people are going with you and whether you are going with family, friends, or colleagues. 

So if you want to go on a road trip along with your bulky items then here are few different van types along with their features that you can typically find at an Enterprise location. 

7 Passenger Minivans

These minivan rentals have room for 7 passengers along with the luggage space for 5 bags. It is perfect for long road trips for a family. Typically the models that you will find at Enterprise are the Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica, or Chrysler Voyager. 

Some features that you will often find (not always) for these specific models are: 

  • Automatic transmission and dual air conditioning.
  • Power mirrors, power windows, and power door locks.
  • Cruise control.
  • AM/FM/CD/Satellite Radio
  • Tilt steering wheel.
  • Separate space for 3 large bags and 2 smaller
  • Seats that fold into the floor 
  • Back up camera
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Power sliding doors

 8 Passenger Minivans:

This extra passenger space is ideal for business trips or vacationing with family. It usually has space for 8 passengers and 5 bags. This is cost-efficient as it allows for an additional passenger however these vehicles are much more rare to find at Enterprise. 

If you do find this vehicle type at Enterprise or will often be a Toyota Sienna or similar vehicle. 

  • It has power mirrors and windows along with power door locks
  • It has a tilt steering wheel and cruise control
  • Automatic transmission
  • Air-conditioning
  • Can fit 8 passengers
  • Space for 3 large and 2 small bags.
  • Typically has much more high end seats and features than Dodge minivan models.

12 Passenger van

The 12 passenger van is the best choice for hauling large groups of people on a long road trip or vacation. It is easily available for reservation and is incredibly cost-efficient. When renting a 12 passenger van you will typically get a Ford Transit or similar vehicle.

  • Luggage storage space is much larger and can hold up to 5-7 large bags and two smaller bags.
  • Cruise control with automatic transmission features.
  • Air conditioning and dual climate zone.
  • Power door locks and power windows.
  • It has a CD player along with AM/FM stereo and Satellite Radio.
  • Kids and older people can easily spread out and experience a comfortable road trip.
  • Much more spacious aisles and seats than minivans

15 Passenger van

This type of van is most ideal for a kid’s team or sports team trips or a large family or friends group. 15 passenger vans are typically much more cramped than either the 12 passenger vehicles or even a traditional minivan. They also don’t have much room for luggage besides under the seats. 

Most of the time this vehicle type should not be rented for long trips as it is lacking many of the popular entertainment features that minivans have. I did want to mention it since it likely will b an option at your local car rental company but I personally would avoid it for long road trips.