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What Color Minivan Should I Get? (Things To Consider)

When it comes to shopping for a minivan or any other automobile for that matter, people will have to consider a variety of different factors. Some of them include maintenance schedule and cost, overall cost, total mileage on the vehicle (if used), gas mileage efficiency, etc. 

One factor whose importance has long been debated is the color of the automobile. Of course, color alone should not be the deciding factor when it comes to minivan shopping. However, color can have an impact as well. 

It is best to always choose a color based on your own personality. Do you like to stand out? Then a bright red or blue would be the perfect choice! Are you more laid back? Then a white or grey color will likely fit you better. 

The color of the minivan does surpassingly have an effect on how at risk it is for theft, tickets, and more so if you live in a high crime area or are prone to speeding then choosing the right color is more than just preference and is instead something that can make your life easier. 

So, here are some factors to consider when deciding on the color of the minivan to choose:

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Minivan Color

When choosing a minivan color there are a few different factors that you should consider that could affect you in considerable ways besides just the way the van looks in your driveway. Some of the factors to think about are: 

Are Red Minivans Costly?

One of the common myths when it comes to the color of cars is that people always think that red cars cost more. If you are planning to keep away from red-colored minivans just because of this thought, you should stop believing this myth. 

The common thing that people think about red cars is that they carry higher insurance rates. Also, people think that when they own a red minivan, there is a higher chance that the cop will catch it and red cars are the most commonly ticketed vehicles. 

As red cars are brighter on the road, cops CAN easily identify these vehicles if any violations happen. This leads to higher insurance rates as well. However, this is a mere coincidence that validates the rumor that red cars cost more. So, if you really love the red color in the particular model of minivan you have shortlisted, do not get carried away by these myths. 

Go by your interests and preferences.

Which Color Can Deter Theft?

Many of us feel that brighter color minivans can easily fall prey to thieves. But, you will be surprised to know that brighter color vehicles are actually theft deterrents in reality as compared to minivans with muted colors. So, based on the area you live, it is better to consider brighter shades as compared to normal ones to safeguard your vehicle from being robbed. 

Of course, many other factors also increase the chance of a vehicle getting robbed besides its color. 

Vehicle’s model

Some colors look great on some vehicle models, while the same color will not be appealing on another model. So, you should consider the model of the minivan and then choose whichever color looks good on that specific model. 

Of course, some colors are more popular than others. But, do not go by this color psychology. Just look at the particular model of the minivan that you have planned to buy in different colors and choose whichever suits the model the best.

Consider the value

Obviously, the resale value of a specific color is an essential factor to consider when deciding on the color. When you go for common colors like gray and white, you can actually expect better resale value as compared to a unique color like lime green. The reason is that with unique colors, people often wish to go with the crowd. So, if you are looking for a better resale value, it is a good idea to choose a common color against a unique one.

That isn’t to say going with a blue or red is a bad thing but if you get bright orange, pink, green, etc. it could certainly have an affect on the resale down the road. 

So, now you know a few points to consider when selecting the color when you shop for a minivan. However, you should also know about what others will feel about you based on the color of the car you own. 

I will go into that next. 

What Does Your Vehicle Color Say About You To Others?

Did you know that each color has a meaning attached to it. Below are some popular color choices when it comes to minivans and what others will feel when you own the different colors listed. 


Owners of blue minivans are believed to be collected and calm. If your vehicle color is medium or light blue, you will be considered a dependable and friendly person. The darker the blue, the more authoritative and confident the owners tend to be. 

Also, the good news, if you own this color, is that blue color vehicles tend to have better resale value.


If you own a red minivan, you will probably be an attractive person. You are an attention-seeking person and you will get it easily as well. The reason is that your energetic personality will quickly attract others. You will be a person of self-driven nature to achieve your goals. This personality will attract people to you as they find it motivated when they stay around with you. 

Red minivan owners are good at tackling challenges. However, at times, they can be restless and aggressive.

Beige and brown

If you own this color vehicle, you will be considered a fiscally responsible and easy-going person. The owners of this color vehicle are down-to-earth and they do not want to use flashy gadgets and bright colors as they feel it would be disturbing to others. 

They generally give importance to comfort and reliability.


You might be aware the silver minivans have a metallic flashy shine as compared to their gray counterpart. It is believed that silver minivan and other vehicle owners are tuned into modern styling. These owners are considered energetic, upbeat and business-savvy. 

The problem with this color is that scratches and grime are more visible with this shade.


Gray vehicle owners are known for their impeccable taste even though they are generally relaxed people. They are generally peaceful, never flashy, dignified and mature. It is believed that gray minivan owners easily compromise. The gray color is proudly unique from the silver counterpart for its less shiny and more calming nature. 

If you are the owner of a Gray minivan, new ideas inspire you a lot. However, you will be wise enough to identify the best ideas.


In general, black vehicle owners are believed to show off their sophistication and confidence. They generally love being in control. Even though some of them might not be strong, they wish to portray that they are strong.


This is the last in our list but certainly not the least color option. Studies show that many car owners are choosing white color as their favorite option since the late 90s. Your white minivan will put a fresh face to the world and will embody a sleek and modern look. White minivan owners are believed to be hardworking, diligent and dependable.


You certainly don’t have to choose a minivan color based on the details given above however this is supposedly the psychology of what colors people naturally gravitate to. 

Ultimately the color of the minivan that you choose is a very personal decision but as long as it is a super bright or ugly color it likely won’t make a huge difference to anyone else except you. 

Choose the color minivan you like!