What Is A Car Tune Up And Why You Shouldn’t Skip This Preventative Maintenance

Your car is one of the most important investments you make – which means you’ll want to take care of it. Over the years of owning your car, you’ll take it into the local dealership or garage for a tune up.

What should you expect, and what is a car tune up exactly? Here, we’ll cover what you need to know.

It is designed as a preventative measure to help prevent potential problems later on while improving your vehicle’s current performance.

What Is A Car Tune Up?

A tune up will address minor problems that might not receive typical attention during other, more major inspections of your vehicle.

Some of the standard repairs you can expect during a car tune up include having the engine air filter replaced, the spark plugs replaced, having the distributor cap and rotor replaced, plus system checks to see if further adjustments or assistance is needed.

How Often Should I Get A Tune Up? An annual tune up is highly recommended. Not all the services will be the same every year, as some years you won’t need a new belt, while other years you might need new spark plugs.

Signs You Need A Tune Up These signs include stalling, your steering is leaning, odd noises, fuel economy is dropping, and if a warning light comes on.

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