What Is A Car Tune Up And Why You Shouldn’t Skip This Preventative Maintenance

Your car is one of the most important investments you make – which means you’ll want to take care of it. Over the years of owning your car, you’ll take it into the local dealership or garage for a tune up.

What should you expect, and what is a car tune up exactly? Here, we’ll cover what you need to know.

So what is a car tune up?  It is designed as a preventative measure to help prevent potential problems later on while improving your vehicle’s current performance. Small elements may be replaced, belts might be swapped out, the spark plugs can be changed, and so on.

When looking into what is a car tune up, you’ll probably have more than a few parts replaced. The mechanic will also perform a number of system checks.

This is a straight-forward system inspection. The mechanic will look at the tread and suggest if you should replace the tires now. Brake inspections will also be performed. 

The AC in your vehicle runs not only off the coolant but there are a number of smaller features connected on the vehicle that help the AC function. During the system check the mechanic will look into the individual parts to see if something is not working correctly.

The electrical system can be inspected both visually and through the car’s computer system. The car will log error codes when something goes wrong. When the mechanic connects their computer to the vehicle they can download the error codes and find out if there are any electrical system issues going on.

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