Wagner Brake Pads Review (Compared With 3 Top Brands)

Brake pads may seem like a near-no-brainer purchase at the local auto parts store, but any brake pad shopper should have an idea which types and brands provide the best performance for optimal safety on the road.

What makes Wagner brake pads unique is the company’s commitment to always pushing the envelope with its technological innovations and quality standards. They offer various ceramic brake pads for different vehicle types and driving conditions.

Wagner brake pads are primarily ceramic brake pads designed for excellent wear and performance. Generally speaking, ceramic brake pads are quieter than semi-metallic pads, and they can withstand higher temperatures without breakdown.

Most types of  Wagner brake pads can be purchased within a $26-to-$40 range. This even includes SD (for severe duty) high-performance, extreme-heat pads.

Of all the brake pads in our comparison, the Wagner brake pads are the least expensive. This is genuinely impressive given their commitment to quality across all the different brake pad options they offer. Wagner is consistently pushing technology and design forward to deliver the best possible products to the market.

ACDelco is consistently voted one of the top makers of semi-metallic brake pads. ACDelco semi-metallic pads are best for extreme conditions. They also make ceramic brake pads comparable to those available from other high-quality, reputable brands. The prices of ceramic brake pads are slightly higher than for Wagner brake pads

Brembo brake pads are made mainly from organic resin or carbon-ceramic blends. Brembo ceramic brake pads are more expensive than Wagner brake pads, but they are also primarily designed for motorcycle and high performance sport and racing uses.

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