Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity (How Much Can Each Year Tow?)

If you are looking to buy a Toyota Tacoma and also want to be able to tow a variety of trailers, campers, boats, etc. then you will want to know exactly how much the specific Toyota Tacoma can tow.

Exactly how much that it can tow will depend on which model you have, whether it has a single cab (access cab) or double cab as well as which model year you have purchased and whether it comes equipped with an available tow package (on some model years).

In this article not only will I give the towing capacity for the current model year Tacoma but also the towing capacity for each model year that it has been made.

In general the Toyota Tacoma can tow between 3,300lbs and 6,800lbs.

Neither the trim options or the bed length matter when it comes to the towing capacity of the Toyota Tacoma.

Although sometimes the trim level, type of battery, hitch, etc. will affect the gross trailer weight that you can tow, this is not the case with the Tacoma.

In the full article I listed the maximum towing capacities of each Tacoma model as well as which model codes have what towing capacity.

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