Replace the Timing Belt on Your Car: Where to Go for Service

As a driver, you probably don’t know what half the parts in your vehicle do. Nor do you care as long as they work. That’s why when it’s time to replace the timing belt, you aren’t sure where to take your car.

Take the time to read your owner’s manual to understand servicing needs. Or, you can rely on these tips to help you choose the right mechanic for services.

What Is a Timing Belt? The timing belt controls the camshafts in a vehicle. As the name implies, it times the camshaft controls in the vehicle’s engine. It opens and closes the engine valves at the appropriate time to ensure smooth operation on the road.

How Often Do Drivers Have to Replace the Timing Belt? It’s best to abide by the manufacturer’s suggestions as it relates to the frequency of replacing the belt. In general, most timing belts can last 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Where Should Drivers Take Their Car to Replace the Timing Belt?

Dealership For luxurious cars or those that need custom parts, it might be best to visit the dealership directly. In addition to having the parts in stock, they have mechanics with training to work on these vehicles. They have the proper equipment to replace the timing belt, and perform additional services, if necessary.

Private mechanic or repair shop A private mechanic or repair shop is suitable for an “everyday” commuter car. Vehicles that don’t need custom parts or use generic parts can visit a local repair shop. For the most part, mechanics have the requisite training to replace the timing belt.

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