Is It Bad To Jump Start A Truck With A Car? (Will It Hurt Either Vehicle?)

If you have a truck that needs to be jump started and you only have a smaller car available to do so you might be wondering if that is ok or if jump starting such a large vehicle with a smaller one will damage the smaller car (or battery) or not.

The truth is that jump starting a truck with a car is 100% safe as long as you correctly connect the jumper cables. 

It will not damage the smaller car at all nor will it hurt the larger truck to be jumped by the smaller vehicle.   You will have to rev up the engine of the smaller car but that is typical with the “donor” car anyway.

Anytime you are jumping a vehicle you will have to be careful and connect the jumper cables properly but as long as you do that then there is nothing wrong with using a smaller car to jumpstart a truck. 

Can Jump Starting Another Car Damage Your Electronics?

As is the case with a car jump starting a truck, you will not damage either vehicle’s batteries or electronics by jump starting a dead vehicle.

Neither the “donor” vehicle nor the vehicle with the dead battery will get damaged by using jumper cables as long as you connect them correctly.

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