Is It Bad To Jump Start A Truck With A Car? (Will It Hurt Either Vehicle?)

The truth is that jump starting a truck with a car is 100% safe as long as you correctly connect the jumper cables. It will not damage the smaller car at all nor will it hurt the larger truck to be jumped by the smaller vehicle. 

Once the jumper cables are properly connected to your car/truck you will want to rev up the engine on the donor car slightly and let it “charge” up the dead battery (this is only required if the battery is entirely dead and not just weak).

Once the donor car has been connected for a minute or two you should be able to start up the car/truck that had the dead battery without any difficulty.  

If your car or truck has been sitting for a few months then jumping it to get it going again will likely work just fine. However if the vehicle has been sitting for years then the battery has likely gone bad and will need to be replaced.

While jumping a car or truck is quite safe there are some things that you have to watch out for when jump starting a car or truck.

Only use jumper cables from reputable manufacturers. Make sure that they are designed for automotive use with heavy-duty clamps. I also wouldn’t recommend getting a generic set from a discount store as a good set of jumper cables will last you much longer and be safer as well.

Never touch the clamps of both sides of the jumper cables together while connecting the cables.

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