Is AWD Necessary In A Minivan? (What Are The Benefits?)

Whether something is a must have or not is really up to the individual person as each minivan owner will use their vehicle for something different. Some people won’t buy a vehicle without all wheel drive while others see it as an unnecessary expense.

But is an AWD minivan something that you actually need?

For most people having AWD on their minivan is a luxury but it isn’t really necessary. Even in the locations with the worst winter weather, minivans that are FWD will still get around just fine in almost every situation.

If you live in a location that gets a lot of snowfall then an all wheel drive minivan would be nice as it will give you that extra peace of mind but in almost every case, where an AWD van can go, a front wheel drive one can as well.

AWD is among those features which provide better control and handling of any vehicle so it is certainly a nice feature to have, don’t get me wrong.

However, it isn’t needed in almost every case and for most people, paying the extra money to get it on their minivan really isn’t worth it.

Minivans are the automobiles that are mostly preferred for family purposes so it is not that necessary to have AWD in your minivan since most people avoid driving in the worst weather anyway.

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