Is A Truck With 200,000 Or 300,000 Miles Bad?

If you are looking to buy a used truck you will often find that many of them on the market have really high miles with some having 200k or even 300k miles on them! If you can get a truck with that many miles should you? Is that many miles on a truck bad?

A truck with 200,000-300,000 miles is bad in the sense that a good chunk of its lifespan has already been used. However, if you get a high mileage truck for cheap enough then even getting a few months or years use out of it could be worth it for you.

Of course, whether a truck with that kind of mileage is good really does depend on how well it has been taken care of over its life and also whether there is anything currently wrong with it.

What Makes A Truck Bad? One important thing that can make a truck with 200,000-300,000 miles bad is where you get the truck from.

If you buy your truck from a reputable dealer then there should be no current problems at all as they have their reputation on the line. A professional dealer would know if the truck has anything wrong with it and will want to get it fixed before reselling it. 

While this won’t guarantee that you won’t have problems with the truck in the future it will give you peace of mind that they haven’t actively hid an issue with the truck from you. 

What Mileage Is Too High For A Used Truck? You want to make sure the truck is mechanically sound. One of the reasons many truck owners avoid buying used trucks is because of the high number of mechanical issues they encounter.

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