Is A Truck Battery 6V Or 12V? (How To Tell)

Many people who need to replace the battery on their truck might wonder if they have 6 volts or 12 and how they can tell that. 

Full sized trucks (as well as most other vehicles) will have 12V batteries that they use however it is simple to figure out what size battery you have by simply counting the number of cells or reading the label on the battery itself. 

Each battery cell will be for approximately 2 volts which means if you have 6 cells then you have a 12V battery in that vehicle. If the battery that you have only has three cells then you currently have a 6V battery and not a 12V in your truck. 

Batteries that have become damaged or worn out will typically not hold as many volts which is why as your truck battery ages your truck will become slower and slower to start before eventually not starting at all.

How to know if a truck battery is 6V or 12V

The easiest way to tell a 6V battery from a 12V battery is by looking at the number of cells on the battery.

If you have 3 cells then you will have a 6V battery. If you have 6 cells then you will have a 12V one. 

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