Is A Truck A Good First Car? (For Teens Or New Drivers)

If you are looking to get your first car or buy a first car for someone you might be trying to decide which type of vehicle would be best for a first car. Of course there are many different vehicle types on the market but is a truck a good option for a first vehicle?

A truck is a great choice for a first car as it is useful for a variety of different purposes and is also a very safe vehicle type. One downside to getting a truck as a first vehicle is that the new driver might be more likely to hit curbs, cars, etc. because of the truck’s larger size. 

So, although trucks are a good option for a first car they are not without some downsides. The most important thing when getting a first vehicle is to properly train the new driver about safely using the vehicle and not taking unnecessary risks to try and show off to their friends!

Are Trucks Good For Teenage Drivers?

Trucks are a great choice for teenagers as they are an extremely safe vehicle since they sit up higher so in the event of a crash the driver and passengers are less likely to get injured. 

With a normal truck cab a teenage driver will only be able to take two passengers with them which means only two people in the vehicle to show off to or to be distracted by. If the teen is driving a normal car they could easily have four passengers which means twice as many distractions and twice as many opportunities to try and show off.

Driving a smaller vehicle is easier than driving a large truck as a smaller car will have smaller blind spots, will be easier to park, and is easier to handle. That doesn’t mean that driving a pickup truck is hard but it certainly is easier to drive a car.

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