Honda Odyssey Trim Level Comparison (EX vs. EX-L vs. Sport vs. Touring vs. Elite)

The Honda Odyssey line is an incredibly popular minivan especially with those who love Honda’s legendary longevity. Of course the Honda Odyssey has many different trim levels for you to choose from. 

– Honda Odyssey LX (2022 & older models) – Honda Odyssey EX – Honda Odyssey EX-L – Honda Odyssey Sport (2023 & newer models) – Honda Odyssey Touring  – Honda Odyssey Elite

All of these trim levels have different features and slightly different specs. Despite those differences all trim levels have the same safety features, automatic transmission, etc. that make the Honda Odyssey a great choice for your daily drive.

One thing to note before we get into the differences between all of the Honda Odyssey trim levels is that there are some things that stay the same on every trim from the EX all the way up to the Elite.

The things that are standard features on all trim levels are:  – Transmission – Engine – Horsepower – Magic slide second row seat – Heated front seats (yes the base trim level has heated seats) – Apple & Android Play integration ...

The Odyssey’s Elite trim is the highest trim that they currently offer. Although there is a massive price difference between the EX and the Elite you also get a lot of additional features with the Elite that you don’t get on the EX.

Below are what you get on the Odyssey Elite trim level that you won’t get with the EX.  – The Elite starting price is $12,070 more than the starting price for the EX trim level.  – The Elite has USB charging ports in the 2nd and 3rd-row.  – The Elite has CabinTalk in car PA system (via headphones and speakers) ....

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