Find the Right Bosch Windshield Wipers for Your Car

Strong winds, snow storms, and precipitation are primary culprits that ruin your visibility when driving. Regardless of the climate, you must always have fully functional and practical windshield wipers.

Bosch windshield wipers are your best friend when you find yourself in poor visibility conditions.

Mary Anderson experienced firsthand the poor visibility and subsequent strain and agitation that drivers endure when caught in a snow or rain storm without wipers. Returning home to Alabama after the trip she designed a windshield wiper that the driver could operate from within the car.

Bosch windshields  varied designs and technologies allow drivers to enjoy better driving conditions, especially in the midst of extreme weather conditions. Customers love the solid, silent, smooth, and reliable swishes of Bosch windshield wipers. With Bosch, there are numerous wiper blade designs to choose from to suit every motorist’s needs.

Common Features of Bosch Windshield Wipers -Long service life -Numerous pressure points -The result is a clean swipe without streaks. -Easy installation

ICON™ Wiper Blades These wiper blades don’t jam, and they prevent clogging from snow and ice buildup. The construction utilizes an exclusive FX dual rubber that is highly resistant to heat and ozone deterioration. That explains the longevity of these wiper blades despite exposure to harsh weather elements.

Evolution Wiper Blades Bosch Evolution wiper blades utilize asymmetrical wind spoilers for air flow increasing the contact between blades and windshield. Pressure distribution across the whole blade enhances clear visibility by using tension dual springs that provide a clean wipe.

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