Drink Driving Prevention Technology: Explained

Drink driving is a serious issue within our society. Every year, thousands of drivers are convicted of drunk driving.

This is far from a victimless crime. Drunk driving often leads to life-threatening injuries for both the drivers and any victims that are involved in the crime. In the worst cases, this can even result in death.

Luckily, one solution comes in the form of drink driving prevention technology. This technology can revolutionize the motor industry and should result in drunk driving cases being reduced.

What is Drink Driving Prevention Technology? This technology is designed to reduce the levels of drunk driving.

Alcolock is essentially a breathalyzer that has been built into a car. With that drivers can test whether they are above or below the alcohol consumption level. If they exceed this level, the driver will be unable to start the car.

The benefits of this technology are numerous. Designed to prevent drunk driving, this technology will ensure that people are protected from drunk drivers.

Yet, there are a few downsides to the technology. Just because there are traces of alcohol on your person, it does not mean that you are drunk or have consumed alcohol. Some cleaning products even contain traces of alcohol. Moreover, many hand sanitizer products contain ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. It seems crazy to think that you could be locked out of your car for using alcohol-based hand sanitizer or a cleaning product.

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