Does Walmart Auto Center Patch/Repair Tires?

There is nothing that car owners hate more than to be stuck on the side of the road so when your tire pressure starts to drop it’s always a good idea to stop and figure out how to repair it yourself (using tire patches) or to take it to one of the many tire repair services.

If you have a tire that is losing air you will definitely want to get it fixed as soon as possible as there is nothing more annoying than having a flat tire at the wrong time.

Walmart does repair/fix tires with holes in them but it will currently cost you $15 (depending on your location). There is also normally a long line to do them as tire repairs are often put in line behind all of the other work the mechanics are doing.

Before you go to get Walmart tire services you will want to make sure that your car tires can actually be repaired. If the old tires have a slow leak in the valve stems then that is something that is normally fixable. However if your tire was slashed with some sharp objects (glass, knives, or other road hazards) the damage might be too extensive to just patch it up.

If you have decided that you want to repair your flat tire yourself but don’t want to wait for buying a repair set online to arrive then buying one from your local Walmart might be a thought that has crossed your mind.

Most Walmarts will carry a few different tire plug kits that you can use to fix your flat tire. Current you can get a tire plug kit at Walmart (in stores) that includes the plugs, glue, reamer tool, and plugger tool for a little over $7.

How Long Will A Tire Plug Last? Tire plugs should actually last for the life of the tire as long as they are done right and they get a proper seal. However, if you seal a tire that is starting to bald the tire plug will often not adhere properly which means the plug won’t last as long.

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