Does Walmart Auto Center Do Car Inspections? (State or Safety)

Walmart Auto Care Centers offer automotive services at an affordable price. The services that they provide include services for tires, batteries, oil and lube, fuel system, and many more.

If Walmart did car safety inspections that would require them to pay far more to their “mechanics” since they would have to have specialized knowledge to provide the car inspection services and to see what might be wrong with the type of vehicle that you own.

So, does Walmart do car inspections? Walmart will not do a state vehicle inspection at their Auto Center/Tire And Lube. They do offer a basic inspection with the oil change but it does not even come close to meeting the standards that car safety inspections need to.

Walmart Auto Center does not do state inspections on vehicles. To find a list of those shops that are qualified to do a state inspection where you live, contact your local DMV.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Auto Inspect Cars? 

According to a research study, the mechanics who work at Walmart are not required to certify themselves under any other program apart from Walmart’s own certification and training program. This puts a limit on their skills and means they are often not qualified to look for a range of problems an automotive inspection might need to find.

Although the quality of work done at the Walmart Auto Center isn’t the best, it is good enough that you shouldn’t be scared to get your oil, battery, tires, etc. done there. 

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